In-building mobile connectivity
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How are rural UK areas tackling poor indoor mobile coverage?

Even with the promise of the Shared Rural Network, 33% of rural buildings are still tackling inadequate indoor mobile coverage. So, it’s clear that many of you living and working ‘off-grid’ need an alternative answer now.

Back in October 2019, the government announced that a deal was struck with the four biggest UK mobile networks to invest up to £1bn into tackling mobile ‘not spots’. Or, in other words, rural areas with no signal at all. Great news, we cheered. But while this Shared Rural Network has proposed to get 4G coverage to 95% of the UK by 2025, the shocking truth is that currently:

  • More than half of rural premises cannot access 4G
  • Business satisfaction with connectivity is lowest in remote rural areas
  • Only 66% of the country has coverage from four operators, and
  • 8% have zero coverage

Not exactly ideal is it? And with four years to wait till the big roll out, a solution is needed now, especially for those of you making up the 3,517,000 employed in rural England. Whether you’re a hard-working farmer, a business owner running a company from converted offices or an operations manager in a remote warehouse (and everything in-between), weak reception can negatively impact productivity and opportunities, while creating untold frustrations.

Let’s take South Cambridgeshire as an example.

Leading the world in life sciences and important research, even scientists in South Cambridgeshire aren’t immune to indoor poor mobile signal – in fact, 83% of residents in the district rate signal as poor or very poor. But they’re not alone, as North Dorset has also claimed its place as one of the worst areas with poor 4G coverage in England.

Here, just 14.24% of the population have good mobile signal with landowners, farmers and rural businesses suffering the most. Even Wi-Fi can’t help, as 24% of those of you in rural areas still can’t get superfast broadband.

Quite the headache, no?

We have the simple solution for improving indoor mobile signal strength

At UCtel, we understand that rural communities need improved digital connectivity, essential for future economical prosperity, farming, construction and transport industries. Plus, with more UK holiday bookings on the increase, the tourism industry needs to ensure it’s offering better indoor mobile connectivity to guests and staff.

So, leave the past behind with Cel-Fi – a cost-effective, Ofcom-compliant mobile signal booster that’ll take your rural business from the analog age to the new, innovative digital age. Simple to install and easy to maintain, Cel-Fi is designed to eliminate indoor dropped calls and missing signal, while improving indoor mobile data – and you just need a single bar of coverage. The antenna or unit is then installed where the mobile coverage is at its best. And all you need to do is call us on 0333 344 4417or email to get started.