In-building mobile connectivity
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Improve mobile phone signal: All it takes is one bar

Do you wish you could improve mobile phone signal so you aren’t always experiencing dropped calls and achingly slow browsing speeds in your workplace?

We get it – it’s frustrating when you always have to walk to the one part of your building with signal just to listen to a voicemail. But did you know that it’s actually easy to improve mobile phone signal across your entire facility, meaning you can have strong, reliable mobile coverage everywhere?

You don’t need a massive construction project, you don’t need to knock any walls down and you don’t need a million quid – all it takes is one bar.

We’re talking about the little signal bars on your phone – the ones that drop rapidly when you’re inside a building with tough-to-penetrate walls and glass. If there’s somewhere, anywhere in and around your building where you can get just one bar of signal, you’re in luck. There’s an easy-to-install, Ofcom-compliant solution that can boost your signal anywhere.

Want to boost mobile connectivity?

Want to keep your staff connected?

Want to prepare your business for a digital era?

All it takes is one bar.

Helping sales teams to chase leads

Imagine if you missed that vital call from a client that could be the key to your business turning a profit this year. Building sales connections is hard enough without being tripped up by blocked mobile phone signal. Thankfully, you hold the key to keeping your sales teams connected.

All it takes is one bar.

Stay connected to loved ones

If you’re in a hospital, care centre or anywhere else where people need to connect with loved ones, a lack of phone signal can cripple morale. You can ensure hospital staff can check diagnoses quickly, patients can reach out to loved ones and evacuations can happen safely.

All it takes is one bar.

Making a great first impression

Perhaps you are a hospitality venue asking patrons to download an app to order. Maybe you have visitors trying to access mobile internet in the lobby. Or maybe you want to send downloadable info to a client’s phone during a meeting. That first impression can make all the difference, and it doesn’t require much.

All it takes is one bar.

Boost in-building mobile phone signal with Cel-Fi

With Cel-Fi QUATRA, UCtel installs a donor antenna on the roof or outdoors, wherever mobile phone signal is strongest. This is connected to an internal network unit, which amplifies the signal from one bar to up to 5 bars, and then a network of coverage units placed around the building can rebroadcast the boosted signal everywhere.

In just a matter of weeks, you’ll be up and running with a new easy-to-maintain system that’s authorised by 200 carriers globally. So if you are battling with poor mobile phone signal at your office, don’t give up. As long as you can get just one bar somewhere in your building, you have the power to boost mobile phone connectivity across your entire operation.

UCtel can show you how. From hospitals to warehouses to offices, we’ve helped countless organisations say goodbye to bad mobile connectivity and hello to more efficient operations. Get in touch with us for a chat on 0333 344 4417 or email to find out more.