In-building mobile connectivity
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3 ways a mobile signal booster can accelerate business growth

At UCtel, we know how exciting it is to build a business and watch it grow. With 2.5 million more businesses listed in 2020 than in 2000, the UK is brimming with innovative companies looking to seize opportunities and scale up in years to come. However, to do this, businesses need to ensure that their workplaces are prepared for the digital era, with strong mobile phone signal so that staff and visitors can stay connected.

If your building has poor mobile connectivity, certain materials such as Low-E glass and concrete may be stopping mobile phone signal from penetrating inside. This means that staff can’t make phone calls, share files and data with colleagues or access emails. In the long run, this can slow your business growth, impact lead generation and give visiting clients a bad first impression.

Are dropped calls, poor voice quality and slow browsing speeds holding your business back? Here are three ways investing in a mobile phone signal booster today could help you put you back on track.

Help sales teams generate leads with robust in-building connectivity

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Salespeople are rarely based in the office all the time, and chances are they will rely heavily on having a strong mobile phone signal to communicate with existing clients and sell to new ones. There’s nothing worse for establishing a rapport than a phone call repeatedly cutting out or having to head outside to the car park just to complete it.

Whether it’s a customer, somebody in your supply chain or a stakeholder, poor mobile connectivity immediately drives a wedge between incoming visitors and your business. However, with a distributed antenna system that expands mobile coverage across your entire facility, they’ll be able to make calls, stay connected and not have to bother with connecting to the guest Wi-Fi.

Give teams the coverage they need to communicate effectively

According to Salesforce, 86% of employees and executives say that a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication is behind workplace failures. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure you have strong in-building mobile connectivity that will keep your staff connected wherever they are.

In high-rise buildings, large manufacturing facilities or department stores, mobiles are an effective tool for communication, particularly when an abundance of employees will be using Slack and WhatsApp. Not only this, but a good mobile phone signal ensures staff can be reached in the event of an emergency.

Improved communications can contribute to a better company culture, making your business a much more attractive place to work. With businesses increasingly moving towards hybrid working, using mobile devices becomes doubly important to ensure flexibility onsite.

Facilitate easier file sharing to boost productivity

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Sharing documents using cloud technologies and programmes such as Google Drive and Dropbox has become increasingly important as businesses shift to a hybrid working model. By providing fast and reliable 3G and 4G connectivity across your building, you’ll be giving staff and visitors maximum flexibility to download content, boosting productivity and enabling seamless business operations.

If your building has a strong mobile phone signal, incoming clients will be able to stay connected during meetings, allowing you to share documents to their personal devices as required. Sales reps who travel from your office to others can download files to take with them, connect to apps to book transport, and stay in touch with their contacts.

The key to strong mobile connectivity in your building

Want to accelerate your business growth, but still struggling with unreliable mobile signal in your building? Cel-Fi is the perfect choice to prepare your organisation for a mobile-led future. Authorised by 200 carriers globally, Cel-Fi is a distributed antenna system that amplifies weak mobile phone signal and distributes it around your entire facility, ensuring that staff and visitors can stay connected, achieve their goals and keep your business on the path to success.

UCtel has helped countless organisations to streamline their operations with strong in-building mobile connectivity. All we need is a floor plan and we’ll explain how the system would work and how we’d install it. For a no-strings-attached conversation, get in touch today on 0333 344 4417 or email We’d love to hear from you.