Private 5G
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Nokia Digital Automation Cloud: private 5G for universities

Higher education is facing a new digital age. One that’s focused on driving Education 4.0 forwards, and one that’s incorporating digital transformation and better communications to enable seamless connectivity for students and staff alike. With AI, robotics, big data and IoT impacting on fast-changing jobs of the future, it’s vital that the leaders and learners of tomorrow are fully equipped with the skills and game-changing technology that meets the needs of industry. And game-changing technology that delivers a fully immersive Education 4.0 experience for students – not only for higher levels of learning but for essential R&D purposes.

However, to implement Education 4.0 efficiently, all institutions need fast, reliable, secure and wireless connectivity solutions. Something that public networks and Wi-Fi fail to offer – but something that a high performing private 5G network can. And it’s easier to implement in your university than you may think…

Private 5G connectivity: a simple solution

With a high level of enquiries for digital connectivity from universities across the UK, UCtel have partnered with Nokia to make private wireless networking and the implementation of Education 4.0 simple. Designed to accelerate your digital transformation, Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) is a high-performance, end-to-end, secure and simple private wireless network platform.

Equipped with plug-and-play 5G connectivity to support on-premises data management and real-time applications, Nokia’s DAC is cost-effective, secure and simple to deploy. Comprised of network equipment and a cloud-based monitoring system, it makes private wireless networking, IoT and automation effortless and easily accessible for locations of all sizes, giving you, your students and staff:

High reliability with new 5G technology

Wide and deep coverage

More efficient access to smart tech such as VR

Low latency

Increased capacity

Strong security

R&D opportunities to develop IoT products of the future

Industrial-grade private wireless network

The ability to contribute to the 5G vision

Private 5G – ready to go

Solve the inadequacies of existing mobile and network capabilities with Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) – a high-performance, end-to-end, secure and simple private wireless network platform that’s simple to install with UCtel. Call us on 0333 344 4417 or email to find out more.