Private 5G
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Private 5G and the energy sector: the benefits

To combat the effects of climate change, it’s been estimated that by 2050, 80% of electricity must be renewable – but to make this happen, the UK will need to move more rapidly towards solar and wind energy. Sounds great, doesn’t it? While excellent for the environment, solar and wind energy come with a lower predictability, which could expose an increased risk of network disturbances – something wind farms are all too familiar with.

The answer? Connectivity and automation, both of which will enable better performance and control, whole opening a whole world of digital technology possibilities. However, this is only easily attainable with private 5G.

Your alternative network: private 5G

Set to benefit the most from private 5G, the utilities sector is expected to pioneer the new technology and drive 5G adoption. Now, while it won’t be an easy task to evolve the entire energy infrastructure, private 5G will eventually bring a seamless integration of data-sharing and process optimisation – all thanks to AI, machine learning and sustainability.

Let’s take the coal industry as an example – simply by implementing digital technologies, businesses will reduce production costs by 20% via:

  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Improved efficiency on site and network operations
  • Diminished unplanned outages

Ready to find to find out more?

Partnering with Nokia, we have made the transition to private 5G easy. Committed to providing an alternative network to existing cellular networks and Wi-Fi, Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud is a cost-effective and secure solution that’s simple to deploy. Offering a high-performance, end-to-end and secure private wireless network platform, it makes private wireless networking, IoT and automation effortless.

To hear more on how UCtel can digitise your plant or site today, call the team on 0333 344 4417, or email can also download our whitepaper to read further insight into our partnership with Nokia and how we are transforming businesses like yours with a private 5G network.