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Dedicated Industrial Network.

Industry 4.0 is revolutionising businesses across the globe – allowing for adoption of digital technologies such as AI, IoT and big data. However, with Wi-Fi and existing cellular network limitations, Nokia and UCtel are committed to providing an alternative network which transforms what is possible: private 5G.

Addressing the need for critical wireless communication, private 5G is predicted to grow by £4.2bn in 2024. Essential for Industry 4.0 implementation, it allows for:

  • Unified connectivity

  • High multi-user capabilities

  • Specific coverage and capacity

  • One dedicated network

  • High, predictable performance

  • Improved security and mobility

  • Enhanced bandwidths

  • Faster transmission of greater amounts of data

  • Coverage precisely where needed (inside and outside)

Accelerate your digital transformation with Nokia Digital Automation Cloud – a high-performance, end-to-end, secure and simple private wireless network platform.

Cost-effective, secure and simple to deploy, it’s equipped with plug-and-play 5G connectivity to support on-premises data management and real-time applications. Making private wireless networking, remote operations, IoT, analytics and automation effortless and easily accessible.