In-building mobile signal solutions

Delivering better communications and faster data speeds to your business

In-building mobile signal solutions

Optimise cellular coverage

Many buildings to do not allow for the effective propagation of mobile signals indoors, which impacts negatively on productivity, opportunities and operations – in fact, poor indoor mobile signal is detrimental to any business. Historically, the solution was complex, expensive or illegal to address, but with a change in Ofcom’s licencing since 2018, if you have limited signal at your site, UCtel can now deliver a scalable and legal solution in days or weeks, resulting in:

  • Excellent communications
  • Uninterrupted mobile calling
  • Better experiences
  • Zero ‘dead zones’
  • Reliable 3G + 4G
Mobile Signal Booster

Solve the problem of dropped calls, poor voice quality and low data

Cost effective and Ofcom-compliant revolutionary mobile-signal booster Cel-Fi works by bringing the outdoor signal into a building’s interior. Hospitals, warehouses, offices and retail units – to name but a few – no longer need to suffer in silence because there is a solution that’s:

  • Authorised by 200 carriers globally
  • Network safe
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Guaranteed to not interfere with other wireless systems
  • Able to boost one or all UK networks

At UCtel we will:

  • Advise on the best system for your environment using floor plans or an onsite survey
  • Provide detailed surveys to establish the exact solution required and placement of devices in the building
  • Install and test to ensure the system is providing the required coverage
  • Provide ongoing management and support via the cloud and UCtel’s helpdesk
  • Carry out regular service reviews to ensure the system continues to deliver against the business requirements

How it works


A donor antenna is installed in a location where the best signal can be obtained.


This is connected to an internal amplifier (network unit) to boost the signal


The signal is then distributed throughout the building using internal antenna (coverage units), boosting it across the areas where it is needed

And for businesses with no mobile signal on site?

We have alternative technologies that will bring coverage to your building and transform your connectivity.

Success Story

Connecting NHS buildings with strong mobile network coverage