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Unified Communications and Contact Centre

Creating digital experiences

Communication is the foundation of a successful business that caters to the needs of its customers. To simplify and streamline communication, businesses adopt unified communications solutions that also provide customer information in a consolidated form. UCaaS in the contact centre allows employees to access multiple interaction channels and offer the utmost experience for their clients.

Collaborate securely from anywhere

Enabling integration of collaboration tools into one platform—such as an IP telephone for voice calling, desktop sharing, instant messaging, and video conferencing—unified communications are designed to create a seamless user experience that helps businesses and customers work together more effectively.

Partnering with leading vendors such as Cisco and RingCentral, we’re able to select the best platform for your business—whether that’s on-premise, as a service (UCaaS), or hybrid—and help you collaborate from anywhere, streamlining existing processes.

Through reforming communications and utilising one system, unified communications allow businesses to make the fastest possible decisions and transactions with flexibility and mobility.

The Importance of a Contact Centre for the Customer Experience

Contact centres are key to customer experience—customers want to be connected to the right resource using the channels of their choice to get fast, accurate, and first-time resolutions.

This leads to:

  • Higher customer satisfaction rates
  • More customer acquisitions
  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • Increased customer conversions
  • Better customer engagement
  • Improved crisis management
  • Heightened customer loyalty and retention

Delivering solutions using Cisco UCCX, Cisco Webex Contact Centre, Amazon Connect, and RingCentral provides a rich selection of leading platforms to ensure you have the right tools to engage with your customers most efficiently, whilst delivering maximum value to your business. Our experience building and migrating customers from one platform to another means that you are in safe hands.


UCtel solutions

  • Design and building of new, on-premise Cisco solutions (CUCM, UCCX)
  • Upgrades of on-premise Cisco solutions
  • Migrations from Cisco Unified Communications Manager to RingCentral
  • Migrations of Cisco Unified Communications Manager to Cisco Webex Calling
  • Hybrid solutions of on-premise CUCM and Webex Calling
  • Integrations of third-party applications with CUCM and UCCX to deliver additional business benefits
  • Migration to Amazon Connect with Omningage desktop
  • Integration of Cisco UCM and Webex Calling with Microsoft Teams

Unified Communications Benefits

  • Increased business efficiency.

Unified communications services provide easy access to various communication channels such as chat, email and VoIP. The ability to swiftly and effortlessly switch between different interaction models allows employees to accommodate their clients' needs. This technology helps to bridge the gap between the customer and the service provider and connect on the channel that is most convenient to the client. Finally, employees gain more control over their workflow, schedule, and communication management systems.

  • Improved work productivity

Unified communications solutions streamline workflows and eliminate common hindrances that slow down business processes. The ability to make and take calls from anywhere and launch video meetings at a click of a button when the need arises drastically increases productivity. Now, your employees can instantly share important files with their coworkers and clients and let go of endless email threads that clog up their accounts. Additionally, they can exchange information in various forms, including voicemail and fax. All these technologies allow your employees to solve issues faster and be more responsive to customers’ needs.

  • CRM integration

Unified communication services allow businesses to connect with any CRM platform. This way, whenever you communicate with a client, partner or supplier, you have access to all the information right away. As a result, your employees can resolve problems and meet customers’ needs much faster, thus improving the user experience.

  • Implementation of advanced analytics

UCaaS solutions offer advanced analytics features that help organisations collect, sort out, and analyse customer behaviour and engagement data. These insights allow you to identify customers who are more likely to complete a purchase and offer them additional incentives. The cost of customer acquisition is notoriously high, which is why focusing on nurturing relationships with buying clients is a vital part of your marketing and sales strategy.

  • Optimising processes

By offering real-time access to all communication methods, data sharing features, analytics tools, and more, unified communications platforms allow employees to quickly and efficiently exchange information. Additionally, centralising all the critical customer data in one location helps businesses to optimise their processes and increase productivity.

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Partnering with Richcall, UCtel can bring a mobile and collaborative culture to your business with technology designed to offer the next generation in customer and team experiences.

Offering click-to-call, click-to-video and co-browsing, Richcall is a cost-effective solution that can be easily integrated into your contact centre software or used in a standalone mode. Available for both cloud and on-premise deployments, Richcall establishes a fully interactive, collaborative environment that empowers customers and enables sales agents to work in a blended, cross-channel mode.


A fully updated new infrastructure across multiple Dufry offices around the globe

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What is unified communications?

Unified communications solutions are software and services that centralise various enterprise communication channels, including text, voice, video, data sharing, and messaging.

Why are unified communications services for contact centres important?

Integrating unified communications into a contact centre enables access to a full suite of tools and services that a business requires for an optimised, productive, and collaborative customer experience.

What are the three main components of unified communications as a service for the contact centre?

The three basic components of a UC solution are presence, UI, and integration with voice recording features. However, unified communication providers can expand their feature suite with other components to provide a more advanced solution.

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