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Improving mobile signal coverage on Vodafone and EE networks in the new office of the financial company

The challenge

A leading investment company was moving into new offices in Mayfair, London.   The new offices (approx. 1000sqm) had little to no mobile coverage on the Vodafone and EE networks that the client required for conducting their business.

The client contacted Frequency Telecom,  the UK distributer of Cel-Fi, who in turn contacted UCtel as a leading Cel-Fi partner for design and installation services.

The solution

Based on floor plans two solutions were considered.  One based on Cel-Fi Solo and a second based on Cel-Fi QUATRA 1000.   A site survey was conducted to determine the available signals on the roof of the building and to design the installation of the system.

Due to the design of the interior of the building a system comprising one Cel-Fi QUATRA Network Unit and four QUATRA Coverage Units per network was installed with the key consideration being the use of structured cabling.

The installation

The initial installation was conducted within the office prior to the client moving in.  Once permission had been granted by the landlord, the donor antenna was installed on the roof of the building and cabled to the client’s floor. 

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Once the system was connected, tuning of the signal was performed and tests carried out throughout the offices.   The total installation time on site was 2 days.

The result

The signal on the Vodafone and EE networks was improved throughout the office with the signal strength measured between -60dBm and -75dBm giving excellent coverage on 3G and 4G.

The client was delighted with the work carried out and subsequently signed a support agreement to ensure the system will continue to operate and be optimised to their requirements.

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