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Boost a 3G Mobile Network Signal for Offices and Buildings

3G Signal Booster

Use UCtel legal solutions to boost a mobile 3G signal in the office and ensure connectivity for your business.

Key signs your workspace needs its 3G mobile network boosted
Dropped calls
Low voice transmission quality
‘Dead’ zones

How to boost your 3G signal

You can't just ask your 3G network provider to boost their signal in your workspace. They may provide good telecommunications services, but they do not influence how strong the 3G signal behind your thick walls is. You'll need to install a signal booster solution.

What is a 3G speed booster?

A 3G speed booster is a toolkit containing antennas and signal repeaters that serve for boosting the 3G mobile network in the office.

UCtel case studies in booster installation

  • wolseley

    Establishing a full mobile coverage for London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

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  • office

    Connecting NHS buildings with strong mobile network coverage

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Legally boost a mobile 3G signal with powerful UCtel solutions
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Why choose UCtel’s solutions for a 3G network boost?

  • Ofcom-compliant signal boosters only

  • On-site surveys and installation services across the UK

  • Universal multi-operator solutions

  • User-friendly support and maintenance services via Help Desk

We boost mobile 3G signals in the UK for these mobile operators

  • op 1
  • op 2
  • op 3
  • op 4
  • op 5
  • op 6
  • op 7
  • op 8
  • op 9
  • op 10

FAQ about boosting 3G signals

How can I improve my 3G signal?

If you want to improve 3G network speed in your house or workspace, you should know that the 3G network provider is not able to help you directly. Boosting a 3G signal with the help of repeaters will solve the problem of network speed and its indoor coverage. You may find some simple single-device solution for your home or car, but if you want to install a 3G signal booster in the UK for an office or any type of commercial building, you’ll need more complex solutions and some legal consultancy. UCtel is here to answer your questions and provide Ofcom-compliant signal boosting solutions.

Why is my 3G network so slow?

The 3G network coverage is mostly good across the UK, excluding obstructions in the form of some landscapes that don't allow transmitting signal from base tower to the user’s location smoothly. This problem concerns habitants of rural areas. The main obstruction that may make you want to boost a 3G signal in London or other cities is thick walls of buildings that become barriers for 3G signals and create ‘dead zones’ indoors.

Do 3G signal boosters work?

Signal boosters are still the proven solution to improve your 3G network speed and quality. 3G repeaters may even support some 4G phone voice features. However, if you own a large commercial building or workspace where a lot depends on connectivity, you may not want to limit your abilities to the capacities of a single network type. UCtel offers the universal legal solutions that make it possible to not only boost a 3G signal in the UK (indoors) but also signals of any network type and operator.

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