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Private 5G networks

Driving Industry 4.0 with digital technology

UCtel offers secure private LTE and 5G networks for businesses that strive to improve internal and external communication. Private 5G & LTE technologies provide cost-effective and stable wireless connectivity options and enable scalability.

The future of wireless is here

Powering Industry 4.0, next-generation 5G technology is architectured to create a dedicated private network with unified connectivity, offering complete control of critical business applications and communications.

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Bringing new capabilities

Using mobile technology, 5G private networks offer businesses the coverage, security, and capabilities they need for more advanced wireless data and IoT applications. They revolutionise the future of connectivity for a wide range of enterprises and industrial environments, thereby accelerating your digital transformation.

As the driving force behind Industry 4.0, private 5G network opportunities enable companies to automate and improve operations, transforming the current limitations of existing networks.

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Nokia DAC—Industry-leading technology

Partnered with Nokia, UCtel brings a high-performance, end-to-end private wireless networking, and edge computing platform to your business via Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (DAC). Offered as a service, Nokia DAC combines plug-and-play 4G and 5G connectivity with on-premise data management and processing, supporting real-time applications for smart manufacturing, predictive maintenance, and remote operations. Easily accessible for locations of all sizes, including ports, mines, factories, hospitals, and airports.

  • An industrial-grade private wireless network that’s easy to deploy;
  • High reliability that’s proven to work with new 5G technology;
  • Complete control over the management of multi-local networks;
  • Strong security and low latency;
  • Wide and deep coverage;
  • Dependable QoS management.

More Nokia DAC features

Nokia DAC offers more features that help you build a private 5G network in the UK:

  • Real-time location tracking;
  • Connected video analytics;
  • An end-to-end connect UAV solution;
  • Integrated campus communications;
  • Native one-to-one communication via VoIP;
  • Secure push-to-talk and push-to-video.

Benefits of using a private 5G network

  • High-performing indoors and outdoors connectivity across large sites.

Private 5G networks offer a stable and reliable connection and enhance the company’s communication and user experience.

  • Consistent high data rates.

A private 5G and LTE network enables consistent high data rates, guaranteeing good-quality calls and data transfer.

  • High multi-user capacity.

Due to great scalability, your organisation can connect multiple users, regardless of how small or large your company is.

  • High-capacity and ultra-reliable low latency.

A private 5G network provides a low latency connection, which allows you to handle a high volume of data transfers without delays.

  • Intrinsic security.

Data in private networks is processed separately from public networks, offering complete privacy and data protection.

  • Outstanding mobility.

High level of mobility guarantees uninterrupted and stable connection with excellent quality of calls at all times.

  • Mission-critical reliability.

Especially in a business setting, reliability plays a major role in communication quality, and a 5G private network offers stable and reliable calls

  • Robust and cost-effective connectivity.
  • A private network is a cost-effective alternative to Wi-Fi and public mobile networks, as it provides better scalability and reliability at a lower price.

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Consider UCtel your trusted partner for deploying private 5G networks in the UK

Build your 5G private network with UCtel, a team of professionals that will help you assess your current position and give you options that can improve your connectivity. Our cooperation with Nokia DAC, an end-to-end platform that simplifies and accelerates private 5G networking and automation, allows us to offer top-notch services and guarantee stable and reliable connections. Nokia DAC gives you the scalability to grow and shrink without losing extra money, wide and deep coverage, and reliable 5G technology. Contact the UСtel team to learn more about private 5G networks and enhance connectivity across your office and home.


What is a private 5G network?

A private 5G network is a service that allows businesses and customers to enable high-speed, reliable, and low latency connectivity to indoor and outdoor premises, even if they are outside of the public 5G coverage area.

What are the use cases for a private 5G network?

A 5G network in the UK can be used by anyone who requires better and more reliable connectivity. Especially companies going through the digital transformation and large organisations can take advantage of a private LTE network or 5G system such as airports, office buildings, hospitals, etc.

How does a private 5G network work?

Secure private 5G networks are physical or virtual mobile systems that can be used by governments and businesses to enable high-quality communication as well as elevated data protection.