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Installation of EE Signal Boosters for Commercial Premises in the UK

A stable mobile connection is a crucial part of every organisation. Modern-day business operations are impossible without an EE signal booster for offices, a reliable mobile signal, a trusting network provider, and an uninterrupted connection. Nothing damages everyday operations and processes more than an unstable and unpredictable mobile signal. When managing a business, you need to be hands-on with everything that occurs, especially regarding customer relationships and user experiences. Inability to handle complaints and inquiries as quickly as possible can jeopardise the relationships between the business and the client and hurt your reputation.
There are some tricks and lifehacks that can help you restore the signal in the short term and enable you to finish a phone conversation. However, daily struggles with the signal will eventually harm the business and make your employees demotivated and discouraged. UCtel has a permanent solution that will help you tackle the problem once and for all. An EE mobile phone booster for offices will drastically enhance the quality of your calls right upon installation.
Boost an EE phone signal with the trustworthy and experienced UCtel team. 

How Does an EE Mobile Signal Booster Work?

An EE mobile booster consists of three main elements: outside antenna, inside antenna, and amplifier. While the outside antenna is placed outdoors on the roof or any other high surface, the inside antenna stays in the building. The best place for the outside one is somewhere without obstructions and interferences to allow the signal to connect to it directly. The amplifier then catches the signal from the antenna and transmits it to the inside that broadcasts the strong signal to any nearby devices. As a result, you have a stable and strong connection inside your office building and enjoy uninterrupted calls and texts.


Are you constantly struggling with having no EE signal in your office? Contact our team to solve your problems and enjoy an uninterrupted workday. 

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When is an EE Mobile Signal Booster Needed?

If you are experiencing a poor EE signal, you might be wondering about the reasons behind it. Although EE is a major network carrier in the UK that provides great services across the country, residents of remote areas might have a different outlook. If your office is located in an urban area, the EE mobile coverage can offer you high-quality services, but if you are situated in a rural area, you are more prone to dealing with poor signals.

Unfortunately, even if you are located in a large city like London or Manchester, you still might encounter issues that your mobile provider might be unable to solve. Here are the most common reasons for a bad EE signal.

5g network

Remote or rural areas

If you live or work in remote or rural areas with limited cell tower coverage, you may experience weak or no signal from EE. In such cases, a 4G and 5G EE signal booster can help amplify the available signal.

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Buildings with thick walls

Some buildings, such as concrete or steel structures, can block or weaken the mobile phone signal, resulting in poor indoor coverage. The EE signal booster can overcome these obstacles and extend the signal range throughout the building.

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Urban areas with signal interference

In densely populated urban areas, signal interference from buildings, other electronic devices, or natural geographical features can weaken the mobile phone signal. Installation of EE mobile signal boosters in the UK can increase signal strength and mitigate these interference problems, providing better call quality and data transfer.

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Underground premises

Underground areas like basements, garages, or subway tunnels often have limited or no mobile signal reception. Installing an EE signal amplifier can help enhance indoor coverage, enabling communications and data usage.


Solve your EE signal problems with UCtel and improve your connection within the office. 

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Advantages of EE Mobile Signal Booster

Below, we will look at what benefits the installation of mobile signal boosters for the EE network can bring you.

Faster mobile Internet

Since mobile signals are also responsible for wireless Internet, good reception will automatically improve your connection. For example, if 4G signals occasionally drop out, your phone will connect to a 3G network. However, if you have a mobile signal booster, it will do its best to improve your connection to 4G.

Better battery life

When your phone tries to find a signal, it quickly drains its energy as it constantly “talks” to cell towers. As a result, the phone dies pretty quickly. However, when your phone receives a stable signal, it goes into power-saving mode.

Extended coverage

Mobile signal amplifiers are designed to expand coverage by providing a strong and reliable connection to your home, office, or any other location where an amplifier is installed. This is especially useful in areas with poor or patchy coverage.

Multiple device support

EE signal boosters can support multiple devices at the same time. This means that everyone in your home or office can benefit from improved signal quality and coverage, regardless of their mobile carrier or device type.

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How to Choose an EE Mobile Signal Booster?

Before investing your money in EE signal boosters for commercial premises in the UK, be wary of the product's legality. Quite a few solutions on the market are not licensed or legal to purchase or use, which might get you and your business in trouble. Unlicensed boosters are not verified, protected, or checked by any authority and might not be as reliable as their licensed counterparts. Moreover, illegal EE network boosters can actually worsen the signal of your neighbours and offices nearby.
To boost an EE mobile phone signal, the best call is to contact specialists as the boosters come with various coverages depending on your needs. For your home, a smaller coverage is usually sufficient, but an office building requires a larger one. Our specialists will help you measure your space, identify dead zones and choose the best EE signal boost for your office. Our team at UCtel will assist you at every step, including installation and ongoing support and maintenance. We value our clients and offer a customer-oriented service that considers every client’s unique needs and circumstances.


How to Install an EE Mobile Signal Booster?

To begin with, our specialists will reach out to you to clarify the details. Only after that can UCtel engineers proceed with the installation of the system. Here's what it looks like:

Planning stage

First, a UCtel inspector will come to you to discuss all the details of installing a mobile signal booster. In cooperation with you, we agree on the place where the installation of the equipment will be the most optimal. Finally, the inspector will draw up a plan for the antenna system.

System design

In the second stage, we need to design a booster system covering the entire required territory. After that, a UCtel engineer can make an accurate estimate and give you the cost of installing all the necessary equipment.

Equipment installation

Finally, our interior engineers will install the system on your private or commercial premises. Our team will promptly handle the installation and configuration of antennas and other equipment so that you can get a powerful mobile signal as quickly as possible. At the same time, the masters will not interfere with your daily affairs in any way.

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Why UCtel EE Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

Online marketplaces offer cheap unlicensed signal boosters that might look appealing but, in reality, are a waste of money. UCtel only provides products that comply with Ofcom and are CE certified across the United Kingdom. Cheap and unlicensed products are not legal and tend to be highly unreliable.
Our experts at UCtel will help you choose and install a high-quality signal booster that has been rigorously tested and verified. Our products also come with warranties and ongoing support upon installation. Mobile signal boosters EE from UCtel can handle any weather conditions, thick walls and windows, and amplify the signal even if it comes from a faraway cell tower. We work tirelessly to deliver the best service to our clients and cherish trustworthy relationships with our customers.

UCtel's EE Mobile Signal Boosters in the United Kingdom

UCtel can boost a mobile signal in many areas and resolve EE signal problems. We develop tailored mobile signal-boosting solutions in the UK for:

Case Studies

Let's look at the cases faced by a UCtel team:

  • teamwork 3213924.jpeg

    Investment company

    One of the investment companies in the UK decided to change offices in London. The new office building (1000 sq. m), located in Mayfair, jammed the signal of EE and Vodafone.

    UCtel considered two solutions based on CEL-FI Solo and CEL-FI QUATRA 1000. Based on the survey of the building, a system consisting of one CEL-FI QUATRA network unit and four QUATRA coverage units was installed, after which cellular communication in the building became excellent.
    Read more
  • photo 2023 02 23 16 59 30.jpg

    Flower company

    A UK flower supplier has approached UCtel to improve mobile signal coverage in offices and work areas in Sandy, Bedfordshire, with no connection in some areas.

    We created a face-to-face solution using the CEL-FI GO G41 and CEL-FI QUATRA 4000e. After that, four coverage blocks were placed on the territory. The interior design of the building challenged the engineers to perfectly structure the cable system, so a CEL-FI QUATRA system was used, consisting of one network unit and four coverage units. After installing the equipment, the level became optimal for work.
    Read more


How do I make an EE network signal better?

You can try to move closer to a cell tower, go outside or restart your phone. However, all these methods are trial and error and appear to be short-term solutions. As a permanent fix, consider acquiring an EE mobile signal booster to improve the quality of your calls.

What is an EE signal box?

EE Signal Box is a home device that uses your home broadband connection to improve the reception inside the house. However, EE terminated its signal box services in June 2022, which is why we recommend installing an EE phone signal booster in the UK instead.

Why am I having EE signal problems in my area?

Issues like no EE reception might arise for various reasons. For example, the nearest cell tower might be too far away, the building is constructed using materials that prevent the signal from penetrating the walls, or there is high traffic in the area. Also, force majeure factors such as severe weather conditions might decrease the quality of your calls.

Do EE signal boosters work?

When shopping for a signal booster, make sure it is certified and licensed in the UK. In this case, the product will work and boost the EE signal. If not, the product might be unreliable and even damaging to you and your neighbours.

How can a signal booster help improve an EE signal?

Signal boosters amplify the signal coming from the nearest cell tower and transmit it to your devices. As a result, even a poor signal will appear to work significantly better and more stable.