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Services for Improving Mobile Signal Coverage in Factories

Factories and other industrial establishments need strong and stable mobile connections like no other. Stable internet and instant communication can take productivity to a whole new level. Good signal strength not only minimises delays in decision-making but also allows automation solutions to be implemented. Contact UCtel now, and with our mobile signal-boosting services for factories, we will provide your building with state-of-the-art technology.

Mobile Signal Boosting Solutions for Factory’s Productivity Improvement

Improving the signal in factory buildings is crucial to productive work. The following factors can affect signal strength and quality.

Wide walls

Thick factory walls often interfere with the signal. Only the installation of mobile network signal boosters for factories can provide good coverage throughout the building.

Far from a cell tower

If your factory is far from the base station and situated in large open areas, the mobile network coverage will surely be weak. You can solve this problem by installing a receiving antenna at a high point, amplifying the poor mobile signals, and cleaning it from interference.

Underground location

If your factory is in a low-lying area or has an underground factory floor, you can install a cost-effective solution to boost poor mobile phone connectivity for factory buildings. Otherwise, the signal from the base station will have difficulty getting through to you. 

Pay attention to the solutions to enhance mobile signal strength on a factory floor. Without stable coverage, your business may face the following issues:

Low productivity

Being in an area of poor mobile signal coverage makes it impossible to utilise the most advanced technology in your factory. Solutions to fix the lack of mobile phone signals in factories are capable of improving productivity and automation in your facility. 

Lag time to fulfil orders

When you boost a large factory’s mobile signal, you can forget about production delays caused by poor communication forever. Give orders in real-time and monitor their execution.

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How Mobile Signal Booster Works in Factories

Services for improving mobile signal coverage in factories
are a simple and reliable way of providing your factory with uninterrupted communication. In general, signal enhancement is achieved with a system consisting of an external antenna, wires, amplifier, and internal antennas. The whole system works as follows.


  • 1. The external antenna receives the signal

The external antenna is installed outside, usually at a high point. It catches the signal from the base station. A powerful external antenna can pick up even relatively weak signals.

  • 2. Coaxial cable transmits the signal to the amplifier

The information received from the base station is then transmitted via cables to the signal amplifier.

  • 3. The amplifier amplifies the incoming signal

The signal amplifier cleans the signal from interference and noise and boosts it several times. The signal is then transmitted to the indoor antennas.

  • 4. Internal antennas share the signal

The internal antennas act like miniature base stations inside the facility and provide all rooms and floors with good communication and a stable internet connection. To grant such a connection, specialists usually use multiple antennas. 

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Get a custom solution for mobile signal boosting for emergency stations in the UK at an affordable price with UCtel. We work with all companies and people who are located in the UK.

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4 Reasons to Use Mobile Signal Boosters for Factories


Automation is a real trend in today's industry. Whatever your business is, process automation is all about profit. But to automate or even robotise production, you need the right communications to control all your processes. Our solutions for mobile signal boosting in factories can ensure this in no time at all.

Fast and stable Internet

A stable and powerful Internet connection is a must for any business that wants to remain relevant in the 21st century. Your business must be connected to the World Wide Web to respond quickly to emergencies, and mobile coverage solutions will grant you this.

Better calls with higher voice clarity

Management, as well as employees, should always be in touch to promptly resolve issues and respond to challenges. You can forget about problems with hearing the caller not well enough or that the speech is unintelligible by using our signal booster service.

Organisation and planning on a whole new level

Signal boosting services are a surefire way to make organisation and planning almost the easiest part of the production process. When an order can be given and a report of its execution received instantly, planning further actions becomes much more flexible. 

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UCtel Signal Standards

By mobile operator

O2 Signal Booster

Vodafone Signal Booster

Tesco Mobile Signal Booster

Giffgaff Mobile Signal Booster

Three Mobile Signal Booster

Virgin Media Signal Booster

Sky Mobile Signal Booster

BT Mobile Signal Booster

EE Mobile Signal Booster

By network type

3G Signal Booster

4G Signal Booster

5G Signal Booster

Consider UCtel as Your Trusted Partner

UCtel offers the installation of mobile signal boosters in factories in the UK. We will provide your plant with stable connectivity through advanced technologies and the expertise of our staff. We offer CEL-FI solutions that comply with Ofcom standards because we want you to have the best equipment possible. 

For factories, we provide services to strengthen signals on a turnkey basis. Our experts will tailor a configuration to your company and do the necessary work with minimal or no disruption of manufacturing facilities

You can get your business a good signal from UK mobile networks in no time at all by taking advantage of our mobile boosting services.

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How to boost a poor mobile signal in a large factory?

It’s easy to boost a mobile signal for factories, regardless of size.  All you need to do is to contact competent specialists dealing with the installation of mobile signal boosters in factories in the UK. A good company will install all the required equipment turnkey and seamlessly without interrupting business processes.

How much does mobile signal boosting for factories in the UK cost?

The cost to boost the mobile network signal in a factory can vary depending on the square meters of the factory. Typically, the price tag ranges from a few thousand pounds for a relatively small factory to several tens of thousands for a larger one. Each project should be discussed individually with the company installing it.

How long does it take to install a mobile signal booster in the factory?

The time it takes to install the equipment for mobile signal boosting in factories depends on several factors. Our specialist will have to go to the site to assess the scope of the work and tell you the cost. Then our experts will come to the commercial properties to install the system and carry out maintenance. On average, the entire process takes from a few days to a few weeks.

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