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O2 Mobile Signal Booster Services

O2 signal booster

Boost the O2 mobile phone signal in your office or any type of commercial building. UCtel provides and legally installs an O2 phone signal booster in the UK.

O2 network types
2G 3G 4G 5G
O2 coverage
O2 provides about 99% coverage across the UK with all network types.
O2 frequencies
800MHz 900MHz 1800MHz 2100MHz 2300MHz 3400MHz

What is an O2 mobile signal booster?

An O2 phone signal booster is a device and toolkit used to power up the O2 network signal in places and locations where it’s weak.

A poor phone signal causes harm to any business as it results in poor communication experiences with dropped calls or struggling to exchange information clearly due to distorted voice transmission. Installation of an in-building signal booster serves to get rid of these problems.
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How does the O2 phone signal booster work?

Signal boosters (otherwise repeaters) use internal signal amplifiers and antennas that are strategically installed across the commercial building indoors.  

  • A donor antenna is installed where the best signal can be obtained.

  • The antenna is connected to an internal amplifier (network unit) to boost the signal.

  • The signal is then distributed throughout the building using an internal antenna (coverage units), boosting it across the areas where it is needed.

Historically, the solution was complex, expensive, or illegal to address, but with a change in Ofcom’s licensing since 2018, if you have limited signal at your site, UCtel can now deliver a scalable and legal solution.

Unlock better connectivity with UCtel solutions

We conduct on-site surveys to optimally plan antennas’ placements, install O2 signal boost solutions and provide all means for smooth maintenance via the UCtel help desk.

UCtel case studies in the installation of O2 signal booster for offices

UCtel has helped many businesses across the UK to establish better connectivity by attaining optimal telecommunications technology infrastructure.

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    Establishing full mobile coverage for London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

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  • nhs1

    Connecting NHS buildings with strong mobile network coverage

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Why choose UCtel as your O2 mobile phone signal booster provider?

  • Legal, cutting-edge technology systems for various cases

  • Guarantee of a required coverage through on-site survey, installation, testing and maintenance

  • Installation services across the UK

  • Boosting in-doors signals of all UK operators within any network type

  • Unified communications solutions to address deeper business issues with connectivity

  • Driving Industry 4.0 with 5G private networks

FAQ regarding mobile signal boosters for O2

How good is the O2 network?

O2 is one of the top UK mobile network providers. However, you may face difficulties with its coverage inside the commercial buildings that have nothing to do with the O2 network quality. Switching to the other provider will not solve the issues, but installing an O2 office signal booster will help. It covers 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks and has 99% coverage across the UK. Despite all O2 network excellence, you may face signal issues inside buildings due to blocking materials. The installation of a mobile signal booster will solve the problem. 

How do I boost the O2 signal indoors?

You can boost the O2 signal indoors by installing a mobile signal repeater. O2 offers a BoostBox toolkit that may help you with this task. However, if you need to boost the O2 signal in a large office or another type of commercial buildings, UCtel may offer you more beneficial and easily scalable solutions. Feel free to schedule a consultation with our experts.

Can a network carrier help me to boost the O2 mobile phone signal in my office building?

The O2 network carrier can’t influence mobile signal coverage within your office building directly. O2 provides signals through base towers placed in a way that more likely already covers your location. There’s no issue with the signal on the O2 side. The problem is that the signal can’t get inside your office building because of blockages such as thick walls. It means that you’ll need to install a mobile signal booster that helps to amplify the O2 signal indoors. Get a consultation with UCtel experts to find an optimal solution. 

Does your service cover rural areas?

Sure. UCtel experts will take a journey to your destination to conduct on-site surveys and plan a solution infrastructure. Then our local subcontractor technicians will install boosters according to the plan. 

Why is the O2 signal so bad?

O2 is a leading mobile network provider in the UK, covering a wide range of frequencies and all network types from 2G to 5G. There are several reasons why you may face issues with a weak O2 phone signal indoors that don’t depend on the direct quality of the provider’s services. In big cities where the O2 signal is excellent, its strength is often disrupted by thick walls and other building materials. In areas surrounded by beautiful nature sceneries such as forests or hills, the landscapes can block the mobile signal. In the rural areas, the O2 base tower may be located too far to deliver clear signal, so repeaters are a must not only for commercial buildings but also for O2 users’ houses.

Is an O2 mobile phone booster for offices legal in the UK?

Historically, Ofcom, the UK telecommunications and broadcasting regulatory body, was forbidding repeaters because of problems with network interference that may cause even more problems with the signal on a larger scale. However, the prevalence of in-building signal problems made Ofcom change these regulations. In 2018, single-operator signal boosters became allowed for installation with no licensing required. In 2021, regulations for mobile signal boosters extended the list of permitted devices to repeaters with multi-operator support. We should stress that installing mobile signal boosters is considered legal unless it’s not violating technical requirements established by Ofcom to avoid interference. UCtel experts will help you honour those technical requirements while ensuring great indoor coverage. 

What kind of equipment do you offer to boost the O2 phone signal?

According to the Ofcom regulations, all single- and multi-operator signal boosters should align with special requirements and not cause interference. UCtel uses only signal booster solutions that comply with these regulations. We install modern, scalable Cel-FI solutions that keep the network safe and deliver a cellular signal that is up to 1,000 times stronger.

What is O2 Boostbox?

O2 Boostbox is a native O2 mobile signal repeater. It needs a broadband connection to work. O2 Boostbox mostly helps to boost signals in homes and small offices where there’s little to no signal reception. O2 Boostbox has a package that fits larger offices, although it’s also quite limited in square coverage.

UCtel installs modern and powerful Cel-FI signal repeaters that support multi-mobile operator networks and perfectly suit large commercial buildings.

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