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Unlocking the full capabilities of mobile network technology for everyone and every industry.


UCtel dates back to 2011. As can be guessed from the name, at the time, our focus was on providing unified communication and Cisco telephony for big enterprises. Yet it all changed in 2019 when the UK regulator, Ofcom, approved the use of mobile signal repeaters, and we decided to use them as the "door" to unified communications. 


To our surprise, many companies suffered from dropped calls, interrupted video streaming, and overall bad signal quality for years and were just waiting for a cost-effective and reliable solution to fix this problem. So, instead of being a simple add-on and extra service, installing mobile signal boosters in the UK became the main focus of our company. In the years since, UCtel has worked on a wide array of projects with some of the best businesses, enterprises, and buildings in the UK.  


Besides, the move to mobile signal solutions also opened the door to Private Mobile Networks, namely building your own private data network using mobile technology.  This exciting technology enables a whole new world of use cases and connectivity options to transform the way businesses operate.


Mobile network technology enables people and things to stay connected at all times, but when this doesn’t work or is unreliable, it impacts business productivity, client or employee satisfaction, and even health and safety. We believe stable mobile connection is essential in the modern world and that nobody should suffer from poor coverage in buildings. That’s why we provide mobile signal booster installation in the UK to eliminate poor mobile signals, dead zones, and bad call experiences from buildings where either the location or building materials mean that getting an acceptable level of signal inside is just not possible. 


 At UCtel, we deploy industry-leading, Ofcom compliant, mobile signal-boosting solutions that allow us to transform the way buildings and businesses of all sizes connect and work. With us, it’s possible to deploy a 5G mobile signal booster or a private 5G network, depending on your needs and business specifics.


UCtel is guided by four principles: a passion for innovation, customer-oriented focus, long-term thinking, and operational excellence.


For businesses of the future

Working in a variety of sectors, from boosting a mobile signal for hospitals to installing private 5G networks across large campuses, we pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge technology that enables faster communication, better collaboration, and improved operations.




Where We Work

As long as you’re in the UK, the distance is not a barrier for us. We can deliver and install robust mobile phone signal booster solutions wherever you reside, from vibrant London and dynamic Birmingham to bustling Manchester and historic Edinburgh. Feel free to ask UCtel for 3G, 4G, and 5G signal-boosting technology for in-building mobile coverage and get reliable mobile phone connectivity.

Transforming Connectivity with Mobile Signal Boosting Solutions

With our indoor signal boosting solutions, next-generation private 5G networks, and unified communications software, we are at the forefront of transforming business digital infrastructures and bringing global companies into the digital age.

Providing innovative solutions for every client, the experienced team at UCtel is there from the get go — from planning initial designs to the implementation and ongoing support to each and every customer.

Talk, text, and connect seamlessly with UCtel’s mobile signal-boosting services

Feel free to speak with our experts to unlock the possibilities of mobile signals for your property

Our team

UCtel boasts some of the finest signal-boosting talents in the UK. Our expert technicians are carefully hand-picked based on their expertise, passion for mobile innovation, and ability to meet our four working principles:
  • Ivan Romanov
    Technical Director, UCtel
    Ivan is the founder and technical director of UCtel, with over 17 years of IT experience. Having worked with leading telecommunications brands like Cisco and Verizon, he leverages his multidisciplinary IT experience in signal boosting, signal distribution, and unified communications to provide robust network solutions for buildings and businesses of all sizes.
  • Ivor Nicholls
    Sales Director, UCtel
    Ivor is an expert IT professional with a background in business transformation, sales enablement, system integration, and service delivery. He started his telecoms journey in 1998 and has since worked with global businesses to address voice, data, and mobile connection challenges.
  • Mahyar Ranjkesh
    Radio Frequency Engineer, UCtel
    Mahyar is a Telecom engineer with over 10 years of IT experience in 5G, LTE, GSM, and WCDMA. He has certifications from Huawei Co. and has handled several RF products such as TEMS, NEMO, Atoll, and Nubolabs.
  • James Smith
    Lead Project Coordinator, UCtel
  • Sergejs Smatovs
    Network Engineer, UCtel
  • Miroslav Liminovic
    Collaboration Team Leader, UCtel
  • Alexander Naumov
    Installation Engineer, UCtel

Our Work

UCtel has deployed hundreds of mobile signal-boosting solutions in the UK. Here are a few case studies:
  • Central Middlesex Hospital needed a mobile signal booster vendor for their emergency care and diagnostic centre building. Before UCtel’s intervention, the hospital struggled with weak signals on all four major UK networks — EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone. With the near-zero disruption of usual hospital activities, we installed a 4G signal booster solution, which significantly improved the hospital’s mobile coverage.

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  • Sunderland-based global automotive manufacturer, Unipres, has a factory covering approximately 47,000 sqm which had several dead zones and areas of weak signals. These areas were affecting the productivity of their nearly 1,300 staff members, and they  decided to bring our mobile signal booster company on board. We solved this problem by deploying the CEL-FI QUATRA 4000e DAS solution.

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There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to address mobile signal problems, as every building has a unique set of characteristics. With UCtel, we will evaluate your specific requirements and advise on the optimal product and solution design to eliminate the signal issues you have.

What are clients saying about UCtel?

We are very happy with the solution provided by UCtel. We had virtually no mobile coverage within the building at all, and the solution has significantly improved this. Andrew Furness Controller – Information Systems, Unipres
Seamless transformation for the end-user was paramount to Wolseley. UCtel understood our business, and their delivery of our 600 sites was excellent. Nathan Wright Project Manager, Wolseley

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