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Virgin Media Mobile Signal Booster Services

Virgin Media is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that operates in the United Kingdom and covers 99% of the country. The provider uses Vodafone’s infrastructure to offer 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. This mobile operator used to belong to EE and still works under the EE signal in some areas. You can choose from multiple monthly plans that offer different Virgin coverages and speeds. Virgin also gives access to unlimited packages that can last up to 24 and even 36 months. If you have noticed a slow and unstable Virgin network signal, there is a solution. Learn more about Virgin Media signal boosters, their benefits, and the ins and outs below!

Why You Need a Virgin Media Booster

What are the reasons for requiring a Virgin Media signal booster service? The most frustrating cause of poor mobile connection is the building materials used in the construction. Most common building materials severely block mobile signals and lead to dropped calls, poor quality, and slow connection. If you keep getting a poor signal inside the house or office, your building might be made of brick and concrete and have elements of metal, e-glass, wood, etc. To improve your signal, you can go outside or at least move closer to a window or balcony to minimise the obstructions.
If you work or live in a remote area, you might be too far from mobile masts, slowing the signal down. This is one of the main reasons for Virgin mobile signal issues and is hard to solve. Moving to another area might be unfeasible, so you should consider installing a signal booster.

Virgin Media Mobile Signal Booster — How Does It Work?

The Virgin signal booster consists of three main parts: outside antenna, inside antenna, and amplifier. An outside antenna is commonly placed at the highest peak, usually the rooftop, and catches the signal from the nearest mobile mast. Later, it transmits the signal to the amplifier installed inside the building and improves the signal. Finally, an internal antenna catches the signal from the amplifier and sends it to the mobile devices inside the building. This way, you can take advantage of a stable and consistent signal throughout the entire day and anywhere in the building, regardless of the location, weather conditions and building materials.

The reasons for acquiring a Virgin mobile signal booster are vast. You will notice a drastic call quality and internet speed change right after the installation. Learn more about the benefits of our boosting solutions below.

Benefits of Using a Virgin Signal Booster

  • Improve your 3G, 4G, and 5G signal

Regardless of which mobile network is covered in your area, you will notice a huge improvement in the stability and quality of the mobile signal. The Virgin mobile phone signal booster enhances the connection in any area, even if it’s a remote location far away from any mobile masts.

  • Eliminate dropped calls and slow internet connection

This benefit is especially noticeable in work environments such as offices, hospitals, schools, and other institutions or companies. Access to steady and clear calls will help you establish a stronger relationship with customers and suppliers and improve their experience. But even if you need a booster for private use, you will experience higher quality calls and enjoy long and stable conversations with your friends and family.

  • One-time purchase with no extra fees

To improve the Virgin signal in the office or at home, you only need to instal the system once and pay a one-time fee with no additional charges. Moreover, the setup and maintenance are effortless and straightforward. If you require help with installation, specialists will happily assist you and show you how to manage the booster.

  • Standard warranty

Every booster comes with a standard two to three years warranty that you can invoke whenever the device stops working correctly. This protects you from damaged boosters, poor installation, and any other problems.

  • Ongoing tech support

If you experience an issue while using the booster, you can always reach out to customer support and get any of your questions swiftly answered. As a result, you will never have a poor mobile signal for long, as we will immediately address your issues.

  • Boost signal for any mobile device

You can enjoy a Virgin mobile signal boost using any mobile device of your preference, regardless of its size, brand, and other characteristics. In commercial use, the entire staff can take advantage of the stable and consistent reception and focus on their tasks. If you are acquiring a booster for your family, the whole family and guests can enjoy a fast and reliable mobile signal.

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Consider UCtel Your Trusted Partner

If you want to learn more about how to boost the Virgin phone signal, get in touch with UCtel. We will offer the best solution depending on your goals, the type and size of the building, and your budget. Our technical team provides ongoing support and guarantees immediate assistance in case of an issue.


Can I get a Virgin signal booster?

If you are having connectivity issues with your mobile provider, you can always opt for a Virgin repeater or booster that will significantly improve the quality of the mobile signal.

Why is my Virgin mobile signal so bad?

The reasons for a poor signal in London or the UK are broad and include building materials that block the signal, remote location from the mobile mast, etc. However, acquiring a network booster will noticeably enhance your signal.

How can I improve a poor Virgin phone signal?

You can try to take your calls outside or near a window, door, or balcony. If the signal does not get much better and you still have no Virgin signal, you should consider a mobile signal booster.

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