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Mobile Signal Boosting Services for Shopping Centres

UCtel's cutting-edge solutions for mobile signal coverage in shopping malls help to provide their employees and shoppers with seamless mobile signal coverage without dead zones. Make your service unbeatable with our cost-effective system — give people the opportunity to communicate with their mobile devices anywhere within your mall without any unpleasant problems.

Why Shopping Malls Need Our Solutions for Mobile Signal Boosting

Shopping malls that face poor mobile coverage cause a lot of inconvenience to their customers and employees: they do not allow customers to access the Internet and make phone calls and prevent employees from communicating effectively with each other. Moreover, customers often face difficulties associated with the inability to make mobile payments, which leads to long queues at the checkout in retail stores.

All these factors negatively affect the retail customer’s experience, and they are unlikely to come back again so as not to face such inconveniences. However, there is a solution to the issue: the correct placement of a mobile signal booster in shopping centres will ensure seamless coverage on-premises, so none of your customers or employees will be dissatisfied with the lack of mobile communication option in the place where it is so needed.


How Mobile Signal Booster Works for Shopping Centres

To ensure correct working of a mobile signal booster for a shopping mall, it should have the amplifier unit, the external (outdoor) antenna, and the internal (indoor) antenna. It operates according to the following principle: the external/internal antenna receives the mobile signal from the base station of the mobile operator in the place where it is strongest, usually on the roof. This antenna transmits it to the amplifier through the coaxial cable. The amplifier ensures signal stability and the necessary strength level, then distributes it through the indoor antenna to user devices located inside the shopping mall.

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Case Studies

  • teamwork 3213924.jpeg

    Creating a network solution consisting of one Cel-Fi QUATRA Network Unit and four QUATRA Coverage Units to ensure seamless coverage in new offices of a financial company.

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    Implementing a telephony solution with Cisco equipment for Wolseley to improve customer interaction both on-premises and on the phone and eliminate neglected customer interactions.

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    Enriching customer interactions and improving call handling within several of Dufry’s commercial properties by installing the new centralised system based on Cel-Fi QUATRA mobile signal boosters.

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Eliminate any inconvenience for visitors and employees associated with poor or lost signals — get a large distribution of mobile coverage inside your shopping mall with our progressive certified solutions. UCtel's team of experts will guarantee a careful installation of a mobile signal booster in shopping centres across the UK.

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4 Reasons to Use Mobile Signal Boosters for Shopping Malls

  • Customer satisfaction

With our signal boosters for shopping centres, you can achieve top customer satisfaction by providing seamless coverage of indoor mobile signals and thereby eliminating any problems associated with the inability to make a mobile payment or a call.

  • Increased efficiency

Boost a poor mobile signal in shopping malls with our legal boosters, thereby increasing the efficiency of the processes associated with purchasing and selling goods for your visitors and employees.

  • No need to install costly Wi-Fi management systems

Instead of building a costly Wi-Fi management system from scratch, you can simply order our top-notch solution to boost mobile signal for shopping centres by contacting our experts.

  • Remote monitoring and management

Thanks to the effective elimination of mobile signal problems in shopping centres, you can organise an advanced system for remote monitoring and management of your visitors and employees without spending a huge budget.

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UCtel Signal Standards

By mobile operator

O2 Signal Booster

Vodafone Signal Booster

Tesco Mobile Signal Booster

Giffgaff Mobile Signal Booster

Three Mobile Signal Booster

Virgin Media Signal Booster

Sky Mobile Signal Booster

BT Mobile Signal Booster

EE Mobile Signal Booster

By network type

3G Signal Booster

4G Signal Booster

5G Signal Booster

Consider UCtel as Your Trusted Partner

If your employees and customers regularly complain about intermittent mobile signals or dropping calls indoors, you need to address this matter urgently. Otherwise, the reputation of your shopping mall may suffer, and people will prefer another one where there are no issues with mobile coverage. Fortunately, we can solve this problem quickly and cost-effectively for you by installing mobile signal boosters in retail stores.

  • Get the best industry experts to implement your solution.

The UCtel company has been improving the signal of mobile operators with certified equipment indoors for many years, guaranteeing our clients' seamless mobile coverage even in dead zones.

  • Ensure careful planning for the deployment of mobile signal boosters.

To get the maximum coverage of our mobile signal boosters, we perform an in-depth analysis of problem areas and plan their installation. We save you money, providing you with working, scalable solutions.

  • Enlist our technical support and maintenance.

We also offer our customers ongoing technical support and maintenance for ready-made solutions to ensure their further operation if something goes wrong. You won't experience long-term downtime caused by a mobile signal that has become weak again for some reason.

If you need to boost a mobile signal for shopping centres, feel free to contact us.

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How to boost mobile signal for shopping centres?

Consider installing certified mobile boosters to  boost a mobile signal for a shopping centre in the UK and do it cost-effectively and legally. If you are looking for experts who will implement this service and provide certified equipment for your business needs, please, contact us.

How to fix mobile signal problems in a shopping mall?

If you have any mobile signal problems in a shopping mall, you can ask UCtel’s experts for  a comprehensive, well-planned, and cost-effective solution to ensure a stable indoor mobile signal.

Where to buy signal boosters for shopping centres?

If you want to buy signal boosters for shopping centres that will work as required, you should start looking for a reliable supplier of mobile boosters who also install the certified equipment The UCtel company has been on the market for years, providing seamless and uninterrupted mobile connections for businesses. If you want to buy certified boosters, please, fill out the contact form on our website,