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In-building mobile signal solutions

Delivering better communications and faster data speeds to your business

Our in-building and remote mobile coverage solutions improve mobile signals and allow companies and private citizens to utilise mobile networks. With a similar level of complexity to deploying a Wi-Fi network, you can establish an uninterrupted and stable network coverage across all premises and drastically improve communication.

Optimise Mobile Coverage

Many buildings do not allow for the effective propagation of mobile signals indoors, which negatively impacts productivity, opportunities, and operations—a poor indoor mobile signal is detrimental to any business. Historically, the solution was complex, expensive, or illegal to address. However, with the change in Ofcom’s licencing since 2018, if you have limited signal at your site, UCtel can now deliver scalable and legal mobile in-building coverage solutions in days or weeks.

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Our Solution to Improve Mobile Coverage

With cost-effective and Ofcom-compliant mobile-signal boosting solutions, Cel-Fi works by bringing the outdoor signal into a building’s interior. Hospitals, warehouses, offices, and retail units—to name but a few—no longer need to suffer in silence because there is a solution that’s:

  • Authorised by 200 carriers globally;
  • Network safe;
  • Easy to install and maintain;
  • Guaranteed to not interfere with other wireless systems;
  • Able to boost one or all UK networks.
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Benefits of Our Solution

  • Excellent communications.

Our solutions deliver mobile coverage gains of up to 100dB, allowing for reliable calls and messages.

  • Uninterrupted mobile calling.

A reliable mobile signal translates to an enhanced user experience and increased productivity for all your employees and visitors.

  • Better experiences.

Our in-building mobile coverage solutions provide better experiences for employees and customers, as they can always get in touch with the company’s representatives and receive immediate support.

  • Zero ‘dead zones’.

Your employees no longer need to move around the building to find a better spot to make a call, as our solution delivers excellent signals across the premises.

  • Reliable 3G, 4G, and 5G.

You get reliable connections and improved download speed with our robust 3G, 4G, and 5G data solutions.

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At UCtel we will:

  • Advise on the best system for your environment using floor plans or an onsite survey
  • Provide detailed surveys to establish the exact solution required and placement of devices in the building
  • Install and test to ensure the system is providing the required coverage
  • Provide ongoing management and support via the cloud and UCtel’s helpdesk
  • Carry out regular service reviews to ensure the system continues to deliver against the business requirements

How it works

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    Identify locations with the strongest signal
    We survey inside and outside the building to identify the best signal from each of the mobile network operators to use as a donor signal.

  • 2

    A donor antenna is installed in a location where the best signal can be obtained.
    A donor antenna, also known as an outdoor antenna, needs to be installed at the spot with the best signal. It’s also recommended to place the antenna as high as possible to enhance the signal even further by eliminating obstacles. If we cannot install it on the roof, we will try the attic, wall, or window facing the mobile tower.

  • 3

    Connect the donor antenna to an internal amplifier (network unit) to boost the signal.
    Here we connect the antenna with the amplifier using a coaxial cable by drilling a hole in your building, running the cable through a vent or placing it underneath the window. The goal is to connect the antenna to the amplifier with a cable and make the booster work.

  • 4

    Install the inside antenna and distribute the signal throughout the building, boosting it across the areas where it is needed.
    Ideally, the inside antenna is placed in the dead zones where you experience poor signals. There are three types of inside antennas: dome antenna, panel antenna or desktop antenna. Finally, we connect the inside antenna and the donor antenna to the amplifier, creating the Distributed Antenna System (DAS), and turn the power on, immediately enabling excellent mobile traffic in the building.

Case Studies

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What are in-building coverage solutions?

Mobile phone coverage refers to the strength of the signal at a certain location. An in-building coverage solution allows you to improve the signal and enhance the quality of phone calls.

How can I improve a mobile signal in my building?

A mobile signal booster amplifies the available signal and significantly improves the signal’s quality, reliability, and speed.

How can I boost my network signal?

Our indoor mobile coverage solutions can drastically improve the network signal strength and stability at home or office buildings.