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Boost a 5G Mobile Signal for Offices and Buildings

5G Signal Booster

UCtel telecom solutions help to improve 5G signal in the office and other commercial buildings and large workspaces.

What is a 5G office signal booster?

If you want to improve 5G signal coverage and quality indoors, you’ll need to use a special set of tools and devices to boost a 5G signal in the office. In fact, 5G signal boosters for offices are the same old mobile coverage boosters with antennas and amplifiers but operating on higher frequencies like sub-6 GHz and over 28 GHz.

Case studies

UCtel provides and installs Cel-FI QUATRA 1000/2000/4000, GO G32, and SOLO products that support 5G networks.

  • install3

    Establishing full mobile coverage for London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

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  • nhs1

    Connecting NHS buildings with strong mobile network coverage

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  • private 5g

    Private 5G networks with Nokia Digital Automation Cloud

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Transmit a large amount of data with no disruption. Establish reliable indoors 5G coverage with UCtel solutions.
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How to boost a 5G signal

You can try to boost your 5G signal by changing network settings on your phone, but it rarely helps with almost non-existent indoors coverage and dead zones. You’ll need to install a 5G signal booster on-site to boost a 5G mobile network signal.

Why choose UCtel as your provider of 5G signal boosters for offices?

  • We use a range of Cel-FI products that have proved their quality and support 5G signal

  • Partnership with Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) for installation of industrial private 5G networks

  • We provide installation services of 5G boosters anywhere in the UK

  • Ongoing management and support via the cloud application

We boost mobile 5G signals in the UK for these mobile operators

  • op 1
  • op 2
  • op 3
  • op 5


Can 5G be boosted?

Most mobile coverage boosters can’t be used to boost 5G mobile phone signals as their frequency bands are adapted for 4G network frequencies maximum. The 5G network is much faster than that. Still, no matter how progressive 5G technology is, its signal can meet blockages and get lost for in-building usage. To boost 5G for businesses, you’ll need to install mobile coverage boosters that support 5G frequencies.

Do signal boosters work with 5G?

You can determine whether a particular signal booster works with 5G or not by checking its frequency bands. 5G networks use a high-frequency spectrum (from  sub-6 GHz to over 28 GHz) to transmit huge data volumes. Mobile signal boosters that support the same range of high frequencies that your 5G network provider uses can strengthen the 5G signal. Repeaters that operate in the lower frequency spectrum probably won’t help.

How can I improve my 5G signal strength?

5G networks are only starting to rise and evolve, so the 5G signal meets the same obstructions on its way from the base tower to the in-building environment. You need to use a 5G signal repeater to strengthen the connection quality and transmit the signal into in-building spaces. UCtel provides 5G boosting solutions that help to establish sustainable coverage in large commercial spaces. Get in touch to calculate your optimal solution.

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