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Mobile Signal Boosting Services for Schools

The 21st century demands digitalisation from all industries, and education is no exception. Provide your school with reliable connectivity with UCtel. We offer a school signal coverage booster to create a completely new type of educational institution.

Why Do You Need to Install a Mobile Signal Booster at School

Altitude issues

One of the most common reasons for problems with a mobile signal in schools is terrain altitude differences. Thus, while the signal may be high or medium outside, in school, it decreases or disappears due to attenuation, which leads to interrupted communication. This is particularly relevant for tall buildings and basements.

Far away from the tower

There can be long distances between operator towers in areas far from the big cities. The towers are traditionally located close to large population centres. If the school is far away from the base stations, a mobile phone signal booster for a school is the only workable option to improve connectivity.

Thick walls

The cellular signal may have trouble penetrating school buildings, trees, reinforced concrete structures (often seen in offices and basements, underground car parks), and reinforced glass. All these structures may form 'dead zones' of cellular reception. They cause issues with a mobile signal in school as well.

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How a Mobile Signal Booster Works for Schools

  • The solutions for school mobile signal coverage include the repeater itself, outdoor and indoor antenna, coaxial cable (wires that connect the amplifier to the two antennas), and power supply for the amplifier. The outdoor antenna picks up the signal from the base station and routes it to the repeater via coaxial cable.

  • The repeater is needed to boost a poor mobile signal in school and forward it through the cable to a set of indoor antennas.

  • The internal antenna exchanges with the mobile devices and routes the signal back to the system. This moves the signal from an area of stable reception to an area where the signal is weak or completely missing, ensuring mobile phone signal coverage.

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Advantages of Using Mobile Signal Boosters for Schools

Better calls with higher voice clarity

Dropped calls and slurred speech are sure to be companions to a poor signal. To get rid of this for good, equip the school with a modern mobile infrastructure, and you'll immediately notice an improvement in call quality.

Higher mobility

In an era when distance education has become as much the norm as face-to-face lessons, it is essential to provide the school with a stable connection. By doing this, teachers can always adapt to changing needs and stay in touch with students.

Faster Internet and stable connectivity

If the choice of elements and installation of the signal booster has been carried out competently, taking into account all the terrain and the intricacies of the equipment and accessories, the result will exceed all expectations. The signal doesn’t have to be very strong to ensure high speeds. Even a weak but stable signal will ensure a trouble-free internet experience.

Easier organisation and planning

Set up work meetings, deal with organisational issues, and adjust curricula on the fly. A stable signal can significantly speed up all the routine tasks associated with organisation and planning.

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UCtel Signal Standards

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O2 Signal Booster

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Virgin Media Signal Booster

Sky Mobile Signal Booster

BT Mobile Signal Booster

EE Mobile Signal Booster

By network type

3G Signal Booster

4G Signal Booster

5G Signal Booster

Consider UCtel Your Trusted Partner

A reliable and high-quality signal booster is the key to a comfortable mobile phone experience in your school. If your cellular service isn’t fast enough or your signal is interrupted, installing an amplifier will help to solve this issue for good. Contact UCtel and our experts will help you boost mobile signal for schools by choosing, installing, and configuring all the necessary equipment. Wonder how to boost a mobile phone signal in a school? Just contact us, and the problem will be solved in no time.

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Why do we need signal boosters in schools?

A modern education process requires constant and stable access to the Internet and communication. What used to take days can now be done in seconds. This applies to the school's organisational activities and to various improvements in the quality of education for students.

How can I improve my mobile signal strength in school?

Modern technology makes it possible to solve this issue effectively. This requires the installation of a special mobile signal school booster. It will help to dramatically improve the signal in the building, providing the school with a usable connection.

Why is my mobile signal so weak in school?

In some areas, the cellular signal of the same operator can be excellent, while in other parts of the city it can be several times worse. This is especially true in areas where the line load is high. Also, mobile signal problems in school can occur if there is a significant distance from the city.

Are signal boosters compatible with all the network carriers?

UCtel works with Cel-Fi to provide cost-effective and Ofcom-compliant mobile-signal boosting solutions. Our solutions are authorised by 200 carriers globally to ensure that the network is safe and equipment is easy to install and maintain.

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