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Boost a 4G Signal and LTE Network in Offices and Buildings

4G Office Signal Booster

UCtel provides leading communication technology solutions to boost the 4G signal in the office and large public or private workspaces.

What is a 4G signal booster?

A 4G amplifier/booster/repeater is a wireless interconnected solution that consists of two antennas (placed outside and inside the building) and an amplifier that receives, transmits, and increases the 4G signal indoors.

Case studies

UCtel provides signal boosting solutions based on cutting-edge Cel-FI technologies that are not only fit for 4G network boost but also work with any network type and mobile operator.

  • install3

    Establishing full mobile coverage for London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

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  • nhs1

    Connecting NHS buildings with strong mobile network coverage

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  • private 5g

    Private 5G networks with Nokia Digital Automation Cloud

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Improve the 4G signal in the office and get rid of connection issues once and for all!
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How to boost the 4G signal indoors

Use a signal repeater! This simple on the surface advice hides a lot of work in planning and installation if you need to increase the 4G signal in the office or other large commercial space with its unique building structure and location. UCtel experts are here to help.

Why you should choose UCtel solutions to get a better 4G signal at your workspace

  • Only legal Cel-FI boosters that comply with Ofcom standards

  • Expertise proven by improving indoor signal coverage in offices, hospitals, supermarkets, and other large workspaces

  • On-site survey and installation services across the UK and support via the cloud application

  • Boost one or all UK networks using the same signal repeater

We boost the 4G signal in the UK for these mobile operators

  • op 1
  • op 2
  • op 3
  • op 4
  • op 5
  • op 6
  • op 7
  • op 8
  • op 9
  • op 10


What is a good 4G signal strength?

If you want to measure 4G signal strength in your office, you can’t rely only on signal bars on your phone. You can’t evaluate signal coverage based on this unstable indicator that has no unified standards or meaning behind it. Still, you can measure signal strength based on your experience with phone calls quality and data exchange speed. From a technical point of view, 4G signal strength is measured by Received Signal Strength Indicator, Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio, Reference Signal Received Quality, and Reference Signal Received Power indicator expressed in dB (decibels). 4G LTE signal strength is considered good if its RSSI is from -91 to -105 dBm, and excellent if it’s >= -80 dBm.

How can I boost my 4G signal?

You can install a mobile signal repeater to increase LTE signal strength and reliability in your office building. 4G boosters can also cover signals of previous network generations (2G, 3G). A 4G signal booster catches the network signal where it’s strong, amplifies it, and transmits to the areas where the signal is weak or non-existent. Placements of booster components (antennas and amplifier) should be planned well ahead to guarantee 100% signal coverage. Contact UCtel experts to get help with the 4G booster selection and installation.

Can a 4G signal be boosted?

A 4G signal can be boosted as any other network type signal. You’ll need to install a phone signal repeater to boost the 4G LTE signal in the office. UCtel experts will conduct an on-site survey to offer and install an optimal boosting system for your office building. 

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