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Mobile Signal Boosting Solution for Lifts

You need to apply special tools and devices if you want to boost poor mobile signal in an elevator and enhance signal coverage. UCtel provides market-leading communication technologies and advanced solutions for elevator mobile signal coverage. Our reliable signal boosters significantly improve the quality of cellular and Internet connections in elevator cages.

Let’s find out the most common reasons for installing a signal amplifier in an elevator, the principle of its operation, the benefits of using mobile coverage boosters, and determine how the UCtel solutions can be useful to you.

Why Do You Need a Mobile Signal Booster for the Elevator?

Today, a stable connection is not a whim, but a necessity — issues with a mobile signal in an elevator can cause a lot of inconvenience.

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One of the main challenges of poor network coverage in the elevator cage is that people crowd at the reception to end a telephone conversation. With the UCtel signal booster, this will no longer be a problem — people will be able to go to the office and continue to talk even in the elevator without any signal interruptions.

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Another reason to install a mobile phone signal booster for an elevator is the need for communication in case of an emergency, an elevator cage breakdown, a power outage, etc.

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One way or another, it all comes down to the safety, convenience, and peace of mind of people. Whatever the reason for improving cell coverage, we at UCtel will solve all the mobile signal problems in an elevator.

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How a Mobile Signal Booster Works for Elevators

It all starts with the installation of an outdoor antenna on the roof of the building to capture cellular signals. This antenna is connected to the mobile coverage amplifier with a coaxial cable. And the most crucial thing is the installation of an internal antenna (or antennas) to relay boosted signals to the elevator.

There are several technical options for implementing an antenna booster for elevators. And UCtel provides advanced and reliable services for each of them.

One of the classic and most common solutions is to install an omnidirectional antenna in the middle of a shaft. Such an antenna transmits enhanced cellular signals from the amplifier. The main drawback is that if the elevator cage is at a great distance, then these signals will be weaker or not received at all. The second most popular solution to improve connection quality in an elevator is to install antennas every 3rd or 5th floor. Such an antenna is directed downwards and transmits strengthened signals from the cell coverage amplifier.

Other options are the installation of a ceiling or omnidirectional antenna on the roof of the cage, and installing a ceiling or panel antenna in the elevator lobbies of each floor. The last option works on the principle of a signal repeater system — the antenna relays the boosted cellular signals to the user. The last way to improve the signal strength in the elevator is to use a radiating leaky cable in the shaft. This is the most efficient and simplest option, but very expensive to implement.

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Which solution should you choose, and how do you get the most out of it?

We at UCtel provide industry-leading elevator signal coverage booster solutions and know how to solve your problem. Regardless of the chosen technical option, we will implement it professionally, reliably, and with maximum efficiency.

Why should you boost a mobile signal for elevators?

Benefits of Using Mobile Signal Boosters for Elevators

Signal Blocking Bypass

The materials from which the elevator cabin is made of can interfere with the high-quality transmission of a mobile signal and cellular frequency. And the telecom operator signal amplifier helps bypass all blockages of mobile infrastructure and allows passengers to stay connected.

Help in Emergencies

An elevator cage is a closed space, and an uninterrupted connection can become vital. In case of an emergency or breakdown, a mobile signal booster will allow passengers to stay in touch and call for help.

Maximising Safety and Minimising Stress

People in confined areas can experience claustrophobia, and a lack of connection to the outer world can exacerbate these symptoms. In addition, even short-term interruptions in cellular or Internet coverage can frustrate and anger people. The booster will help to solve any problems with a mobile signal in an elevator.

A high-quality, reliable, and uninterrupted cellular and Internet connection is a must, and UCtel knows how to achieve it. Our experts will install the most powerful and advanced solution for your elevator.

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UCtel Signal Standards

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Consider UCtel Your Trusted Partner

UCtel is a British market-leading and multifunctional provider of next-generation communication solutions, advanced in-building mobile signal technologies, and innovative digital experience. We specialise in improving mobile phone signal coverage in any buildings and premises, delivering the best Internet and cellular connection to our customers.
Our top-notch and cost-effective in-building mobile signal solutions will help you stay in touch anytime and anywhere. Install a legal and powerful mobile signal elevator booster with UCtel and experience all the benefits of our expertise. We know how to boost a mobile phone signal in an elevator with maximum efficiency and minimum costs. Contact our specialists right now and discuss your specific case.


How can I boost my mobile signal in an elevator?

If you want to enhance telecom operator coverage in the elevator cage, you should consider installing a mobile signal booster. Such amplifiers are designed to improve the quality of cellular coverage and achieve a stable connection in buildings and constructions that limit and block wireless signals.

How does a mobile signal booster work for elevators?

The principle of operation of mobile coverage boosters in an elevator is to install an outdoor antenna on the roof of a building and connect it to a cellular signal amplifier. After that, an internal antenna is installed with one of the technical implementation options — an omnidirectional antenna in the middle of the shaft; antennas through every 3rd or 5th floor; an antenna on the roof of the cage; an antenna in the elevator halls of each floor; or a radiating leaky cable in the shaft.

Why is my boost signal so weak in the elevator?

In an elevator, the mobile signal may be weak or completely absent. And this is because the place of signal transmission is too far away. The cellular connection in the shaft is not strong enough due to the height of the building, and the metal structure of the cage blocks external signals.