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Wireless WAN Solutions for Businesses

Get set to experience Wireless WAN connectivity. Your WWAN solution is as good as its mobile network coverage. Why walk blind and risk a million-pound mistakes when you can enjoy expert analysis of your current signal, failover equipment placement, the cheapest value for data plans, and more with us?

Contact UCtel’s WWAN captains to dine on the table of the future.

What is a Wireless WAN?

A wide area network (WAN) is a telecommunications network that allows an organisation to connect users, sites, and resources together across a wide geographic area. While traditional WAN consists of complex and often expensive wired lines, wireless WAN enables connectivity over mobile broadband technology, including LTE and 5G. WWAN services make it easy to connect offices, machines, stores, IoT devices, and even vehicles at the network’s edge. 

Benefits of Wireless WAN for Business

Benefit #1. Connection everywhere

With flexibility at its core, wireless WAN can connect an entire business from a router without the lead time and cost of deploying a wired line. Possible connections include remote sites, backup connections, point-of-sale, IoT sensors, signage, pop-up locations, and vending machines, to mention but a few. Wireless WAN services can easily connect large or multi-location businesses on a global scale.

Benefit #2. Cheap and highly flexible solution

Wired connections are needed for many use cases but are often expensive and have long deployment lead times. Wireless WAN deployments can eliminate the lead time for connecting a site or device and can connect from virtually anywhere in the world. Conforming to today’s fast-paced business landscape, you don’t need to wait several weeks to months to install and connect your remote business locations. With wireless WAN solutions, you can quickly set up and scale your network in a matter of minutes. Say goodbye to unnecessary downtime, revenue loss, and poor customer service. Embrace the new world of continuous operations, endless scalability, new revenue opportunities, and multi-location communication.

Benefit #3. Security and privacy

As LTE and 5G wireless WAN solutions can be routed without physical barriers, it begs the question: “Is WWAN safe to use?” The short answer is yes. The connectivity is provided by the mobile network operators, and security capabilities for WWANs include private APNs and SIM card authentication protocols. Troubleshooting your network signal and choosing the best LTE and 5G network provider is our bread and butter at UCtel. Don’t join the bandwagon; talk to us before, not after.

Finding Optimal Wireless WAN Solutions: How UCtel Can Help

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1. Forget the bars: know the real state of the signal

If your 5G or LTE mobile broadband is poor, application performance will be a steady headache. We recommend collaborating with our team of mobile signal specialists for proper signal diagnosis and provider recommendations. You’ll get real-time carrier signal performance tests, comparing their signal strength, signal quality, response time, and download and upload speeds.

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2. Choosing the suitable equipment

Understanding the right type of equipment to deploy is important to getting the best performance from a WWAN. This includes the performance capabilities of the devices, the right antennas and cables, and choosing the right physical locations to install the system. At UCtel, we pride ourselves on getting the maximum performance from any WWAN deployment.

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3. Choosing the best service provider

Selecting the most suitable provider of WWAN solutions for businesses shouldn’t be based on guesswork. You must know that wireless functionality depends on the strength and quality of your network signal. Following a survey, UCtel can advise on selecting the best 5G and LTE networks for your location. 

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4. Comparing and choosing data plan costs

Apart from the “Big Four” service providers in the UK, there are many more MVNOs that offer WWAN solutions. It’s important to compare the data plan costs of the good service providers in your location to select the overall best based on efficiency and affordability. 

Building a strong wireless WAN for your business? Contact UCtel to get it right!

Get a professional signal survey and recommendations on how to select the best wireless WAN equipment, network, and location to get the best from your WWAN solution.

Wireless WAN is Ideal For

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail industry
  • Healthcare

Beyond wires and fixed sites, wireless WAN is using today’s speedy and reliable 4G and 5G mobile networks to enable new business applications and automation. This is especially true in manufacturing, where the rapid rise of mobile, cloud, and IoT technologies and increasing adoption of private mobile solutions for WWAN are unlocking even more capabilities and intelligence at the edge. 


Core benefits include:

☑ Wireless WAN offers cheaper, simpler, and more flexible network performance for manufacturers with sites in remote locations.

☑ Centralised management where IT teams can manage dashboards across different sites and manufacturing plants.

☑ With traditional WAN, poor performance of cloud applications can slow down productivity. With the highly reliable WWAN, combined productivity at different manufacturing floors is no problem. 

☑Wireless WWAN accelerates data transmission and large data storage, cushioning manufacturers from data loss due to mishaps and disasters.

☑ Wireless WAN allows manufacturers to define service-level agreements for their apps in different locations, offering priority to mission-critical applications and reducing the chances of damage.


What are the challenges of wireless WAN solutions?

The most common challenge with wireless WAN is related to its dependence on signal quality and strength. This problem can often be solved by proper survey, network provider assessment, and optimum placement of equipment. Reach out to UCtel, experts in mobile technology that helps businesses set up WWAN, and we can find the most suitable solution for your specific network needs.

How does WWAN enhance network security?

WWANs enhance network security by automating cyber threat detection and response. It also utilises encryption protocols, employs secure authentication mechanisms, and is protected by firewalls.

What’s the best way to determine the placement of wireless WAN equipment?

Effective placement of wireless WAN equipment requires expert signal assessment. Critical steps include understanding the requirements for the connectivity, site survey, signal strength testing, and equipment placement. 

In need of wireless WAN deployment for your business? 
UCtel can help to analyse your signal, recommend suitable equipment and the best performing wireless WAN providers for your location.
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