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Professional Installation of Commercial Mobile Signal Boosters in Manchester

UCtel provides the installation of commercial mobile boosters in Manchester and nearby cities in Northwestern England. Our mobile signal booster installation covers all kinds of offices, residential areas, and private and public institutions.

What Is a Commercial Mobile Signal Booster, and How Does It Work?

A commercial mobile signal booster is an infrastructure that improves the quality of wireless network signals at any location, regardless of your position relative to the cell tower. 

This infrastructure comprises:

  • The interior and exterior antennas: They receive and distribute signals from the cell tower and repeaters and from the repeaters to the devices that use them.
  • The amplifier or repeater: They boost the signals from the cell tower and pass them to the interior antenna before reaching the devices that need them.
  • We use internal antennas to distribute networks in large commercial spaces.
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Process of Installing Mobile Phone Signal Boosters for Business Clients in Manchester

We follow a strategic and effective process for installing CEL-FI signal boosters for our Manchester business clients. This typically takes a few days to a few weeks to complete and includes surveying, planning and budgeting, installation, testing, and maintenance.


Our UK installation experts visit and assess your connectivity situation. After that, we run some analyses and calculations to determine the correct signal bandwidth/frequency and the maximum transmit power your commercial building needs in full accordance with Ofcom standards.

Planning and Budgeting

Our survey reports allow us to draw up your plan and finalise the correct budget to achieve it. This budget covers the cost of equipment, resources, and our installation service.

Installation and Testing

Upon completing the prelims, we begin installing your mobile signal boosters as planned. During installation, we test and confirm that the signals, frequency, and transmission power are in full accordance with Ofcom standards.


When necessary, we perform maintenance and checks to ensure our just-installed mobile signal boosters meet your connectivity needs for as long as you planned.

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Industries We Provide Mobile Signal Boosting Services in the Manchester Region For?

We provide mobile signal booster installation services in the Manchester region for:

UCtel Provides 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G Boosting Solutions for These Mobile Operators in the UK

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  • op 2
  • op 3
  • op 4
  • op 5

Why Choose UCtel for Commercial Mobile Signal Booster Installation in Manchester?

1. Timely and Budget-Conscious Project Delivery

Our word is our bond. Upon completing our survey, planning, budgeting, and payments, we always endeavour to deliver professional mobile signal booster installation on the agreed deadline.

2. High-Quality Installation Services

The quality of our services is as important as our reputation. We stay faithful to our professional mobile signal booster installation services in the Manchester region and promise to ensure you get only the highest standard of equipment and installation services.

3. Excellent Customer Support and Monitoring

We don’t draw the curtains when your services start running. Our installation services also include excellent customer support and monitoring. Occasionally, we evaluate our clients’ signals and offer maintenance for failing connectivity.

4. Certified Mobile Signal Booster Installation 

As a certified mobile signal boosters installer in Manchester, we have the staffing, expertise, and all the required technologies to carry out mobile signal booster installation services in the Manchester region. Additionally, we strictly comply with the Wireless Telegraphy (Mobile Repeater) (Exemption) Regulations, 2018.

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Success Stories

UCtel has successfully implemented numerous prominent projects across the UK.

  • nhs1

    Improved mobile calls and data coverage for the entire NHS Trust building.

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  • wolseley

    Seamless and ubiquitous telephony solution for Wolseley

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  • office

    New centralised network systems installation for Dufry Shopping

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What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

“We are very happy with the solution provided by UCtel. We had virtually no mobile coverage within the building at all, and the solution has significantly improved this.” Andrew Furness Controller — Information Systems, Unipres
“Perfect understanding of our needs and excellent delivery of them.” Arthur Smith Project Manager, Dufry
“Seamless transformation for the end-user was paramount to Wolseley. UCtel understood our business, and their delivery of our 600 sites was excellent.” Nathan Wright Project Manager, Wolseley

Unlock Better Connectivity with UCtel’s Certified Signal Booster Installation

Patronising UCtel Telecom Solutions for your mobile phone signal booster installation in Greater Manchester comes with great benefits, including:

Reliable 2G/3G/4G/5G Connectivity. Get uninterrupted calls and internet access on any mobile operator in the UK.

Reduced Installation Costs. We deliver on your budget and provide professional budgeting and planning advice.

Excellent Customer Experience. We execute your project with minimal disruptions to your everyday business activities and see that you’re satisfied.

Reach out to UCtel and enjoy better mobile signal booster installation benefits today.

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What is the cost of mobile booster installation in Manchester, UK?

Mobile booster installation costs vary with your needs. Prices differ for simple versus complex spaces. Please contact our sales team for a quote to determine the cost of installing your mobile signal booster.

Where can you find a commercial mobile boosters installer in Manchester, UK?

You can find a commercial mobile booster installer in Manchester, UK, by searching on Google. Fortunately, that won’t be necessary as we provide mobile signal booster installation services in the Manchester region.

Why do you need professional mobile booster installation in Manchester, UK?

There is indeed fair network connectivity in the Greater Manchester urban area, thanks to many cell towers and well-developed network infrastructures. However, you still may have trouble with your call quality due to numerous factors, such as interference from other devices, building materials blocking the signal, or being far away from the cell tower. The easiest and the only guaranteed solution to resolve all these issues is to install the mobile signal booster.

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