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Signal Booster Services for Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile is a VMNO running over the O2 network and has an abundance of subscribers across the UK but, as with any mobile network, signal problems occasionally creep in. UCtel can help you put these issues behind and provide coverage in offices, commercial buildings, and large workspaces with a Tesco Mobile signal booster. We will cover all the nuances and aspects of providing you with connectivity from installation to support.

Even with advanced digitisation, there are still times when one has to move around and look for a signal to form a smooth connection over voice calls and while browsing. The most common causes of problems with Tesco Mobile are as follows:

What Tesco Mobile Network Issues Can a Signal Booster Improve?

Altitude issues

Signal levels in basements can drop significantly, down to no signal at all. Similar problems can occur on the upper floors of high-rise buildings.

Distance from the cell tower

The distance from the operator's base station affects the signal strength that your phone receives. If you find yourself in a location out of signal range, you may experience difficulties keeping a conversation because of poor reception. 

Thick walls

Walls, especially brick and concrete, are an obstacle to mobile phone signals. This is one of the most serious concerns for mobile phone communications, especially in high-rise areas. 


Hills and mountains can significantly reduce the signal strength from a base station. Trees can also block the signal path, especially in summer when they are covered with foliage. 

Too many subscribers

This happens most often in large cities. Mobile line congestion is a common problem in large cities, caused by a large number of users connected to a single tower. 

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What is a Tesco Mobile Signal Booster?

Using the award-winning products from Cel-Fi, a Tesco Mobile signal booster is a premium solution designed to amplify cellular signals. It is perfect for localised extension of network coverage. This device is a necessity in areas where reception is poor. The use of a signal booster for Tesco Mobile will help you to forget about so-called "dead zones" in rooms, voice distortion, and weak connection. The coverage area of the phone signal booster for Tesco Mobile is up to 10,000 square metres.
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How Does the Tesco Mobile Signal Booster Work?

The working principle of a Tesco Mobile signal booster is quite straightforward. The entire system consists of three main elements, i.e., external antenna, amplifier, and internal antenna.

  • An external antenna is mounted outdoors and pointed towards the operator's base station tower to pick up the signal.

  • The signal is then sent through a cable to the amplifier or booster. The latter processes the signal, amplifies it, and transmits it to the internal (indoor) antennas.

  • The indoor antenna is responsible for broadcasting the amplified signal to the end-user devices (mobile phones, smartphones, modems). These antennas are installed inside the building and provide a stable connection over the entire required area.

Each component of a Tesco Mobile phone signal booster system is subject to strict requirements. The process of installing a communication amplifier requires strict adherence to the rules, so it is best to contact the professionals at UCtel to get good Tesco Mobile signal booster services.

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In the information age, it is vital that your business stays in touch at all times. And UCtel will grant you this through advanced technological solutions and the unparalleled expertise of our specialists. Just click the button below and forget about communication problems forever.
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Why Choose UCtel as Your Provider of Signal Boosters for Tesco Mobile?

Our specialists have the experience and expertise needed to install reliable signal boosting equipment. We will take the hassle out of selecting, installing, and maintaining a signal booster for Tesco anywhere in the UK.

  • Universal boosters provided by industry leader Cel-Fi for all types of networks and operators.

  • 100% coverage indoors.

  • Quality monitoring after installation of the solution and regular checks afterwards.

  • Installation services anywhere in the UK.

  • Technology to provide coverage even for businesses where there is no mobile signal at all.

  • Amplifying solutions for all network types, including 5G.


How do I boost my Tesco Mobile signal?

There are various solutions to possible signal problems. Some will advise you to use the Wi-Fi calling function, others—to simply charge the battery. However, the only way to guarantee a better signal is to install special equipment, such as a Tesco Mobile signal booster.

Do Tesco Mobile phone boosters really work?

Sure! The award-winning products from Cel-Fi are proven and legal to use in the UK and therefore a Tesco Mobile signal booster will improve communication quality. It receives the signal from the base station, amplifies it, and transmits it to the room. More than 10,000 square metres can be covered in this way.

Does Tesco Mobile use O2?

Yes. Operating on O2's towers and network infrastructure, Tesco Mobile offers its 2G/voice services at 900/1,800 MHz. The 3G signal is operating on a 900/2,100 MHz frequency. 4G is available in the 800/1,800/2,100 MHz range.

What are the possible issues with a Tesco Mobile signal?

Problems can occur in forested areas and the countryside. In addition, your office may be in a basement where it is impossible for radio waves to penetrate, or the walls of the building may be thick and made of materials that are very difficult for radio waves to pass through. In this case, the best you can do is to contact a Tesco Mobile signal booster solutions provider.

Which network does Tesco Mobile use?

Tesco Mobile is an advanced virtual mobile operator running on the O2 network in the UK. It provides powerful 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G data services.

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