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In-building mobile signal solutions.
Private 5G networks.
Our next-generation technology will bridge the gap between your customers and employees and provide a flawless mobile connection. Regardless of the size of your property, our mobile phone signal booster solutions guarantee a stable, reliable and consistent connection for all the UK’s mobile networks.

Next-generation technology keeping you connected.

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Our Main Goal

“UCtel is committed to connecting people, networks, clouds and applications with next-generation technology – designed to accelerate your digital transformation and improve your connectivity and communications”
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About us

Bringing business into the digital age

Business is constantly evolving, and in today’s digital-first world, you need to be more agile than ever. Using market-leading, forward-thinking and cutting-edge technologies, we deliver legal mobile signal booster solutions that transform your communication infrastructure, drive your IoT initiatives, and keep you connected.

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Commercial Mobile Phone Signal Booster Solutions

UCtel works with businesses to provide strong signals and help you to stay in touch. The ability to make a call or send a message is a massive part of our lives that allows us to perform our work duties and reach out to friends and family. Our mobile phone signal booster solutions work for any company or organisation, regardless of the size or industry.
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The importance of high-speed internet and exceptional mobile reception should not be underestimated for healthcare providers. Especially with the rise of telemedicine and telehealth, physicians require a stable and strong connection to get in touch with their patients. Many hospitals struggle to provide good phone signals on their premises due to the building materials used in the construction and the size of the facility. Hospitals are usually constructed with materials notorious for blocking signals, such as steel, brick, concrete, and E-glass. Our commercial mobile phone signal booster solutions solve this issue instantaneously and provide the best connection throughout the entire building.

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Distance learning has been gaining more and more significance in recent years, requiring a spotless connection. Schools and universities also suffer from building materials that block signals. They are also often quite remote and might not be able to catch a good signal from cell towers. UCtel offers a variety of mobile signal repeaters and boosters that can provide a stable signal and eliminate any dead zones on the property of a university or college.

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Running a business is not easy, and a direct connection to the clients and suppliers is key to success. Dropped calls and poor video connection can ruin a business deal or discourage a customer from working with the company in the future. Office buildings usually contain a lot of people who use mobile services to perform their tasks, which can cause interruptions. Our mobile signal booster solution for offices allows your employees to easily connect with the clients and increase their productivity.


Nowadays, factories are automated and utilise various technologies to optimise and accelerate the process of manufacturing. Besides being remotely located, factories are also prone to accidents requiring immediate help. Booster installation will guarantee stable phone signals everywhere in the building and make the workspace safer.

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Warehouses need stable connectivity to ensure accurate accounting and reporting. With our indoor mobile phone signal booster, even an out-of-town warehouse can enjoy quality communications.

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Shopping malls are usually overwhelmed with people, and they require the Internet for mobile payments. An indoor mobile signal booster makes this possible in no time at all.

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These institutions need to react instantly to all kinds of challenges. With a mobile signal booster in the UK, the emergency stations will provide an instant response, which can save someone's life.

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A stable connection in car parks is needed to support online services on the car's onboard computer and to make parking space payment easy. With our mobile phone booster, the signal will be of unprecedented quality.

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In lifts, the connection is constantly lost, which is extremely inconvenient when it comes to a business centre. Solve all business issues with interrupted signals with our mobile signal-boosting solution.

Process of Our Mobile Signal Boosting

The whole process of installing mobile signal-boosting solutions takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size of the building. The mobile signal-boosting services consist of several steps.
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Our installers will carefully examine your case and then come on site to assess the extent of the work. Based on the analysis, they will draw up a work plan and select the necessary equipment.

System design
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Next, UCtel specialists will design a system specifically for your building. The project will be drawn up in accordance with your wishes regarding timing and budget.

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Our specialists will then carry out the installation with minimal disruption to your business processes. All that remains is to get your system up and running and ensure that everything works as you expect it to.

We Boost the Signal of All Mobile Operators in the UK

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A UK-based company that provides refrigeration and air-conditioning supplies.

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A travel retailer that operates 1,200+ duty-free shops and convenience stores at airports, cruise liners, railway stations, seaports and different tourist areas.

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MS Amlin

An industry-leading insurance and reinsurance company.

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One of the largest gambling companies in the UK.

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nhs buildings with mobile network coverage


National Health Service is a publicly funded healthcare department in England, UK.

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Why is my mobile signal so weak in the office?

Office buildings are often overcrowded, which can be detrimental to signal stability. Additionally, office buildings are constructed with materials that severely block signals from mobile masts, such as E-glass, brick, and steel. Check out mobile signal office solutions to boost all networks and receive a stable and uninterrupted signal.

How can I enhance the quality of mobile calls?

Avoiding interferences and going outside or closer to the window could help to improve the signal. You should also check the phone settings and ensure they are correct and up-to-date. The best and most reliable indoor solution is a mobile signal booster that will provide a stable signal throughout the entire building.

Is it legal to use a mobile phone signal booster in the UK?

Not all boosters are legal, so you should be careful when shopping for a booster solution. The catch is that it is not illegal to sell and buy boosters that do not comply with regulations, but it is illegal to use them. Mobile booster solutions from UCtel fully comply with every regulation required across the UK.