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Learn how UCtel drives growth and results for any business through these in-depth case studies and customer stories

  • Boosting connectivity at one of central London’s most innovative universities

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    Boosting connectivity at one of central Londons most innovative universities

    "UCtel installed four CEL-FI QUATRA 1000 systems to provide the connectivity this university community needed to communicate, upload, and download data. Read on to see how this project unfolded."

  • Boosting mobile signal for all four UK networks in a large hospital in London

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    "After the installation, the hospital has gone from poor coverage on all four UK networks to an excellent signal on three building floors."

  • Achieving strong mobile coverage across all four UK networks at a large factory with an indoor area of 47,000 sqm.

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    "We are very happy with the solution provided by UCtel. We had virtually no mobile coverage within the building at all and the solution has significantly improved this."

    Andrew Furness Controller – Information Systems
  • Improving mobile signal coverage across all 4 UK Networks in two locations in Bedfordshire

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    "The signal level has vastly improved across all four UK networks at the Sandy factory. The signal is available in all required building areas, positively impacting working conditions and staff productivity."

  • Improving the indoor Vodafone network coverage for the music company in London

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    "Following installation, the office has gone from having zero coverage on Vodafone to 5 bars throughout the office."

  • Improving mobile signal coverage on Vodafone and EE networks in the new office of the financial company

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    "Excellent coverage on 3G and 4G with signal strength measured between -60dBm and -75dBm for the new office of the investment company."

  • wolseley

    Consistent and ubiquitous telephony solution that was flexible and easily scalable.

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    "Seamless transformation for the end-user was paramount to Wolseley. UCtel understood our business and their delivery of our 600 sites was excellent."

    Nathan Wright Wolseley Project Manager
  • dufry

    A fully updated new infrastructure across multiple Dufry offices around the globe.

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    "Enriching customer interactions and improving call handling was essential – we achieved this with a new centralised system"

  • amlin

    Research revealed the source of the problem that was causing the business issues.

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    "UCtel’s report makes a resourceful source of ideas for future improvements"

    Lee Reuben IT Infrastructure Delivery Manager
  • coral

    5,000 users migrated to companywide communication solutions with cross-site functionality.

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    "We moved users away from an on-premises infrastructure and on to a cloud base telephony system"

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