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Mobile Signal Boosting Solutions for Warehouses

Cutting-edge UCtel solutions for signal boosting for warehouses, fulfilment centres, and distribution centres ensure 100% coverage of areas that have poor or absent mobile signals, providing your employees with smooth communication with each other.

Why Warehouses and Distribution Centres Need Solutions for Mobile Signal Boosting

When you install mobile signal boosters for warehouses, you get a simple solution for your workplace that guarantees full mobile signal coverage. Our boosters optimise an existing signal by picking it up outside your inventory management building and amplifying it where needed. In this way, you ensure the continuity of work communications within your warehouse space without forcing your employees to go outside to contact someone on a mobile phone.


How the Mobile Signal Booster Works for Warehouses

Mobile signal amplifiers consist of three parts: an external antenna, an internal antenna, and an amplifier. First, the signal comes from the base station of the mobile operator to an outdoor antenna, which is usually installed on the roof of a building. Then, through the coaxial cable, this signal is fed to the amplifier, which enhances it. After that, the amplified signal is transmitted to an internal antenna, which distributes it to the user's mobile devices that are located inside the warehousing building.


At the same time, it is important to understand that the effective operation of such boosters can only be guaranteed if two conditions are met: the purchase of legal equipment and the delegation of its installation to professionals. Otherwise, you may not completely solve mobile signal problems in warehouses or even worsen them.

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Maximise your mobile operator's capabilities inside your building with UCtel's reliable solutions. We work with all companies and people who are located in the UK.

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4 Reasons to Use Mobile Signal Boosters for Warehouses

  • Ensuring stable mobile reception

Our mobile signal booster services for warehouses ensure that everyone inside your warehouse can always use their mobile devices to the extent they need to.

  • No dropped calls

Eliminate the risk of missed calls by making remote communication within your warehouse building truly reliable and smooth with our legal mobile boosters.

  • No black spots

Whichever mobile operator your employees choose, with our mobile signal solutions, you will be able to provide them with a stable signal that covers every corner of your warehouse.

  • Longer battery life

Reliable and uninterrupted connection of users’ devices to the base stations of a mobile operator allows them to keep their battery charged longer.

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UCtel Signal Standards

By mobile operator

O2 Signal Booster

Vodafone Signal Booster

Tesco Mobile Signal Booster

Giffgaff Mobile Signal Booster

Three Mobile Signal Booster

Virgin Media Signal Booster

Sky Mobile Signal Booster

BT Mobile Signal Booster

EE Mobile Signal Booster

By network type

3G Signal Booster

4G Signal Booster

5G Signal Booster

Consider UCtel as Your Trusted Partner

If you or your employees regularly suffer from intermittent or no mobile signal inside your warehouse, sooner or later, you will have to think about resolving this problem. After all, in the long run, you can not only make people’s stay inside uncomfortable but also disrupt the smoothness of your supply chain workflows and break your warehouse automation and warehouse distribution processes. However, we know how to overcome these difficulties legally, once and for all. The solution lies in mobile signal boosting for warehouses in the UK.

  • Our experience and legal equipment.

UCtel is one of the leading providers of certified mobile signal boosters for warehouses in the UK. In particular, we create solutions that provide seamless mobile signal coverage indoors and outdoors, eliminating dead zones and areas with a weak, intermittent signal.

  • Our well-established practices.

We always make sure that the installation of a mobile booster in warehouses is effective not only in terms of its functionality but also in its budget. As a result, our services pay off very quickly by providing employees and customers of our clients’ companies with optimal conditions for remote communication.

  • Our lightning-fast technical support.

We also provide our clients with technical support for already functioning mobile signal-boosting solutions for warehouses. We ensure their optimization if the layout of the area has changed, or repair/reconfigure the equipment if it suddenly starts to work incorrectly or stops working at all.

If you need to boost a mobile signal for warehouses, feel free to contact us.

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How do I boost a poor mobile signal in the warehouse?

If you are looking for a legal solution to boost a poor mobile signal in the warehouse, you should consider the installation of a mobile booster.

How long does the installation of a mobile booster in warehouses take?

Typically, the installation process of a mobile signal booster in warehouses is divided into three stages:

  • Planning and preparation. At this stage, we assess the location area in square feet, identify areas with a weak and completely absent signal, check the signal strength, and select equipment;

  • Installation of equipment. We place mobile boosters according to the schematics and peculiarities of the area;

  • Adjustment. Our experts check if all works as effectively as it was intended and, if necessary, adjust the placement of boosters.

The whole installation process for our solutions for mobile signal coverage in warehouses takes about three days.

How do mobile signal boosters for warehouses work?

The mobile phone signal booster works as follows: first, the outdoor antenna receives a weak cell signal from the base station of the mobile operator; then transmits this signal via cable to the amplifier, which boosts this signal; finally, the indoor antenna rebroadcasts this optimised, strong signal indoors.

How much does mobile signal boosting for warehouses in the UK cost?

It depends on the specifics of the zone with a weak signal: its total area, the number of concrete floors, if there are blind zones, the number of floors of the building, etc. To estimate your solution for signal boosting, please, contact us.

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