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Mobile Signal Boosting Solution for Hospitals

Take your healthcare facility's communication to a whole new level with our signal booster. UCtel will boost a mobile signal for hospitals and provide you with all the necessary equipment and expert help to set it up smoothly.

Why Hospitals Need UCtel Solutions for Mobile Signal Boosting

Topography issues

The problem of a weak signal is often related to geography. Hilly terrain with dense vegetation hinders signal strength, as do a large number of high-rise buildings in densely populated metropolitan areas. A mobile signal hospital booster placed on a rooftop will solve this issue and provide your institution with a stable connection.

Long distance from the base station

The stability and quality of mobile connections depend on the remoteness of the base station. It can be a real challenge for premises outside the city limits, but solutions for hospital mobile signal coverage will help to deal with it in no time.

Building materials

Reinforced concrete can also be the reason for issues with a mobile signal in the hospital. It serves as a barrier that can weaken even a perfect outdoor signal, resulting in a poor inside network. A signal booster can help ensure that all areas of the building are covered, regardless of the materials used to construct the building.

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How a Mobile Signal Booster Works for Hospitals

  • The external antenna is mounted on the highest point of the building and catches the signal of the mobile operator.

  • The signal is transmitted through a coaxial cable to a signal repeater.

  • The repeater amplifies the weak signal and sends it through the cable to the internal antennas, which are installed in different rooms and retransmit a strong and high-quality signal, thus providing stable mobile communication and high-speed Internet.

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    Establishing full mobile coverage for London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

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    Connecting NHS buildings with strong mobile phone signal coverage

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4 Benefits of Using a Mobile Signal Booster for Hospitals

Access digital patient records

Installing a signal booster will provide your entire healthcare facility with a stable connection. This will ensure the digitalisation of the facility and access to digital patient records at all times, which will positively impact the quality and speed of staff’s work.

Improve communication between staff

By providing seamless connectivity, your healthcare staff will be able to communicate instantly with each other, taking the hospital operation's quality to a whole new level. Give your team the opportunity to become the next generation of healthcare workers with the help of a technologically advanced signal booster.

Ensure communication between patients and relatives

Internet signal amplification in the healthcare facility is the perfect way to provide a familiar information space for patients and their relatives. Let your patients enjoy the convenience of the Internet, so they don't feel isolated from the rest of the world. For your hospital, we will offer only the best equipment to create the most comfortable conditions for communication for years to come.

Take organisation and digital planning to a new level

You can improve the level of signal and internet connection by using a hospital signal coverage booster, ensuring good quality of communication throughout the hospital and preventing connectivity problems. Modern manufacturers have developed technical means which allow doctors and nurses to always be in touch and solve any work- or personal-related issues comfortably at any time. Signal amplification for mobile infrastructure in the hospital is now available to all.

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UCtel Signal Standards

By mobile operator

O2 Signal Booster

Vodafone Signal Booster

Tesco Mobile Signal Booster

Giffgaff Mobile Signal Booster

Three Mobile Signal Booster

Virgin Media Signal Booster

Sky Mobile Signal Booster

BT Mobile Signal Booster

EE Mobile Signal Booster

By network type

3G Signal Booster

4G Signal Booster

5G Signal Booster

UCtel Is a Trusted Partner for Healthcare Facilities

Wonder how to boost a mobile phone signal in a hospital? Then you are at the right place. UCtel is your reliable partner for providing healthcare facilities with a stable connection. We offer Cel-Fi booster models that comply with Ofcom standards and have long established themselves as reliable and effective equipment. You can get a signal booster that ensures a stable connection even if the initial signal quality is poor. If you still have questions about how to boost a poor mobile signal in a hospital, feel free to contact our consultants. Get in touch now, and we'll provide your hospital with a seamless connection.

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Why do mobile phones not work in hospitals?

The most common reasons for a poor signal in hospitals are the distance from the base station, the differences in altitude on the ground, and the specifics of the building's materials. All mobile signal problems in a hospital can be solved by installing a signal booster, but this requires the help of competent professionals.

Why is my mobile signal so weak in the hospital?

The construction of networks by cellular operators has not always kept pace with our needs, so there are still areas of weak cellular signal in and between small towns and cities, and therefore problems with mobile signals in hospitals. Sometimes the connection works fine outdoors, but indoors it's difficult to make and receive calls. To increase internet speeds and eliminate dropped calls, cellular amplifiers have been developed.

How can I boost my mobile signal in the hospital?

This is achieved by using the most powerful and versatile class of incoming signal enhancement devices, namely mobile phone signal boosters for hospitals. The external antenna receives the signal from the cell tower, transmits it through the cables, and the amplifier creates a cellular signal coverage area indoors. Other ways of improving communication in the hospital will either be much less effective or have no effect at all.

How does a mobile signal booster work?

The signal booster consists of an external antenna, cable, repeater, and internal antennas. The external antenna catches the signal from the nearest base station, then cabled to the amplifier and distributed evenly throughout the room via the internal antennas.

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