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Review 2024: 5 Best Commercial Mobile Signal Boosters in the UK

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While standard 4G currently covers the needs of the 99% of UK citizens, many households face huge connectivity issues because of the network’s limitations. For instance, only 32.1% of British citizens are satisfied with their network providers, which means that existing 4G coverage leaves a lot to be desired. This is especially challenging for commercial spaces, where any connection issues quickly turn into lost profits.

Commercial signal boosters are your best pick to tackle this problem. It’s an effective and reliable way to stabilise your network connection at all times, even if you happen to operate in areas with abysmal 4G coverage. Read on to discover the best commercial signal boosters for UK business.

How Does It Work?

A mobile signal booster works by enhancing mobile signals to improve coverage and reception in areas with poor signal strength. The device includes three main components: an external antenna, an amplifier, and an internal antenna. 

The external antenna is placed outside the building, usually on the roof, where it can easily the signal exists. After getting the signal from the nearest cell tower, the antenna passes it to the amplifier, which in turn boosts its strength and then transmits it to the internal antenna. The antenna inside the building redistributes the amplified signal, which drastically improves mobile reception. This means faster internet, clearer audio during phone calls, and even increased battery life for mobile devices, as they’ll no longer need to constantly search for a stronger signal. Mobile signal boosters can be especially helpful in rural areas and locations where obstacles block the mobile signal.

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While usage of mobile signal repeaters and boosters remains illegal under Section 8 of the WT Act 2006, some devices designed for in-building and vehicle use are exempt from this law. Keep in mind that it is still legal to sell repeater devices that do not comply with the law, but using them will quickly get you into legal troubles. If you purchase the wrong type of repeater device, you might face a fine of up to £5,000 or up to a year of imprisonment. The critical distinction between the allowed and banned signal boosters lies in how they interact with mobile networks. If a device does not interfere with other networks and adheres to Ofcom’s licence exemption conditions, your repeater is safe to use. Keep on reading to learn which of the best mobile signal boosters in the UK are legal.

5 Best Mobile Phone Signal Boosters for Commercial Buildings in the UK

Here is a list of five mobile signal boosters from CEL-FI that you can buy and legally use in the UK. They’re the best of the available options for commercial buildings you can get at the moment. 


CEL-FI GO G43 is a top-tier solution for small businesses like petrol stations, convenience stores, and quick-serve restaurants, covering areas up to 5,000 square feet (ca. 465 square metres). This commercial solution enhances mobile connectivity for up to three mobile network operators, which is more than enough to cover all the needs of a small to mid-sized location.

The GO G43 supports 3G, 4G, and 5G, delivering solid performance with the latest 4th generation Nextivity IntelliBoost chip. The system is easy to install and can even be managed remotely via the Nextivity WAVE Portal.

Main features:

  • Boosts up to three networks in a single system;
  • Suitable for small businesses needing reliable coverage;
  • Remote configuration and management;
  • Easy installation with minimal disruption to ongoing operations;
  • Enhanced performance with IntelliBoost technology.
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CEL-FI QUATRA EVO is designed to solve mobile coverage challenges in retail stores, schools, hotels, and healthcare facilities. This active DAS hybrid solution supports 1–2 operators and is a suitable replacement for both QUATRA 1000 and QUATRA 2000.

The QUATRA EVO offers scalable all-digital architecture and flexible configuration, ensuring the best echo cancellation, gain, and coverage footprint in the industry. The system can support up to six coverage units and comes with a fibre hub expansion option.

Main features:

  • Supports one or two operators in a single system
  • Scalable all-digital architecture
  • Remote configuration and management via Nextivity WAVE Portal
  • Easy installation with minimal business disruption
  • Enhanced performance with IntelliBoost technology
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Cel-Fi QUATRA 1000

CEL-FI QUATRA 1000 is an enterprise-grade solution suitable for large buildings covering up to 50,000 square feet (ca. 4,650 square metres) per system but can easily be expanded beyond this range.  The QUATRA 1000 is an all-digital active DAS hybrid that delivers up to 100dB gain (1000x stronger signal). As the system is digital with RF signal being delivered over structured cabling, there is no signal attenuation right to the perimeter of the building. 

QUATRA 1000 is a single carrier solution, but multiple systems can be deployed to provide coverage for multiple networks. QUATRA 1000 is designed to be easy to deploy and can bring full mobile coverage to any location in a matter of days.  The system can be configured and managed remotely via the CEL-FI WAVE portal. 

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Main features:

  • Single-carrier coverage;
  • Digital system with 100dB gain;
  • Suitable for large enterprise deployments;
  • Remote configuration and management.

UCtel can help you pick the best mobile signal booster in the UK that matches your needs and budget. By evaluating the issues you’re experiencing and comparing the available products, we can offer the most suitable solution for your case.


CEL-FI GO G41 is the latest evolution in the Go range and one of the best signal boosters for mobile phones for areas of up to 3,000 square feet (ca. 279 square metres). As is the norm for advanced boosters, the G41 supports 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. When paired with outdoor or extra server antennas, the device can cover even larger buildings. The G41 has a built-in Ethernet port for remote management.

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Main features:

  • Easy to assemble and set up;
  • Small form factor;
  • Ethernet port for remote management.
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CEL-FI QUATRA 4000e is a robust solution for largest enterprises and office buildings, providing coverage for areas up to 125,000 square feet (ca. 11,200 square metres). This is one of the most powerful mobile phone signal boosters around, created specifically to enhance the quality of communication within large buildings and solve common dead zones and spotty coverage issues. 

The QUATRA 4000e can boost up to four networks in a single system with up to 100dB of gain per network with support for 3G, 4G, and 5G. The system is an active DAS hybrid and uses structured cabling with optional extensions via fibre to cover a large area with no loss of signal strength. Similarly to its less potent relatives, QUATRA 4000 can be managed remotely via the CEL-FI WAVE portal.

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Main features:

  • Can boost up to four networks in a single system;
  • Suitable for large buildings where coverage for multiple networks is required;
  • Remote configuration and management;
  • Maximum coverage with innovative network unit setup;
  • Can use a CAT5 network cable.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Signal Booster for Your Goal

So, how to find the best commercial signal boosters? The task may be overwhelming if you never dealt with similar devices before, as choosing an appropriate booster requires you to consider many specific factors like the strength of available coverage. Therefore, we suggest you contact a professional who can select the best option for your needs. If you contact our team at UCtel, we will quickly assess the scope of work, take all the details into account, and then carry out the installation on a turnkey basis. 

But if you still want to do it on your own, let's look at some factors to consider when selecting the best device.

Coverage area 

Why would you buy a signal booster capable of covering several thousand square metres if all you require is a small and compact solution for your shop? Keep in mind that the best commercial signal booster is the one that suits your needs best. You should pay attention to the coverage area; otherwise, you run the risk of getting an industrial-grade solution you won’t really use or, worse, purchasing a booster that fails to cover the required area.

Number of carriers

You might have noticed that our list included both single-carrier and multi-carrier solutions. A single-carrier device is designed to amplify one specific network and is usually more powerful and stable. A multi-carrier can amplify the signal of multiple operators, so you will avoid potential issues when changing your carrier.

Signal strength

It is important to consider the strength of the signal you need. It is measured in decibels and is directly related to the amplifier's power. Typically, +80 dB or +90 dB is sufficient for commercial solutions. Larger enterprise-type buildings might need a signal strength up to 100 dB to ensure reliable connection at all times.


When choosing a signal booster in the UK, you can easily be swayed by the rich functionality and support for multiple operators. However, before buying a device, you should check if it would actually work in your area. For instance, the CEL-FI GO G32 model works in all regions, whereas the GO G31 is only available in Australia and New Zealand due to different legislation on signal regulation. Once again, industry experts are your best friends here.

How Can We Help?

UCtel offers solutions to enterprises that enhance connectivity and enable employees to have a stable and reliable mobile network at their workplace. Let’s take a look at our success partnership with Unipres:


Unipres, a global manufacturer of press-formed automotive components, struggled with poor signal strength within its plant, which negatively affected productivity and frequently made the workflow frustrating for the employees. Their main site, an area of 47,000 sqm, serves as the central hub for the company’s European operations.

The solution:

After initial consultations, we chose and installed a CEL-FI QUATRA 4000e system, a hybrid Distributed Antenna System that combines passive and active DAS technologies. This system delivers a mobile signal that is up to 1,000 times stronger than a pure analogue solution. We used CAT 5e/6 cabling for RF and power over Ethernet to ensure no signal attenuation within the building and utilised range extenders to cover areas up to 300m away from the Network Unit. The introduction of a signal booster immediately improved both communications and employee satisfaction, which is an excellent example of what benefits such technologies can create.


It is essential to understand the needs of your business before investing in a new device: the specific features of your region’s mobile networks, signal strength, number of carriers, and coverage area. You’ll need an expert team to guide you in choosing the best signal booster for your business, and we at UCtel are always ready to help you with any question you might have!

Still have questions

Find answer below or contact us to ask more about UCtel

How can I improve my weak signal?

A mobile signal booster can help you improve your weak signal and provide a stable connection and enhanced data performance.

How well do mobile signal boosters work?

Depending on the device, mobile signal boosters can enhance your service by 100dB, providing a reliable and strong connection.

What is the best enterprise-grade booster?

Cel-Fi QUATRA is the best mobile signal booster for large commercial spaces or large buildings. This device covers up to 125,000 square feet and provides a potent boost.

Are mobile phone signal boosters legal in the UK?

Licence-exempt mobile signal boosters are legal to purchase, install and use. For example, Cel-Fi QUATRA, GO, SOLO and other classes of signal boosters from Cel-Fi meet the requirements that Ofcom have stipulated.

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