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Are Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Safe?

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Mobile phone boosters are electronic devices aimed at improving coverage by amplifying the existing mobile phone signal. This cost-effective solution substantially enhances the signal and contributes to safe and secure communication.

Are mobile phone signal boosters safe? What about mobile signal booster security? In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of using mobile phone boosters, the existing myths surrounding this powerful tool, and other important questions.

A Small Personal Signal-Amplifier Station

Mobile phone boosters are a cost-effective solution for better coverage, call quality, and data speeds. This personal, easy-to-set-up amplifier comes to the rescue when you have an unstable or weak signal. 

Mobile phone boosters require a signal, even a weak one, which will be pulled in, amplified, and rebroadcast to the area you need the most. The booster consists of three parts: the outside antenna, which receives the existing signal, the amplifier that boosts this signal, and the inside antenna, which will broadcast the amplified signal to your mobile phone.

Boosters usually amplify the signal from 500 to 7,500 square feet, depending on the gain your amplifier has. Single-carrier boosters go up to 100 dB gain, while multi-carrier ones — go from 63 dB to 72dB. The mobile boosters used in vehicles get 65dB and 50dB.

Mobile Phone Boosters: Myths and Reality

There are many myths about the safety of this powerful tool. We will discuss 3 popular myths, and answer whether it is safe to use mobile signal boosters.

Myth #1: Boosters Are a Scam

Indeed, the market is filled with useless cheap “solutions”, promising to solve the problem by simply putting a fancy sticker on your mobile phone that has nothing to do with science. However, boosters are not a scam, and you can achieve improved secure calls using a mobile signal booster, though there is a need to focus on tested and certified products to avoid wasting time and money.

Myth #2: Mobile Phone Boosters are Illegal 

In some countries, amplifiers are illegal, as they might interfere with the network. UCtel, on the other hand, provides you with the best legal options on the market. Our legal boosters meet all the requirements, so you wouldn't have any problems with the law.

Myth #3: Amplifiers Interfere With Wi-fi Networks 

Similar to wireless internet and mobile connection, boosters work by sending radio frequencies. However, these frequencies are different, and thus they do not interfere with the work of each other.

In reality, amplifiers make our life easier, providing stable signals, good coverage, no breakup calls, extended battery life, fast data transfers, and a secured home monitoring system. By using the amplifier, you can improve the use of other devices, such as tablets, so you can comfortably talk without interruptions or use your connection outside the home and office buildings. Signal amplifiers secure your comfort and reliable communications for business and private use.

By using certified mobile phone boosters, you broadcast the signal to the desired areas. Choose the amplifier that perfectly meets your needs to get maximum benefits from your connection and technologies in general. Thus, boost your network and communication using the best technologies! 

Mobile Phone Boosters: A Safe And Effective Option

Many people doubt the security of mobile phone boosters and question themselves, "is it safe to use mobile phone boosters?" Let’s answer those questions.

Mobile phone boosters, as well as other non-ionizing EMF emitters, are harmless and pose no danger to human health. The energy consumed by the amplifiers is less than even for mobile phones, as amplifiers consume less than 10MW of electricity. Another point to consider is the strengths of the signal itself: when one gets away from the booster, the signal fades. At the same time, mobile signal amplifiers produce stronger signals, which reduce the amount of radiation from the mobile phone.

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How Can We Help?

Are mobile phone boosters safe? The answer is yes, if you contact a reliable provider. Connecting people, networks, clouds, and applications with next-generation technology — is the mission of the UCtel. The best solutions for your business and everyday life are something UCtel specialists can do. Our experts identify your needs and provide you with up-to-date, reliable solutions. 

A high-speed internet connection and efficient mobile reception will be brought to you and adapted to your personal needs. In-building mobile signal options will enhance your signal, coverage, voice quality and data speeds.

Secure private 5G networks for wireless data communications and IoT applications — a must-have when it comes to high-quality performance and getting maximum use of the technology and devices you possess.

UCtel is an expert in providing services for instant messaging, conferencing, calling, and decreasing the distance between the parties involved. We have unique solutions for various businesses, allowing people to stay in touch and forget about breaking connections.

License-Exempt mobile signal boosters, delivered by UCtel, allow you to bring your communication to a professional level. Perfect coverage, good signal, an agile approach and top-notch, cost-effective solutions allow UCtel to be a reliable partner and provider of quality services. 

Final Thoughts

All the benefits mobile signal boosters can provide are integral parts of a good-quality product which is tested by professionals and gain a positive reputation in the market. By using UCtel products, you are protected from scams, connection problems, and free from financial risks. You can always refer to professionals when it comes to searching for the optimal solution to meet your needs!

Don't let unregulated and bad connections hamper your business and personal life. Contact us at 0333-344-4417 or email us at, and we provide you with the best mobile phone boosters, so you can forget about breaking signals.


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Is it safe to use mobile phone boosters?

Mobile phone boosters, as well as other non-ionizing EMF emitters, are harmless and pose no danger to human health.

Are mobile phone signal boosters safe for business?

Mobile phone boosters proved to be a safe, cost-effective solution for better coverage, call quality and data speeds, which is perfect for business. Also, they do not threaten in any way the safety of your information.

How to ensure phone signal booster security?

The best way to ensure that your mobile signal booster is safe and secure is by contacting a reliable provider. Boosters, delivered by UCtel, allow you to bring your communication to a professional level. Perfect coverage, good signal, agile approach to top-notch, cost-effective solutions make UCtel the best service provider in their niche.

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