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Bad signal? Big problem: Office space

Bad signal? Big problem: Office space

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If you have bad signal in your office, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. But could poor call quality and data speeds actually be more than just an irritation for your business?

The short answer is: yes. In an increasingly mobile-first world, bad signal can have a serious impact on business, causing unnecessary disruptions that could easily be avoided.

Here are some of the ways that bad signal is becoming a big problem from offices in the UK, and the steps you can take to beat it.

Client call catastrophe

How many people on your team have a mobile contact number that’s available to clients and customers? Chances are, most of them, particularly those in sales, business development and account management.

So, what happens when clients call those employees on their mobile, and they either can’t get through at all, or are met with terrible call connection?

1. a quick call becomes a lengthy game of drop out and call back (frustrating and time consuming for everyone).

2. an important or urgent call gets missed (potentially losing that business to someone who did pick up).

3. Three, a simple communication becomes fraught with misunderstanding. The client gets frustrated, the employee gets a hard time, and what should have been an easy correspondence becomes a disaster that needs smoothing over.

If you’re going to allow mobile communications in the workplace, you need to enable effective mobile communications. And that means ensuring that your building has a strong enough signal to support them. Without it, those mobile phones become pretty much redundant during office hours.


Is the car park becoming your team’s second office? If bad signal means that employees frequently need to leave the building to take or make calls, it is having an impact on productivity, whether those calls are personal or professional in nature.

And if they are business related calls, the impact is even greater. Parking space 20b might have great signal, but it doesn’t have a computer to access client records, information or resources, creating more frustration and more wasted time.

Talent retention

Believe it or not, bad mobile signal can have an impact on your access to talent. A study by Arqiva found that 25% of British office workers were considering moving jobs, or had already moved, due to lack of mobile coverage in the workplace. The figure was even higher for younger workers, with a third of Gen X and Millennials willing to move jobs thanks to poor signal.

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Apps and digital solutions

Could an App or mobile-workflow solution have a positive impact on your business? Not if you can’t get 4G to support it. Mobile and digital innovation across the board are being held back by a lack of fast, reliable data connections. If businesses want to overcome this, they need to address the issue of poor in-building mobile coverage and improve access to 4G.

Why not use Wi-Fi instead?

Wi-Fi just isn’t the most reliable answer. Wi-Fi calling isn’t available on every mobile device or network. It isn’t always consistent, especially if there is some access to signal and the device tries to switch between Wi-Fi and network connections. In larger offices, you will get drop out between Wi-Fi zones. And you will still get disruption as people walk in and out of the building, or as they use stairwells and lifts. It’s also inconvenient to visitors to the office, who don’t want to waste time logging in to a new Wi-Fi network.

What causes bad signal in office buildings?

Your bad signal could be down to one of two things. It might be a network issue, and you’re unfortunate enough to be situated in a signal blackspot. Or, it’s thanks to environmental factors outside of the network’s control, such as interference from building materials, trees, hills or other buildings nearby (you can find out more about environmental signal interference here [link]).

Either way, bad signal in your office isn’t something you need to accept. There are solutions, whether you suffer from low coverage or no coverage at all.

At UCtel, we’ve helped clients in all industries find a permanent, flexible solution to their signal problems, bringing better call quality and data speeds to buildings across the UK.

If you know you have an in-building signal problem but aren’t sure how to fix it, take a look at our flow chart to find the answer to better mobile coverage in any building.

Alternatively, get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through what options are right for you.

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