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Embrace Industry 4.0 with Private 5G

Digital future: How Private 5G can revolutionise commercial and industrial environments

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Private 5G has the power to revolutionise practical application of next generation technologies, allowing organisations to take the next step towards a digital future. By offering a reliable, high-speed network with ultra-low latency and higher network capacity, 5G unlocks the potential for fully data-driven operations: from high-performance Machine Learning to localised teleoperations. 

Here, we look at one of the most common pieces of machinery – already used by organisations in a range of sectors all over the world – to illustrate the difference that 5G can make to the way we utilise technology.

Introducing the Articulated Robot: powered by Private 5G

Machine Learning

Machine learning relies on vast amounts of data and significant network capacity to run efficiently. Private 5G can deliver peak data rates at up to 20Gbps, and utilises and sub-6 GHz bandwidth technologies. The result: ultra-low latency and generous bandwidth to enable practical use of machine learning in factories, energy facilities, hospitals and more. 

What does that mean for our Articulated Robot? Big Data, Machine Learning and AI could be used to fuel our robot’s actions via 5G, allowing for more flexibility and enabling the robot to react to unexpected changes, such as a manufacturing fault. 


Digitisation has the potential to revolutionise high-risk operations, enabling dangerous tasks to be carried out remotely. However, in situations where precision is of the essence, these remote operations need to be powered by virtually real-time data transmission. Private 5G’s ultra-low latency can power seamless remote connections and 4K video quality between machinery and the person operating it (when both are connected to the same local 5G network).

Take a look at an example Private 5G in the Oil and Gas sector here.

Articulated Robots could be controlled remotely with 5G, enabling specialists to carry out precision, highly skilled operations remotely. 

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

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Automated guided Vehicles have already made logistics in warehouses and factories faster, safer, cheaper and more efficient, but their usage is limited by network capabilities. To operate safely, they need to follow pre-determined pathways, with on board sensors enabling them to stop when an unexpected obstacle – such as a dropped item or person – is encountered. 

However, with Private 5G, organisations can explore much more versatile use of AGVs. Faster processing of large volumes of data powered by 5G can enable AGVs to use sensors more effectively, analysing their surroundings in real time to choose the best route to take. They can also relay information back and forth with external sensors around the building, for more comprehensive navigation. This allows for safer co-working with other machinery and people, with low latency enabling AVGs to avoid collisions with moving obstacles.

Thanks to Private 5G, our Articulated Robot – when forming part of an AGV – isn’t confined to pre-determined pathways: it can use large volumes of data from on-board and external sensor to react to its surroundings and choose the best route to its destination. 

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Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning applications generate extreme volumes of data, and that data needs to be transmitted almost instantly for any practical usage to be worthwhile: for instance, AI powered IoT sensors in logistics or warehousing functions. With many modern AI systems relying on cloud capabilities, both low-latency and high network capacity are needed. As Private 5G allows for much faster data transmission and greater bandwidth, it means that practical applications of AI in the workplace can become much more agile and reactive.

Fuelled by AI, our Articulated Robot needs less manual operation after initial set-up, becoming a more versatile and cost-effective machine that can be applied to a variety of tasks.

To find out whether Private 5G could be the solution you need to embrace Industry 4.0, join our Webinar with Nokia on November 25th 2021 at 13:00 – 14:00 GMT. Register today for the Private 5G Masterclass: The what, the why and the how.

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