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Do Mobile Signal Booster Apps Really Work?

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Do mobile signal booster apps work? Well, many mistakenly believe so. There are a variety of such applications, and their owners claim that they may improve the quality of internet connection on mobile phones. 

Examples are “signal boosting” apps that just add a fancy tracker of the strength of the signal. Alternatively, there may be speed-up apps that instantly clean up unused files and caches and minimise RAM usage. They may do the trick for the mobile phone, but not for the quality of the received signal. The last two categories are cleaner apps that work in the background to remove junk and security apps that protect the phone from viruses. And none of them actually work with the mobile signal that the phone receives. 

Let’s review the reasons why mobile signal booster apps work inappropriately and find out the actual methods to enhance mobile signal quality. 

Why Do Phone Signal Booster Apps Work Improperly?

There is a rationale behind the inadequate working of such digital signal boosters.

Signal Booster Apps Don’t Access the Outside Signal

The most significant reason why mobile phone signal booster apps work nothing like they are supposed to is their operability, which is limited to accessing the mobile phone after the signal is already received. At this point, it’s already impossible to impact the signal positively, so strengthening it by using booster apps is just a delusion. They cannot control it.  

Signal Booster Apps Are Often Not Even Intended for Signal Amplification

Typically, product owners claim that apps for cleaning the internal memory or protecting the mobile phone against malware also operate as signal boosters. They do so just to add value to their app so it’s marketed way better. Can an app boost a phone’s mobile signal if it doesn’t even interfere with it? The answer is obvious. 

In fact, in the best-case scenario, cleaner apps or speed-up apps can slightly decrease a phone’s internal freezes. It will somewhat improve the program's performance  used for web surfing or communication. As for security solutions, they may prevent the phone's performance from being slowed down or negatively impacted in another way by a virus. But once again, it has nothing to do with boosting the mobile signal itself. Owners of lightly used phones usually cannot distinguish between performance with a booster app and without it.

Speeding Up The Mobile Phone Doesn’t Affect the Quality of Received Signal

After all, an increase in the performance of the mobile phone itself doesn’t directly means that the internet connection will instantly improve. Vice versa, cleaning up the cache and some other internal data may cause the reverse effect. It’s so because the phone will have to download more resources again to have, for example, the internet browser working as smoothly as it had been prior to app booster installation. So, if you wonder do mobile signal booster apps work, then you have probably tried one, and it only brought a negative impact.  

How Do You Boost Mobile Signal? 

Here are three reliable methods to enhance the quality of the received signal. 

Get Closer to a Mobile Signal Tower

This easy advice, however, is often pretty hard to follow. If you are working in an office environment, you cannot do much with your mobile phone, but get to that part of the building closer to the nearest mobile signal tower. 

At the same time, if you are in an open space and can move freely, you may find the location of the nearest mobile signal tower and get to it as close as possible. This may resolve your issue already. 

Minimise Interference

Can apps boost mobile signal? They don’t but minimising interference does. Office rooms are known for having lots of electronics and internal walls. After all, mobile signals are radio waves that lose their strength when penetrating walls or interacting with electronic signals of other devices. So, another piece of advice is to get to the least isolated room and turn off electronics around you. 

Use Proper Mobile Signal Boosters

Signal booster systems are what may make the most difference. They consist of an external antenna installed the way so it’s pointed to the nearest signal tower, an amplifier built specifically to boost the received signal and an internal antenna that distributes the enhanced signal.

Such an approach is the only way that works in nearly all cases, except for when there is just no signal for the antenna to receive. Installed by a reliable provider, a mobile signal booster can bring  the impact you desire. 

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How Can We Help?

UCtel is a professional provider of communication solutions. We install in-building and remote mobile signal amplification systems and provide unified communication services. In addition, , we build 3G, 4G, and 5G network infrastructures. Our team provides services to private individuals as well as businesses and governmental units. We work with a number of mobile operators, including O2, Vodafone, Tesco, Giffgaff, Three, Virgin, Sky, BT, EE, and more. 

The efficiency of mobile signal booster apps is not enough to make a difference. But, solutions provided by Uctel can raise the bar for the quality of your mobile signal.

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Final Thoughts

It’s not advised to opt for digital apps as solutions to the issues with mobile signal quality. Answering the question, “do signal booster apps really work?”, it’s possible to claim that they are barely effective for multiple reasons.

If you need a solid, highly-effective solution to your problem with the mobile signal, reach out to UCtel, and we’ll make it work.


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Can you boost your mobile phone signal with an app?

No, the work of mobile signal booster apps cannot impact the quality of the received signal.

What is the work of phone signal booster apps?

In the best-case scenario, such digital solutions usually just optimise the use of the signal and free up storage space or memory, but they don’t improve the signal itself.

Can apps boost a mobile phone signal in the office environment?

No, apps neither impact the strength of the signal nor minimise the interferences in the office setting.

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