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How to Boost a Phone Signal: 4 Useful Tips for Individuals and Businesses

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Mobile communications have almost reached their maximum distribution in the UK. Mobile phone networks are not limited to metropolitan areas anymore: villages, towns, and countrysides, as well as motorways between towns and cities, are all within the network. The coverage area continues to grow to ensure network continuity and allow subscribers to use mobile communications anywhere and anytime.

However, in some rural areas, where mobile transmission stations are far away, you can’t rely on having high-quality mobile communications. Even in big cities, people may wonder how to boost mobile phone signal, as getting a good connection is not always possible because there are too many subscribers or the signal is interrupted by barriers. Whatever the reason, you have to do something about it. That's why we've prepared an article for you explaining how to increase mobile signal strength. Read on!

4 Useful Tips to Boost a Phone Signal Indoors

Forcibly switch to “2G only” mode

Forcibly switch to “2G only” mode and try calling. You may have to reboot your smartphone, as smartphone modems often “freeze” if the signal is weak. Forcing the modem to disable other frequencies will relieve it from constant “roving” in the network and may boost phone reception. If the nearest mobile mast does not support 2G, set “3G/WCDMA only”.

Remove obstacles

The most common cause of a poor phone signal is obstructions. Make sure there are no obstacles between your smartphone and the tower (hills, particularly dense forests, crowds of citizens with mobile phones, some thick walls, etc.). They can screen the signal. It is better to be in an open space if possible. Stay close to a window or go to the upper floors to boost mobile signal strength.

Remove the case

Don’t block the antenna in the phone with cases or other accessories. If your case contains metal inserts/elements designed to reinforce your smartphone's protection, it may affect the phone’s capabilities to receive 3G or Wi-Fi signals. Do a little experiment: test your internet speed with and without the case. If the results differ, your case is blocking more than just damage.

In the event of a poor signal, remove the case from the smartphone and make a call. It may help, even if it will only boost mobile phone signal by 0.001%.

Signal Booster

Here is how to boost the phone signal in the building in the most fool-proof way. Instal a signal amplification system to get a strong signal! This system is designed to amplify the incoming mobile operator's signal without changing the signal type itself.

The principle of operation of such a system is quite simple. The external antenna catches the mobile operator's signal and transmits it through a coaxial cable to the amplifier. The latter makes the signal stronger and retransmits it through the cable to indoor antennas, which are installed in the building and retransmit the already strong and high-quality signal. 

To instal a receiving antenna, you need to find a place outside the building where the incoming signal from the base station is strongest. The outgoing signal from the internal transmitting antennas should not reach the external receiving antenna.

The internal antenna is mounted indoors and connected to the amplifier's output with a coaxial cable. It is designed to distribute the signal received from the amplifier within the room. Depending on the size of the room, one or more antennas can be used. If the room is small, has no internal partitions, or is made of a material that doesn’t impede the passage of radio waves (wood, plasterboard, etc.), you can get by with one internal antenna. If there are several rooms and they are separated by reinforced concrete ceilings, several antennas should be used. Now you know how to boost the phone signal in the office!

How Can We Help?

If you have connectivity problems and need a reliable signal as quickly as possible, contact UCtel. We supply legal-to-use, cost-effective indoor solutions for boosting mobile signal strength in the UK. We work with Ofcom-compliant products to bring the mobile signal inside buildings. Our turnkey solutions include everything from design, supply, and installation, up to ongoing support and maintenance.

We work in sectors ranging from healthcare to agriculture, construction, retail, and warehousing. It’s a great opportunity to boost the mobile signal for the business via cutting-edge technology. We know how to get a better phone signal and we will be pleased to help you.

But actions speak louder than words. Here’s what we’ve managed to achieve with one of our clients:

Connecting NHS buildings with strong mobile network coverage

An NHS trust in the UK was experiencing connection stability issues. The two hospitals wondered how to boost the mobile signal to facilitate communication with patients and relatives during the outbreak of COVID-19. We analysed the situation and worked out the possible solutions. All in all, we needed to ensure:

  • Accessing digital patient records on tablets and mobile phones;
  • Communication between staff;
  • Communication between patients and their relatives;
  • Organisation and digital planning.

For all these tasks, we opted for the Cel-Fi QUATRA signal boosters. With them, UCtel quickly brought reliable coverage from multiple networks into the premises. Authorised by 200 mobile carriers, Cel-Fi also automatically adjusts to changing network conditions, so the hospitals could rely on network coverage regardless of environmental changes. Connectivity problems have become a nuisance of the past for both hospitals. 

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Final Thoughts

If you are in a place where mobile phone service is almost non-existent, there are dropped phone calls and data sessions, or the mobile network goes down, a signal booster is your only answer. You can achieve good signal quality for both voice and data with it. It is the only option in most cases when there is no operator network or poor coverage in remote locations.

You can get comprehensive advice on antennas, amplifiers, and methods of improving mobile communications in problematic areas from UCtel. We will help you choose and buy equipment for strengthening mobile communications and take the hassle out of installing, configuring, and maintaining the system. Contact us, we will gladly help you to always stay in touch! 

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Why is my phone signal so bad in the office?

In urban conditions, this may be due to the location of the building, its design features, wall materials, floors, various kinds of external barriers to the passage of radio waves, and the proximity of base stations.

What causes a poor mobile phone signal?

Sites far away from base stations (manufacturing facilities, warehouses, petrol stations between cities, etc.) typically have a poor connection. The main reasons for it are long distances to transmitting towers, terrain, natural obstacles such as dense forest plantations, constructions, etc.

How do I boost the phone signal in my office?

Managers usually wonder how to improve phone connectivity in their office buildings to improve performance. There is a good deal of advice on how to boost the phone signal in the office, but the only proven way is installing a signal booster. You can use it to extend the barely existent signal and spread it around the building with internal antennas, providing a stable and high-quality connection wherever needed.

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