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How to Improve a Mobile Network Signal

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With more than half of the world’s population owning and using a mobile phone, the quality of a cellular signal becomes crucial. Whether you are in the middle of an important discussion with a client or simply chatting with a friend, having a reliable signal makes a huge difference in the quality of the conversation. We have collected the top ten ways to improve a mobile phone signal and enjoy stable reception.

10 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Phone Signal

Does moving around your apartment actually help to improve mobile phone signal? Or should you just recharge the device to get a stable connection? Let’s explore the top tips on how to improve a phone signal.

Replace Your SIM

After using your SIM card for a few years, it might get outdated and not be able to connect to the latest network systems. Begin by removing your SIM card and simply cleaning it with a disinfectant or some alcohol. If you are still experiencing a weak signal, contact your mobile network provider and ask for a SIM card replacement. Most likely, they will simply send you a new one without any problems. 

Change the Network Mode

Some modern phones automatically select the 5G network mode because it is the latest and most advanced one. However, sometimes it does the opposite of what it intends to do and makes the signal weaker. For example, the 5G tower is much further away from you than a 4G one, so by trying to connect to the former, the phone actually worsens the reception. Try to toggle between different network modes to compare the quality of your calls. 

Try Femtocells

Femtocells are low-power case stations that convert your internet connection into phone signals. Mostly in offices or at home, femtocells connect to your service provider’s network via DSL or a cable and allow users to get a better signal indoors. Especially if network accessibility is poor in your location, femtocells are a great option to improve a phone signal. 

Charge Your Phone

Your mobile device uses the battery when it tries to connect to the cell tower. When your battery runs low, the phone will struggle to locate the signal resulting in a poor connection. Try turning off Bluetooth and NFC, lower the brightness, and close all the background applications. Finally, charge your phone and enjoy better mobile phone reception. 

Change Your Grip

Modern phones have their antennas placed inside them which creates an appealing look and feel. However, since the antenna is not visible anymore, you might inadvertently block the signal with your hand. Try to hold it in the upright position using two fingers and minimal pressure. If the signal stays weak, hold the phone from the bottom using your fingertips. Alternatively, use headphones or Bluetooth hands-free and see if you can spot the difference. 

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Avoid Crowds

When you are surrounded by people, the chances of them also using their cellular signals are high. In crowded places like public transport, concerts, packed restaurants, etc., the phones will be competing to connect to the nearest cell tower. As a result, the tower gets overwhelmed with the load and stops properly functioning. If you need to make a call, leave the crowded area and find a secluded place. 

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Move Your Mobile Phone Higher

The lower you are, the more obstructions your phone is going to face when locating a signal. Move up several floors or go outside to avoid thick walls and receive a stronger signal. If you are out enjoying nature, consider going up a hill or climbing a tree to enable your phone to connect to a cell tower. Sometimes even moving closer to a window can do wonders and provide you with a clearer reception. 

Check out Wi-Fi Calling

Check your phone settings and see if it supports the Wi-Fi calling feature. It allows users to send messages and make calls through a Wi-Fi connection. If the Wi-Fi is stable and strong, connecting to it will dramatically improve a mobile signal. 

Switch Carriers

This option to improve mobile signal strength is the last resort in case the above-mentioned tips did not pan out. Be cautious about changing your mobile network carrier before trying other methods since it might be one of the other problems. In this case, switching carriers will not help and only cause frustration. Ask your roommates and neighbours whether they are happy with their carrier and consider switching to their provider if they find it satisfactory. 

Try a Signal Booster

Signal boosters amplify the signal and broadcast a significantly stronger reception. There are two types of signal boosters: static one for your house and office and an in-vehicle one for your car. The former is installed inside your house or office and allows you to talk anywhere in the building without having to avoid dead zones. The in-vehicle booster is installed inside your car or any other vehicle and improves your mobile signal when driving. 

Our Projects

UCtel has extensive experience with improving mobile signals for various companies and organisations. Take a look at one of our case studies that demonstrate the performance of our signal booster software:

The UK National Health Service

Northwick Park Hospital and Central Middlesex Hospital have faced the growing need for a stronger signal on their premises. During the pandemic, patients switched to using mobile phones to connect to their physicians to avoid going outside. To provide high-quality healthcare, the NHS decided it was vital to find a good solution to this problem and ensure stable reception. 

  • The challenge

According to an NHS survey, 82% of hospital workers report having weak reception. Hospitals and clinics are mostly made of brick, glass, and metal, which block the signal and worsen the quality of calls. Although Wi-Fi connection can partially fix the problem, the number of dead zones inside these buildings does not make it the perfect solution. 

  • The solution 

Especially amid the pandemic, the availability of a stable and strong mobile signal became imperative. We installed Cel-Fi QUATRA signal boosters created by our team of engineers and ensured reliable signals across networks throughout the entire premises. 

Final Thoughts

If you are experiencing weak connections and constantly searching for the best signal around your house or office, consider getting a signal booster. Our team at UCtel has implemented a signal improving solution across different buildings. We can help you install boosters that are legal to use in the UK and enhance the quality of your calls and messages. To learn more about how to improve mobile signal strength, contact us and get a free consultation. 

Still have questions

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How can I improve the mobile signal at my house or office?

First, try to move up a floor or change your grip as you might be blocking the signal. Check if your phone has Wi-Fi calling and clean your SIM card. If these options do not work and you would like to improve your signal, even more, take a look at static signal boosters.

Where can I get a signal booster in the UK?

UCtel is a UK company that produces and installs signal boosters across the UK. Get in touch with our team of professionals to learn more about how to improve a mobile network signal.

How can I improve the mobile phone signal inside my car?

In-vehicle signal boosters are installed inside your vehicle and improve the quality of your calls, even in a moving car.

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