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Don’t play Bingo with your mobile connectivity: invest in Cel-Fi

For CEOs and tech decision-makers, dealing with mobile connectivity issues at work can feel like playing a game of ‘Connectivity Bingo’. Poor voice quality? Tick. Dropped calls? Cross it off. Slow browsing speeds? Another tick and - that’s bingo!

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Unlike the excitement of winning in the bingo hall, emerging victorious in this particular game can leave businesses at risk. More than that, these issues can result in lost clients, poor communication and excruciating team collaborations. When your connection wobbles or cuts out completely, it’s likely that your business will head in the same direction.

How can businesses go through the day with an unmarked bingo card? Simple: by using Cel-Fi technology to bring outdoor mobile signal indoors, optimising mobile connectivity, eliminating dead zones and ensuring staff and visitors stay connected. Let’s take a look at some of the main issues caused by poor in-building mobile connectivity and ask how Cel-Fi could help.

Dropped calls? BINGO - Cel-Fi gives you strong and reliable mobile connectivity

We’ve all experienced the pain of a dropped phone call. A recent study found that nearly 30 million UK mobile users suffer in-home signal problems – a shocking figure given that millions have been working at home since last year.

However, when your office or manufacturing facility experiences signal problems, it can be even more problematic and demeaning. According to the Building Connections: Indoor Mobile Coverage Study, 23% of businesses surveyed said customers and clients had complained about mobile signal at their location, with one in four saying staff had complained as well.

Your phone is not just a direct link to the client. It’s a lifeline for your business: the medium over which deals might be struck, problems might be assuaged and the foundations of important relationships might be forged. When phone calls constantly drop or are interrupted due to poor mobile coverage, your business will inevitably suffer as a result.

However, with a Cel-Fi network installed, this problem ceases to exist. A donor antenna is installed in a location where it can receive the best signal, this signal is amplified, and it is then distributed across the building via a network of coverage units. This approach ensures every phone call is clear and uninterrupted across your entire facility, making internal and external comms a breeze.

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Experiencing ‘dead zones’? BINGO – Cel-Fi provides access across your entire facility

Your mobile coverage might be okay in some areas of your building but non-existent in others. So-called ‘dead zones’ and poor mobile reception, in general, are often the result of the use of certain construction materials, such as fibre-glass insulation, concrete, cement, brick and Low-E glass windows, which block mobile signals and prevent them from penetrating indoors.

Besides hampering business productivity, mobile ‘dead zones’ can also cause potential safety and security concerns. Look at hospitals, where bedbound patients need a stable connection to contact relatives or browse the internet, while staff need phone access to contact colleagues quickly and evacuate safely if necessary. The immense size of many UK hospitals and the materials they are built from often make mobile phone signal a problem. That’s why UCtel is proud to have worked with an NHS Trust to boost connectivity across several of its buildings.

Indoor mobile coverage is crucial, but changing the construction materials/layout of your facility to improve signal penetration is time-consuming and costly. On the other hand, Cel-Fi is a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution that can eliminate ‘dead zones’ and provide reliable mobile coverage across your existing framework.

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Slow browsing speeds? BINGO – boost your mobile internet with Cel-Fi

Poor indoor mobile signal is incredibly detrimental to your business, but it’s not just for phone calls. With 84% of UK adults owning a smartphone in 2020 and Brits spending 2 hours and 34 minutes on their pocket devices every day, offering fast and reliable mobile internet speeds on 3G and 4G networks is an absolute necessity.

As businesses move to a hybrid working model, cloud data sharing and virtual calls rule supreme, and being able to access speedier mobile connectivity will be even more important for visiting clients too busy to scout around for a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Overall, you want to ensure that your premises can offer high mobile internet speeds, uninterrupted mobile calling and zero ‘dead zones’. But you don’t want to spend excess time implementing expensive sub-rate systems that can interfere with mobile operators’ networks.

At UCtel, the answer is obvious: Whether you’re in a warehouse, office, retail unit or hospital, Cel-Fi eliminates dropped calls, keeps your mobile internet connectivity speeds high and doesn’t interfere with other wireless systems.

Play your cards right with Cel-Fi

As you’ve been reading this article, perhaps you’ve noticed some of the issues your workplace struggles with every day. In other words, perhaps you’ve been ticking the following off your own ‘Connectivity Bingo’ list:

  • Poor voice quality
  • Slow browsing speeds
  • Dropped calls
  • Dead zones

Feeling ready to shout that magic word? Failing to get the mobile coverage you need to drive your business forward? Speak to UCtel today. We’ll explain how our market-leading Cel-Fi technologies could revolutionise your business by eliminating dead zones and boosting mobile browsing speeds. Call us on 0333 344 4417 or email to find out more.

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