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How to Improve a Mobile Signal for Patients in the Hospital

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In case, some may wonder — is it necessary to boost a mobile signal for patients? The answer is definitely yes. Hospitals are notorious for bad mobile signals, and with 5,000+ patients being admitted across just eight days in London alone, there is a substantial need for a mobile boosting solution. 

At last count, there were 23,857 COVID-19 patients in UK hospitals, but they are only the tip of the iceberg for the NHS. When you consider the number of inpatients and outpatients visiting hospitals every day for non-COVID related reasons, the strain is difficult to comprehend.

While the NHS reacted to the pandemic at a rate almost considered impossible – with new Nightingale hospitals built within days; a fivefold increase in critical care capacity and 6,000 phone appointments taking place in April alone – one serious problem has since arisen.

Patients visiting hospitals alone.

On the surface, this may seem an insignificant issue when compared to that of the last 10 months. But for people visiting hospitals, having treatment or being admitted overnight, it’s unimaginably difficult and isolating. Particularly when a mobile signal is notoriously bad in hospital buildings…

The need to boost mobile connectivity for patients is more important than ever. People should have an opportunity to stay connected, talk to their families, and have access to the mobile Internet. 

Why Is a Strong Mobile Connection So Important for Patients? 

Those who have been to hospitals know that there is usually a serious signal problem in most buildings. Typically made from materials that impact or block mobile signals, many UK hospitals are guilty of unreliable mobile signals, and their immense size only exacerbates the issue. Regardless of the reason for a visit, mobile device use is critical in hospitals for patients in order to:

Reach out to family and friends to share vital information

Having a strong mobile network for patients is essential, as it allows them to communicate with relatives and keep them updated. It is obvious that family and friends are worried, so there must be an opportunity to give them a call. 

Keep their minds occupied during treatment

Another reason why it is highly important to improve mobile signals for patients is that talking to others can entertain them and distract them from procedures. Communication positively affects their health, decreases stress, and thus helps in recovery. 

Share updates on social media or via messaging services

Most of the time, Wi-Fi is not ideal in hospitals. The signal is weak, or it is too slow to use it properly. Having mobile Internet is essential if you want to send messages to your loved ones or make posts on social media platforms. 

Tackle isolation and anxiety

A sense of isolation is common in hospitals. Patients often spend hours on their own and having a phone gives them a sense of relief. They can call someone they know, which is a great way to improve their mood. 

Use online resources

Also, the bonus of having a strong mobile signal is that patients will get access to different online resources. They can watch movies, study, listen to music, and much more. 

And we’re not just talking about COVID-19 patients. Maternity wards, dialysis centers and chemotherapy units are also full of patients unable to keep in touch with the outside world. One IT staff member in an NHS Renal Department recently told us, ‘Dialysis patients can be sat having their treatment for several hours with bad service.’

To put this into perspective, vulnerable people spend at least four solid hours, three times a week, in one place, without any form of external communication.

Certainly food for thought.

While we’re fully aware of the problem, most healthcare establishments are unaware of a solution. If you’re thinking ‘Why not just use Wi-Fi?’, in-building Wi-Fi networks are often overcrowded and unreliable – causing message delays or preventing access for apps such as WhatsApp. It’s time for a change.

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3 Solutions to Improve Mobile Signals for Patients in the Hospital 

So, what are some effective ways to improve mobile signals for patients? Here are some options to consider. 

1 Solution: Install the Cel-Fi Ofcom license-exempt Mobile Signal Booster

Designed to provide an exceptional coverage footprint for 3G and 4G networks, this easy to install Ofcom-compliant mobile signal booster meets all the UK regulatory requirements and serves simply to provide a solution.

With concern that it could take four years on waiting lists to return to normal, the NHS is in for a further challenging time playing catch up and, as such, so are patients. After setting up Cel-Fi, poor indoor mobile coverage can be defeated indefinitely for every hospital in the UK, such as the NHS Trust we recently worked with. It’s time to deliver an effective, speedy solution, and it’s time to give patients something as simple as reliable mobile connectivity.

2 Solution: Try Different ‘G’ Modes

When the signal is weak, you can try experimenting with switching to different ‘G’ modes on your phone. If your phone runs on 4G, and you cannot make a call, you can switch to using 2G or 3G and there is a possibility that you will catch the signal. While this method may work, it should be viewed as a temporary solution. 

3 Solution: Deal with Physical Obstacles 

Another way you can improve the signal is to remove physical obstacles. If there are a lot of walls between you and the outside, you can try walking up to the nearest window. Also, you may try removing your phone case, as it often hinders the signal. 

How Can We Help

If you deal with the problem of having no signal in the hospital, our company can help you solve these issues quickly and effectively. Here at UCtel, we have years of experience providing connectivity-related solutions for individuals and businesses. 

When there is no mobile phone signal for patients, it becomes difficult to keep in touch with relatives and stay connected with the outside world. For this reason, we offer highly effective CEL-FI solutions that can fix this difficulty in no time. In addition to helping patients, a high-quality signal-boosting solution for hospitals helps medical personnel coordinate their work and make it more efficient, improving treatment outcomes. 

We have already finished a number of large projects and know how to boost mobile signals for patients. For instance, our team has developed a solution for a London office space of 1,000 square meters. We managed to ensure high-quality coverage using several CEL-FI signal-boosting products. Our specialists can look through the plan of a hospital building and come up with the right solution.


The problem of no mobile phone signal for patients is undoubtedly common, but we believe that it doesn’t have to be. Here at UCtel, our team of experts can fix the issue of poor mobile signal in the shortest terms. It is important to entrust this task to professionals so that they ensure that your solution is compliant with all the legal requirements. 

Just give us a call on 0333 344 4417 or email us on to find out more today.


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How do I improve mobile signals for patients in the most effective way?

The most effective way to improve the mobile signal in hospitals is to use specialised signal boosters, such as those made by Cel-Fi. It is possible to pick the right solution for a hospital based on its size and needs.

Are building materials causing poor signal in hospitals?

Yes. Hospitals are often built using concrete, steel, and brick. Also, they use energy-saving windows and have thick walls. As a result, the mobile signal tends to diminish, especially as you walk deeper inside the buildings.

Is using a booster to improve mobile signal for patients legal in the UK?

Yes. At the same time, you should follow all the requirements regarding the use of such devices. The best decision is to contact specialists, so you can be sure that you don’t break the law.

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