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4 Benefits of Mobile Phone Signal Boosters for Hotels

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With the majority of hotels flinging their doors back open, there’s a palpable excitement in the air as lockdown continues to subside and life begins to go back to something resembling normality. However, as domestic travellers across the country prepare for the staycation of a lifetime, are hotels prepared to meet guest expectations for a strong mobile phone signal? If they’re not, mobile signal boosters for hotels can be their salvation.

Why Might Hotels Have Poor Mobile Phone Signal?

There are several reasons why hotels might struggle with low or poor mobile phone signal, resulting in ‘dead zones’ where phone calls are constantly interrupted, drop out, or have terrible voice quality.

Some hotels may be in remote locations with low levels of mobile coverage, but as network expansion projects continue to roll out across the UK, this is changing fast. In fact, it’s much less about where your hotel is but what construction materials are used to build it.

In a previous blog, we discussed the signal difficulties that come from using modern-day construction materials, such as Low-E glass, concrete, and fibreglass insulation. These materials tend to reflect mobile phone signals and prevent them from penetrating inside buildings, creating dead zones.

When around 84% of UK adults now own a smartphone, it’s obvious that travellers will need to use mobile phones for all kinds of activities. Whether your guests are planning their holiday with mobile internet or calling loved ones (or even clients if on a business trip), there are many reasons why your business might need more robust in-building mobile connectivity. Consequently, mobile signal boosters for the hospitality industry become a solution to the existing issue. 

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Benefits of Mobile Phone Signal Boosters for Hotels

Smartphones are a vital part of travel today. In fact, 76% of travellers say their smartphone is the most important travel companion, while 62% of guests would be likely or very likely to check in to a hotel via an app. Unsurprisingly, guests are more satisfied at hotels that are ‘mobile-friendly’. That’s why some hotels now provide their own apps to help increasingly tech-savvy guests access essential local information.

Let’s review the advantages of mobile signal boosters for hotels to know if installing one is a cost-effective decision.

Enhanced Reliability of Backup Operations.

Improving guest experience is one thing, but poor mobile connectivity can also negatively impact safety. Some hotel security and fire alarm systems may rely on mobile backup systems to work properly or alert emergency services in the event of an incident.

In some cases, the poor connection may interfere with sending a signal, and no emergency assistance will be provided. It shows that installing mobile phone signal solutions for hotels is essential for the enhanced safety of guests and personnel. 


Enhanced Reliability of Back-of-House Operations.

Meanwhile, back-of-house operations, such as payment using mobile devices, effective employee communications, and guest services are all affected by poor in-building connectivity. For example, clients using the Google Pay system may have difficulty conducting transactions. That may also deteriorate their experience of staying in your hotel. 

So, among the benefits of mobile signal boosters for hotels is minimising the probability of back-of-house and backup operations failure.


Complement Wi-Fi

At UCtel, we’re excited to see how hotels evolve with the introduction of smart technologies. The rise of the Internet of Things is creating a wide array of possibilities for hotels, from easy contactless check-in and digital keys to temperature controls and even digital concierge platforms. However, if hotels are unable to even provide a consistent level of mobile connectivity across their rooms and facilities, guests aren’t going to trust they can offer these new experiences.

You may be asking: why is Wi-Fi not enough to meet guest and staff’s connectivity requirements? Depending on how you provide Wi-Fi (particularly if you use a pay-as-you-go model), you’ll usually create an additional step for guests as they enter the premises, leading to frustration when they are already in a rush to get online.

As travellers attempt to reap the benefits of an increasingly digital era, hotels must ensure they have a seamless route to mobile internet. So, the benefits of using mobile signal boosters for hotels include ensuring the best in-building mobile connectivity possible that complements already existing Wi-Fi solutions.


Faster Internet and Stable Connectivity

In case your hotel’s Wi-Fi fails to perform, for example, because of technical maintenance on a provider’s side, there is no other option for your guests and personnel but to use mobile internet. Unfortunately, even if there is a signal available inside, its speed and reliability may not be sufficient.

Picture a situation when your guest has a vital call but experiences constant delays. The only way to prevent this is to use proper signal solutions for hotels. They will ensure that temporary technical difficulties with your Wi-Fi do not spoil the overall impression from your hotel’s service.


How Can Hotels Boost Their Mobile Phone Signal?

Cel-Fi is a cost-effective and Ofcom-compliant mobile signal booster that brings outdoor signals indoors. Authorised by more than 200 carriers globally and capable of boosting all UK networks, it can support hotels all over the country. Not only is it easy to install and maintain, but it’s also guaranteed to not interfere with existing networks.

As hotel operators get back on their feet, they need to ensure they are welcoming visitors back with open arms, and part of this is ensuring they have the proper connectivity to accommodate today’s phone-led consumers. With Cel-Fi mobile phone signal boosters, hoteliers can boost guest experiences while keeping their staff operations running smoothly. And when guests are having a good time, a positive TripAdvisor review is sure to follow.

Still, you need to find a reliable contractor to perform that sort of work. If approached incorrectly, an installed booster will not impact as expected, and your investment will not pay off. So, ensure that you have chosen a trusted provider of mobile phone signal solutions for hotels.

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Are signal solutions for the hospitality industry affordable?

Yes, although installation costs vary depending on your exact needs, all the expenditures will likely pay for themselves in a short timeframe.

How can I get better reception in a hotel?

The most simple and cost-effective decision is to order signal booster installation for hotels.

Why do hotels have poor connectivity?

Even higher quality hotels are typically isolated from the surrounding with thick walls, deteriorating the signal.

How do hotel owners improve their services with signal boosters?

A reliable mobile connection is a great addition to already existing Wi-Fi solutions, as it ensures seamless switching from one type of Internet access to another.

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