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Mobile signal boosters for vaccination centres

3 Solutions to Boost a Mobile Signal in Vaccination Centres

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With 50 temporary vaccination hubs promising 14 million vaccinations in just under eight weeks, the NHS is in the process of carrying out an operation to be remembered in history. And we can’t help but wonder whether the communication infrastructure present in these centres is at a strong enough stage to ensure the smooth sailing of this monumental project.

Around 50 temporary hubs — think empty sports halls or retail parks — have recently been established across the UK to vaccinate a target of four people a minute — one every 15 seconds, to put it into perspective. 

These establishments will be heavily dependent on reliable broadband and mobile connectivity in order for staff to access and input critical data (patient files, records, etc.) and for patients to digitally keep in touch with loved ones as they navigate the unknown immunisation process.

Yes, at the surface level, rapidly deploying a stable internet and mobile connection to such venues may seem like an unimaginable challenge, but it’s not as intimidating as it seems. A viable solution does exist, and it can be executed quickly, cost-effectively, and with ease — mobile signal boosters for vaccination centres.

Key Reasons to Use Mobile Signal Boosters in Vaccination Centres

Let’s find out what reasons affect the use of mobile network boosters for vaccination centres.

Reason 1: Ensuring the stability of GSM coverage for patients

Since the patients of your vaccination centre will most likely have to wait in line on the spot, it is important to provide them with the most comfortable conditions for their stay. One of them is a stable connection with a mobile operator. In this case, your patients can be distracted by their smartphones and spend this time entertaining themselves by surfing the web or browsing social networks.

Reason 2: Providing seamless GSM coverage for vaccination centre personnel

Another significant factor in the efficient operation of your vaccination centre is uninterrupted mobile communications for your personnel. In particular, a strong mobile signal will eliminate the need for members of your staff to move around the centre physically.

Reason 3: Delivering an effective solution for communication between patients and vaccination centre staff 

Finally, to make transferring a patient from one office to another faster and more efficient, you need to ensure reliable communication with your medical staff. In this case, your vaccination centre personnel will be able to call the right patient and instruct them on the next steps.

3 Solutions to Boost a Mobile Signal in Vaccination Centres

And now, let's find out which boost mobile connection for vaccination centres solutions will be the most effective.

Choosing a building without dead zones

The main reason for the instability or a mobile signal is the location of the building where the vaccination centre is placed. Therefore, if you have a choice, you can try to find one without dead zones.

Redevelopment of the building

Another common solution to the problem of dead zones is the redevelopment of the building. In particular, the absence of a signal can be caused by a large number of concrete floors that are not load-bearing, and therefore, if necessary, they can be demolished.

Installation of mobile signal boosters

Unlike the two previous solutions, installing mobile boosters for vaccination centres is more cost-effective and faster. All you need is to find a supplier who sells certified equipment and provides installation services. In particular, you can contact UCtel with this.

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How Can We Help?

Cel-Fi is a licence-exempt mobile signal booster that works by bringing an outdoor signal inside. Ideal for areas that suffer from low 4G coverage — such as Ashton in Newcastle, where one of the mass sites is located — Ofcom-compliant Cel-Fi can seamlessly bring better call quality and data speeds into any of the sites.

Alternatively, for sites with good 4G coverage, it may be as simple as installing a router into the chosen premises and loading it up with a SIM card, which immediately provides Internet access via 4G and allows devices to connect via Wi-Fi.

If there’s a chance that the 4G coverage is insufficient to support this, Cel-Fi can be installed to boost the 4G performance on the site. This solution not only boosts the 4G signal to the router, but also provides on-site staff and patients with good mobile coverage to remain fully connected via their mobile devices.

If you want to find out more, just give us a call at 0333-344-4417 or email at

Final Thoughts

You can boost a mobile signal for vaccination centres and solve the problem of poor GSM. You should entrust the installation to experts, especially when it comes to large buildings.

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Where can I buy mobile boosters for vaccination centres?

To buy a booster that works effectively and is completely legal, you need to look for certified suppliers. You can contact UCtel, and our experts will provide you with the booster that will match your needs.

What are the main reasons to use a mobile booster?

There are three main reasons to use mobile boosters for vaccination centres:

  • ensuring the stability of GSM coverage for patients;
  • providing seamless GSM coverage for vaccination centre personnel;
  • delivering the effective solution for communication between patients and vaccination centre staff.

What is the cost of mobile booster installation?

Depending on the particular seller, the cost may either be included in the purchase of a kit with boosters or have a separate price. It also depends on the dead zone area and the building layout's complexity.

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