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Mobile signal boosters for vaccination centres

Mobile signal boosters for vaccination centres

With 50 temporary vaccination hubs promising 14 million vaccinations in just under eight weeks, the NHS is in the process of carrying out an operation to be remembered in history. But we can’t help but wonder whether the communication infrastructure present in these centres is at a strong enough stage to ensure the smooth sailing of this monumental project.

Around 50 temporary hubs – think empty sports halls or retail parks – have recently been established across the UK to vaccinate a target of four people a minute; one every 15 seconds to put it into perspective.

These establishments will be heavily dependent on reliable broadband and mobile connectivity in order for staff to access and input critical data (patient files, records etc), and for patients to digitally keep in touch with loved ones as they navigate the unknown immunisation process.

Yes, at surface level, rapidly deploying a stable internet and mobile connection to such venues may seem like an unimaginable challenge, but it’s not as intimidating as it seems. A viable solution does exist, and it’s one that can be executed quickly, cost-effectively and with ease.

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Phone reception boosters: your solution

Cel-Fi is a licensed mobile signal booster that works by bringing outdoor signal, inside. Ideal for areas that suffer from low 4G coverage – such as Ashton in Newcastle where one of the mass sites is located – Ofcom-compliant Cel-Fi can seamlessly bring better call quality and data speeds into any one of the sites.

Alternatively, for sites with good4G coverage, it may be as simple as installing a router into the chosen premises, loading it up with a SIM card which immediately provides Internet access via 4G and allows devices to connect via Wi-Fi.

If there’s a chance that the 4G coverage is insufficient to support this, Cel-Fi can be installed to boost the 4G performance to the site which not only boosts the 4G signal to the router but has the added benefit of providing on-site staff and patients with good mobile coverage to remain fully connected via their mobile devices.

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