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Using Signal Boosters to Fight EE Signal Problems

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EE (also known as Everything Everywhere) is a popular British mobile operator and internet service provider, which today is the largest mobile network in the UK in terms of total subscribers.

According to the 2021 data, EE mobile network is the most used provider in the United Kingdom, accounting for 22% of mobile network communications. EE also invariably receives high scores in customer satisfaction surveys. So, in 2021, 92% of surveyed mobile subscribers reported that they were satisfied or even very satisfied with the service.

However, the operator sometimes has mobile signal issues and is faced with limited mobile network coverage conditions. And the most important thing is that regardless of the reason for the bad reception or signal, EE allows us to always stay in touch.

In this article, we will talk about the EE mobile network provider, consider the causes of a weak EE mobile signal, and, most importantly, offer an effective solution to the EE signal coverage problems.

About EE Mobile Network

The mobile network company was the result of the merger between Orange and T-Mobile in 2010, and many subscribers of both these networks have become EE consumers. At first, the company was called Everything Everywhere, and from the very beginning of its history was focused on the development of 4G networks. Since 2016, EE mobile network has been a brand within the BT Group.

So, although the EE brand was created in 2010, its base and infrastructure were taken from former major European industry flagships with a long presence in the UK market. However, it took a lot of time and effort for all products and services to migrate to EE.

Today, telecommunications provider EE is the largest British mobile operator and internet service provider, has the most subscribers in the UK, provides an ultra-fast mobile network and offers the best communication services on the market. 

However, there are times when even the best network operators cannot provide a stable network connection. And if you’re experiencing internet outages or call drops, it’s an EE signal issue.

Causes of a Weak EE Mobile Network Signal

Various problems can affect signal connection and reception quality. Let’s find out those that EE users today encounter most often.

The building you are in

Keep in mind that where you are directly affects your mobile connection. So, staying, for example, in the basement with thick walls or other places with problematic network access can cause interruptions in the Internet and call failures.

These EE signal strength problems are explained by the poor decoupling of the transmitted and received signals. The reasons for this may be thick floors, remoteness from the station, the absence of openings and technological holes, the presence of obstacles in the signal path (commercial buildings, residential buildings, trees, etc.), the quality of insulating materials, and much more.

Your location

The quality of the network connection greatly depends on the area in which you are located. This is another reason for EE phone signal problems today. Thus, in such locations as mountains, foothills, valleys or tunnels, mobile communications may work unsteadily or disappear altogether. These EE mobile signal problems occur because the coverage areas of cellular networks are not designed to cover such territories.

So, communication is provided only in the zone of direct mobile network coverage and in areas with a direct line of sight to the base stations.

Distance from a mobile mast

Being far from a cell tower is a common cause of EE mobile phone signal problems. A mobile mast directly affects the quality of the signal and reception, so telephone communication is only possible in areas where cellular networks are close. Cellular stations located at a certain distance from each other are used to distribute mobile radio communications. Ideally, the coverage areas of each of them should slightly overlap with neighbouring ones. The mobile device, leaving the coverage area of ​​one station, automatically switches to another. However, there are a lot of issues that can significantly reduce the quality of communication and cause ​​network problems.

In places with mass congestion of mobile devices, the station is often overloaded and automatically switches devices to the freer but remote transmitters. In addition, the distance between stations may be too large. This happens in sparsely populated areas and is typically felt by the owners of country houses. Another reason for signal problems with EE is obstacles in the way of the signal from the tower, for example, concrete or brick buildings, hills, dense forest plantings. Such an issue with signal and reception in the UK can be encountered even in a flat.

Your phone’s antenna

Last but not least, the element responsible for the perception of the signal and which can potentially cause EE phone signal problems is the antenna of your mobile device. So, fixing it can help improve and enhance the reception signal.

The first thing to check is the case of your device. If it contains metal parts, this can easily cause poor reception. In addition, even blocking the antenna with your hand can cause a weak signal. Holding the mobile tightly with the palm of your hand, you can block the built-in antenna, which leads to problems with the EE signal.

So, if the connection quality does not change due to a change in location and its level is the same outdoors and indoors, then the reason for EE signal problems may be in the mobile phone.

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Signal Boosters—Solving the Problem of a Weak EE Network Signal

The simplest and most common tips to improve a weak network and fix EE signal problems are signal matching in your home, switching to 2G, resetting network settings and reinstalling the SIM card. However, we must admit that today all of the above is no longer a problem and therefore is not a solution.

We have a reliable and efficient solution that will offer you a stable and powerful connection anytime and anywhere. This is the mobile signal booster.

Installing an EE mobile phone signal booster will improve the signal strength, allow you to make calls without obstacles, and provide high-speed Internet wherever you are.

How does it work? Very simple. Boosters must be efficiently placed and installed for high speed and quality of communication, as well as for advanced mobile network coverage. Their essence lies in amplifying existing signals through antennas and retransmitting them with greater strength.

Installing a mobile signal booster is the best option to get a faster connection, quality signal, and a stable EE network.

How Can We Help?

UCtel is an advanced and market-leading British provider of unified communications and contact centre solutions to enterprises around the world. The company offers powerful and reliable mobile communication solutions and next-generation technologies that keep you connected anytime and anywhere. UCtel provides an opportunity to implement advanced digital technologies, improve signals and connections, and always stay in touch.

The company specialises in installing EE network signal enhancement systems. UCtel provides services for the development of solutions to improve the mobile signal for businesses around the world. One of the prominent cases is the London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust (Northwick Park and Central Middlesex Hospitals). The company has provided hospitals with absolute mobile coverage in all necessary areas, guaranteeing permanent coverage and prompt resolution of any incidents or changes.

If you are also looking for a stable and reliable solution, check out the EE signal booster by UCtel. The company has many years of experience installing boosters even in the most hard-to-reach areas and locations. Stop all your network troubles forever with UCtel.

Contact our specialists and solve all network problems and EE signal issues. Getting uninterrupted and high-quality communications is easy. 

Final Thoughts

Although EE mobile operator and internet service provider offers the most stable network connection and is the undisputed market leader in the UK, it also faces cellular signal issues and limited mobile network coverage conditions.

However, EE allows you to always stay in touch. Whatever the reasons for a weak signal, there is always a solution: the installation of a mobile signal booster by UCtel. Contact us and solve all problems with mobile communications once and forever.


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What can cause EE signal problems in my area?

No matter where you are, signal and reception problems can hit you. Most often they are caused by the building you are in (the basement with thick walls or other places with problematic network access), remoteness from the station, the absence of openings and technological holes, the presence of obstacles in the signal path (concrete or brick buildings, hills, dense forest plantings, etc.), the quality of insulating materials, your location (mountains, foothills, valleys or tunnels), a large distance from a mobile mast, or problems with your phone’s antenna.

What are the options to get a better signal on EE?

To improve your cellular connection and boost your mobile signal, you can try matching signals at your home, switching to 2G, resetting your network settings or reinstalling your SIM card. However, the best possible and most effective solution is to install the EE mobile phone signal booster.

What are the features and benefits of EE signal boosters?

EE signal boosters are the best solution for a faster connection and high-quality EE network. They offer permanent, stable and reliable connection regardless of location and other factors. Boosters improve the signal strength, provide high-speed Internet, and offer unhindered calls. They strengthen existing signals through antennas and retransmit them with more power.

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