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Using Signal Boosters to Fight O2 Problems with Signal

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A poor mobile signal can cost you a potential client, a lucrative job offer and a night out with friends. Especially if you reside in remote areas or so-called “dead zones,” you might experience a bad O2 signal quite often. Despite being one of the largest mobile service providers in the United Kingdom, even they sometimes fail to transmit a perfect signal to everyone in the country. In this article, we will dive into the most common reasons for a weak mobile signal and suggest a solution from UCtel.

About O2 Mobile Network

O2 UK (legally incorporated as Telefónica UK Limited) is a British telecommunications service provider with over 31 million subscribers. According to Statista, more than 90% of their user base is fairly or very satisfied with the services, and the number of subscribers steadily grows from year to year. O2 allows access to 2G, 3G, 4G, and even the latest 5G networks across the UK. 

Why is My O2 Signal So Bad?

Even though O2 UK generally provides good services and user experience surveys are the proof, sometimes you might experience O2 reception issues. What is the origin of signal problems and is there a way to fix them?

Your phone is malfunctioning

Sometimes, your phone settings might change for no reason, and you will suddenly have no O2 network. Open your settings and make sure your phone isn't in aeroplane mode and that mobile data is activated. Also, check whether data and time settings correspond to your timezone, as even small things like that can cause glitches. If none of these measures improved the signal, try to restart your device and take a look at your SIM card. Sometimes, it might get damaged or misplaced, resulting in O2 service issues. 

The coverage in your area is weak

The reason for O2 coverage problems can be a large distance from your location to the nearest mobile mast. You can try to toggle between 3G, 4G, and 5G in your settings to check which network works better. Even though 5G is technically faster, the signal will be worse if the corresponding mast is farther away from your location than a 4G mast. Alternatively, high traffic might temporarily affect the quality of the calls and messages on holidays and other important events. You may want to leave a crowded place to avoid traffic or simply wait till the holiday is over to make your calls. 

Your building’s materials are blocking the signal

Building materials are one of the most common reasons for O2 mobile network problems. E-glass, metal, concrete, and bricks are known for causing interruptions, obstructing phone signals, and decreasing the quality of communication. To various degrees, most modern materials used in construction will hinder your signal. Placing your work desk near a window or making calls outside can improve your O2 connection. 

There are temporary structures around

If your signal used to be reliable and became scarce out of nowhere, it might be due to temporary structures nearby. For example, if your office building is undergoing construction, there might be structures like cranes or scaffolding around it that block the signal. On top of that, construction equipment can add to the O2 data problem and cause further interference to the signal. If possible, leave the renovated building and make your calls elsewhere for the time being. 

Weather conditions

When you hear about weather conditions causing an O2 network issue, you probably imagine a thunderstorm, lightning, heavy rain, or other extreme situations. In reality, even a cloudy or snowy day can affect your signal strength and availability. Mobile phones utilise electromagnetic waves, so even slightly worse weather conditions can cause delays, interruptions, and inconsistencies in your signal. Sometimes solar flares impact signal stability and lead to you having no O2 service. 

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Signal Boosters—Solving O2 Reception Issues

If trying out our tricks did not bring overwhelming results and the signal quality is far from ideal, consider installing a signal booster. The device consists of four main parts: an outdoor and indoor antenna, amplifier, and cables. The outdoor antenna is commonly installed on the rooftop or any other outdoor area with little to no obstruction. The indoor antenna is placed in the building to transmit the signal to the devices. The amplifier catches the signal from the outdoor antenna, amplifies it, and transmits it to your phone. As a result, your signal gets faster, more stable, and reliable at home or in the office without having to think about why you have no O2 signal. 

How Can We Help?

UCtel is a mobile signal solution company that can help you tackle your O2 signal issues. Our mobile network specialists team will ensure that your business or private house will receive a stable and strong signal throughout the day. Having earned trust from the NHS, we are certain that our services deliver good quality and significantly improve the mobile signal. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHS faced increasing communication problems within the organisation. The hospitals are usually quite vast, leading to a few dead zones where the signal becomes completely unavailable. Communication between staff, patients, and their relatives is essential in medical institutions, and the lack thereof can cause serious issues. And with 82% of medical staff reporting an unstable and poor signal within the hospital premises, the problem had to be tackled.

UCtel installed Cel-Fi signal boosters, which turned dead zones into locations with a consistent and strong mobile signal. Now the hospital workers have access to a reliable network and can react to emergencies a lot quicker and increase patient satisfaction in general. 

Final Thoughts

Not only important institutions like hospitals require a stable mobile signal connection. If your O2 mobile network is not available on a regular basis, it can also affect your business. Constantly dealing with a weak signal is not worth losing valuable opportunities over. Get in touch with UCtel to discuss your options and equip your office with signal boosters.


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What is O2?

O2 is a British mobile network company that delivers one of the best services in the UK, with over 30 million users.

Why is my O2 signal gone?

There are a few reasons for having no O2 phone signal. Your phone might have the wrong settings, trying to connect to a mobile mast further away. The lack of signal might also be due to building materials obstructing the signal, such as metal, concrete, brick, etc.

How can I improve my O2 signal?

Sometimes you can improve your signal by moving towards a window or door or simply going outside. Another way is to check the settings in your phone to ensure you are connected and mobile data is activated. However, acquiring a signal booster is an error-proof way to drastically enhance the quality of your mobile signal forever.

Why am I having problems with the O2 network?

If you have a poor or no O2 signal, check the weather conditions because poor weather can affect the quality of the signal. Having temporary structures nearby like scaffolding or construction equipment can also impact your connection. Finally, your O2 problems with the signal may be attributed to heavy mobile traffic on that day. All of these issues can be resolved by installing a signal booster.

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