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Using Signal Boosters to Fight Tesco Mobile Signal Issues

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Every mobile network user has experienced connection issues at least a few times in their life. It is no surprise that thousands of business owners are looking for ways to address Tesco Mobile phone signal problems. This particular network sometimes causes issues that are highly undesirable when it comes to smooth customer experience and employee efficiency. 

Let’s dive deeper into the reasons for insufficient phone coverage when using Tesco Mobile services and other problems associated with this network. We have a reliable way to address all the issues detailed at the end of the post. 

About Tesco Mobile Network

Tesco Mobile is a mobile network provider that employs the net of phone masts known as “O2” to deliver its services. It is one of the largest networks in the UK. Most of the population living in the regions all across the UK highly rely on O2. 

The estimated maximum download speed is 10 Mb/s for 4G services, 1 Mb/s for 3G services, and 59 Kb/s for 2G services. It is worth mentioning that such speeds can be achieved only in perfect weather and location conditions, i.e., standing under a phone mast on a clear, sunny day. Normally, the actual connection speed is two or even three times lower, adding to Tesco Mobile phone signal issues. 

Why is My Tesco Mobile Signal So Poor?

Before proceeding to the actual solution, let’s take a look at the major reasons why Tesco Mobile may not be working.

Low Signal Reach

Your company’s office, warehouse, or manufacturing premises may be located fairly far from the nearest mobile mast. This may be exactly why the overall quality of signal and the reliability of mobile network connection may deteriorate. Unfortunately, this problem can hardly be resolved without using a signal boosting solution.

Bad Weather Conditions

Tesco Mobile issues can be caused by heavy snow, rain, cold temperatures, strong winds, dust storms, and other bad weather conditions. An especially prevalent issue is the signal loss during rains in the UK. 

Probably, this issue requires a more technical explanation. The thing is that radio waves or electromagnetic radiation can be easily impacted by, for one, water drops in the air. Excessive humidity instantly results in losing a portion of signal strength during its transfer. That’s why the connection may temporarily get lost. In the worst-case scenario, the lack of signal causes a call drop.

Signal-Blocking Obstacles

Among other potential causes of problems with the Tesco network, there are various obstacles that prevent a major portion of electromagnetic radiation from reaching the indoor premises and offices. Good examples of obstructive materials are metal, glass, and concrete. Unfortunately, most modern buildings are made of those.

Things get worse when a premise is separated from the outdoors with more than one wall. Thick walls and a number of them placed between the signal source and the signal receiver impact connection quality significantly. 

Phone Masts Switching

A less obvious but still extremely impactful issue is switching between mobile masts. It happens while a signal receiver is at a roughly equal distance from two phone masts simultaneously. Temporary fluctuations in the strength of signals from both masts make a receiver automatically switch to grant it the most optimal connection speed. As a result, the signal may fully drop while the device switches phone masts.

Some devices support a connection lock with a single phone mast. But it is an exception, and your employees will likely struggle with switching phone masts if their office is located between two or more of them.

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Signal Boosters—Solving Tesco Mobile Network Issues

The most simple and effective method to address Tesco Mobile network problems is to install a signal booster.

  1. Signal reception via an outdoor antenna. An external antenna is installed and pointed in a way it can effectively capture the signal from the nearest phone mast. 
  2. Processing signal via an amplifier. Then, the signal is transferred to the installed indoor amplifier via wires. 
  3. Broadcasting the signal. The internal antenna receives the enhanced signal from an amplifier and redistributes it across the area. 

And here are the core advantages of having a signal booster installed:

  • Increase the Internet speed. In the highly digitalised world, we have to access the web at a stable speed and can download and upload large files daily. Having a signal booster ensures stable network connection at higher signal consumption and heavier network loads.
  • Bypass signal blocking building materials. Since the signal is transferred indoors via wires, it does not deteriorate while passing through thick walls and other obstacles, instantly improving connection reliability. 
  • Improve the signal quality. In case your devices are prone to Tesco Mobile poor signal issues, a reliable booster may become a perfect solution. It will reduce delays and lags that frequently happen when, for example, a user has an important conference call. 
  • Widen the signal reception area. If your offices are far from the nearest mobile mast, you will need to increase the reception area of the signal. A booster will keep the mobile connection of all devices stable. 
  • Ensure reliable connection in case of an emergency. In adverse weather conditions, your premises and offices will likely be left without Internet or mobile connections. Having a booster installed ensures that they can always contact emergency services at any important matter. 
  • Create a secondary network. It is essential to have a backup type of mobile and internet connection. If your Wi-Fi malfunctions, a robust secondary mobile network connection will help you live through temporary issues painlessly. 

How Can We Help?

UCtel is a communication solution provider that addresses problems with Tesco Mobile and other mobile networks. We offer our services across multiple regions, helping small to large-scale businesses improve performance and enhance customer experience. 

A concrete example of our communication solutions is a signal booster, which helps to minimise the impact of adverse factors. We install boosters, maintain your communication infrastructure, and more. 

Here, at UCtel, we believe in work, not words. Check our cases to learn more about how we helped our clients address different issues with their mobile network connection.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, issues with the Tesco Mobile network going down are not unheard of for many business owners from the UK. They interfere with normal workflow and deteriorate customer experience. The underlying reasons are mostly bad weather conditions and signal-blocking obstacles. 

However, there are simple but effective ways to address such issues. UCtel offers communication solutions, including signal boosters that can amplify the signal and make the mobile connection more reliable. Contact us and have Tesco Mobile signal problems effectively resolved. 


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Why is my Tesco mobile data not working?

Probably, you are out of the phone signal coverage area, or obstacles block your signal completely.

How can I get a better signal on Tesco mobile?

The most reliable and cost-effective way to strengthen your connection is to install a signal booster.

Why do I have no Tesco Mobile signal?

You may be too far from the nearest phone mast, or, alternatively, bad weather and obstacles deteriorate the signal quality.

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