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Vodafone Signal Coverage Review: Is The Network Good Enough For Commercial Needs?

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Vodafone made history as the first to connect a mobile call in the UK, and it remains a strong contender in the ever-changing market. Its robust networks provide widespread UK coverage. They cater to everyone, offering budget-friendly SIM-only and phone monthly contract plans, including options for tech enthusiasts who hunt for the latest gems.

However, Vodafone isn't the most affordable option and lags behind its competitors in speed. Their reputation was largely shattered when Three's improved 4G and 5G performance moved Vodafone to third place in the UK rankings. People split into two categories: loyal Vodafone users and anti-fans who either connect with a different provider or abandoned Vodafone for some reason. 

Who knows, maybe Vodafone and Three merger with a bold plan of creating the fastest 5G network will succeed. But let’s not go too far and see things as they currently are. 

So, is Vodafone a good network in the UK for your business needs? Decide for yourself after reading the ultimate Vodafone review. 

Extensive 4G and 5G coverage in the UKNot as budget-friendly as some competitors
Offer both SIM-only and phone contractsSpeed may not match competitors like EE
Provides options for budget-conscious usersRecent performance drop in UK rankings
Range of plans for the latest smartphone loversPotential merger uncertainty

Vodafone plans review

Vodafone is among the leading mobile service companies in the United Kingdom. It provides different plans according to each need, so read on regarding their data plans and then make your compatible budget choice.

You can look through all the available plan options in the following table:

PackagesMonthly Fee (30 days)Monthly Fee (12 months)Monthly Fee (24 months)InternetUnlimited TextsUnlimited Minutes
Vodafone Red 60GBnn£1860GB
Vodafone Red 160GBnn£20160GB
Vodafone Unlimited Lite£37£25£22Unlimited (Max 2Mbit/sec)
Vodafone Red 200GBnn£23200GB
Vodafone 65GB plus 4 Xtra benefitsnn£25Unlimited
Vodafone Unlimited£41£29£26Unlimited (Max 10Mbits/sec)
Vodafone Red 200GB with Entertainmentnn£30200GB
Vodafone 250GB plus 4 Xtra benefitsnn£30250GB
Vodafone Unlimited plus 4 Xtra benefitsn£34nUnlimited (Max 10Mbits/sec)
Vodafone Unlimited Max£47£35£25Unlimited
Vodafone Unlimited Max Plus 4 Xtra benefitsn£38£32Unlimited
Vodafone Unlimited with Entertainmentn£36£33Unlimited
Vodafone Unlimited Max plus Entertainmentn£42nUnlimited
Vodafone Unlimited Max with Entertainment plus 4 Xtra benefitsnn£39Unlimited

Is Vodafone any good in terms of plan options? Debatable question. Its most popular plan is Unlimited Max, which gives you unlimited calls, texts, and data for £27 a month — brilliant if you use your phone quite often and don’t like having to worry about using up your minutes or going over your allotted data. It also comes with access to Vodafone’s 5G network so that once this stage of its rollout arrives, when it eventually reaches this point in time, you will be able to enjoy quicker speeds as well as improved coverage.

The Red Extra plan comes with unlimited texts and calls along with 10GB of data for £20 a month—perfect if you just want to be connected. You can add another 500MB of data bolt-on for an extra £5 per month.

Vodafone coverage review

As a dependable UK option for staying connected on the move, Vodafone is an easy choice. People always ask, “Is Vodafone a good network coverage-wise?” Pretty much.

The new Vodafone 5G network stretches across more than 110 towns and cities in the UK with speeds closer to 10 times faster than 4G, allowing users to stream video content, download music as well as keep themselves connected.

If the customers do not need such a lightning speed from 5G, then Vodafone also offers more affordable 4G, 3G, and 2G. 4G is up to five times faster than 3G, which allows one to watch movies without buffering or lagging. The network of Vodafone runs across over 99% of the UK population and can be used on any smartphone with LTE support. 

3G gives customers the ability to make calls as well as send texts at a slower speed than for example 4G. 2G coverage provides basic access to phone calls and texting, while no data or internet needs to be accessed by these types of customers.

Network TypeCoverage by Population
5GMore than 160 locations
4G99% of the country

Vodafone reliability and speed review in 2023

In 2023, Vodafone mobile coverage reviews look compelling. It covers nearly 82% of the whole territory, with an urban solid reach of 99% and rural 80%.

Let’s compare the Vodafone network to its competitors:

NetworkOverall UKUrbanRural

Vodafone customer service review

The satisfaction ratings in the UK indicated the quality of their services, where it was mentioned that 83% of customers will be satisfied with the entire experience across all channels and 95% regarding the online support.

While on hold for long periods of time, others reported that they were not able to get the solutions related to their queries and said it took them two calls to sort out whatever issues they had. Other customers complained about dealing with different people from a customer service department who dealt with them multiple times during each call.

Customer Service MetricVodafone's PerformanceCompared to Industry Norm
Overall service satisfaction92%1% above the norm
Value for money satisfaction83%2% below the norm
Customers with reason to express concern12%3% above the norm
Satisfaction with handling complaints52%1% below the norm
First-contact resolution of complaints42%1% below the norm
Average wait time for calls2 minutes 30 seconds15 seconds slower than the norm
Calls disconnected before agent contact9%1% above the norm

Verdict: Is Vodafone Good for Commercial Needs?

We have compiled a full-fledged Vodafone network review for people looking at whether Vodafone is a good fit for commercial demands. So, does Vodafone have good coverage? The breadth of Vodafone’s network coverage isn't much in doubt: businesses can connect in any setting within both 4G and 5G networks across the UK. While Vodafone offers many kinds of plans for different budget profiles and styles, its offerings may not be as cheaply priced as some of its peers. In addition, recent performance rankings have shown a slide – with Vodafone dropping down to third due to improved 4G and 5G performance from other providers such as Three.

Network speed on Vodafone's part, while generally satisfactory, might not support the extreme speeds offered by competitors like EE. This could be a critical consideration for businesses that suffer a lot with regard to seamless and fast data connectivity. 

When it comes to Vodafone mobile network coverage and customer service reviews, Vodafone gets a mixed bag. Overall satisfaction with the company is reported, but around one-third of customers note concerns about extended hold times; difficulties in getting queries resolved; and multiple interactions between different representatives for services such as call resolution. Somewhat below industry norms are average wait time for calls; disconnections after several attempts on the part of agents before a contract becomes effective.

Not Satisfied With Vodafone’s Mobile Signal? We Got You

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What are the alternatives to Vodafone network?

In the UK, alternatives to Vodafone include EE, O2, and Three. These providers offer diverse plans, reliable coverage, and additional perks, allowing you to select a network that aligns with your preferences.

What benefits does Vodafone offer?

Vodafone offers a range of benefits, including reliable network coverage, various data and calling plans, international roaming options, and access to value-added services like Vodafone Play for entertainment. Vodafone coverage reviews point to the average satisfaction among network users.

Does Vodafone increase its prices every year?

Vodafone occasionally adjusts its prices due to factors like inflation, network improvements, and regulatory changes. However, price increases are not guaranteed annually and are typically communicated to customers in advance.

Is Vodafone a good choice for my company?

That is up to you to decide. Vodafone mobile reviews can help make up your mind. Still, UCtel can offer you a helping hand if you are seeking stable and fast connectivity. Contact us and experience the fastest internet speed right away.

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