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What does private 5G mean for Industry 4.0?

The Role of Private 5G in Industry 4.0

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Did you know it’s been predicted that private 5G connectivity will increase annual UK business revenues by up to £15.7bn by 2025? Well, you might not be surprised when you consider that this next-generation technology allows businesses to seamlessly leverage their digital transformation and adopt AI, IoT, and big data – accelerating them into the digital age in the blink of an eye.

Here, we shine a spotlight on the role of the private 5G network in Industry 4.0. We’ll describe the positive disruption it causes in manufacturing and how it will transform the whole industry in the future.

What Is Industry 4.0?

In a nutshell, Industry 4.0 stands for the fourth industrial revolution. To make it clear, the first industrial revolution brought mechanisation by using the water and steam power, followed by the mass production and electric assembly lines in the second revolution. The third industrial revolution marked a huge industrial upgrade when manufacturing adopted electronics, automation, and IT systems. Being the next stage in industrial progress, the fourth revolution pushes computerisation to yet another level by enhancing it with smart technology and autonomous machine control.  

Industry 4.0 combines the Internet of Things and Internet of Systems technologies, cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, and machine learning to minimise human involvement in the manufacturing processes and create smart factories to increase productivity and improve quality. 

Since Industry 4.0 technologies are good for all types of industrial enterprises, it marks a whole new era in manufacturing and makes a whole lot of new opportunities available, allowing for optimised logistics, more efficient autonomous processes, and advanced robotised solutions.

The Impact and Role of Private 5G in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 heavily relies on a high-tech environment that enables automation, independent computerised systems, and advanced digital networks. This is where the private 5G technology comes into play. 

Impressively high speed, ultra-low latency, and the ultimate application support are the key features of 5G private networks that give them an edge over broadband Wi-Fi connections and make them by far the best match for the Industry 4.0 manufacturing. The benefits private 5G networks bring to boost Industry 4.0 growth and expansion include:

  • Higher security level with a minimised risk of interference and unauthorised access;
  • Efficient control made possible thanks to a high degree of isolation and autonomy;
  • Improved customisation options allowing for personalised digital solutions tailored to your individual manufacturing and business needs;
  • Excellent network coverage with no “blind” zones, connection lags, and interrupting signals.  
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Private 5G Is an Engine of the Manufacturing Revolution

Digitalisation is crucial for the future of UK manufacturing – and by adopting the next generation of transformative digital technologies such as AI; data analytics; autonomous robots; VR; AR; self-monitoring machines and IoT security – innovation will only continue to expand and evolve within the industry. In fact, as this level of digital connectivity is only possible with a high-performing private 5G network, 74% of manufacturing decision-makers are already working towards upgrading their communication networks by the end of 2022, with 84% considering deployment of a private 5G network on their enterprises.

Allowing for increased capacity to support thousands of wireless devices simultaneously, real-time monitoring and greater efficiency, private 5G in Industry 4.0 will change the manufacturing business as we know it. Resulting in lower costs and better margins, increased quality, reduced time to market, and greatly improved delivery times.

Private 5G: the Future of Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution is on the rise and not yet in full steam. While we can already observe early deployments of the private 5G network in Industry 4.0, its potential is not fully released yet. Industry 4.0 still keeps gaining pace and will presumably achieve its peak in about two or three decades. 

In the meantime, manufacturers continue adopting high-tech solutions in different industries, striving to boost productivity and scale up their businesses. In the realm of this tendency, the future of Industry 4.0 is with private 5G networks that make a powerful foundation for more effective manufacturing operations and enable manufacturers to catch up with fast-changing industrial and market environments.      


By and large, private 5G networks and Industry 4.0 initiatives are integral parts of the same global processes, so the meaning of private 5G for Industry 4.0 projects should not be underestimated. Private 5G technology is a moving force behind Industry 4.0 that allows realizing advanced Industry 4.0 concepts and technologies across the industries. 

If you are ready to tiptoe into this technological trend, Uctel will come up with optimal 5 G network solutions to make it an enjoyable journey for you and upscale your business in the best manner possible.  


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How important is the role of private 5G in Industry 4.0?

Private 5G network and Industry 4.0 are part and parcel of a global technological breakthrough that transforms modern manufacturing and commercial business step by step. It would be fair to say that Industry 4.0 progress is kind of dependent on the private 5G technology.

What are the changes in the potential of Industry 4.0 with private 5G?

Private 5G helps unlock the Industry 4.0 potential to the full. A pinnacle of technological endeavour, private 5G technology provides manufacturers and commercial companies with the business optimization and advancement opportunities they have never had before.

How do I set up a private 5G network?

In a word, it’s not a plug-and-play process. It’s about cost and technological background. Today, most companies don’t have the appropriate skill and technological base to do that on their own. It would be more reasonable to hire a professional vendor like Uctel and let experts work out a customised solution for you.

Solve the inadequacies of existing mobile and network capabilities with Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) – a high-performance, end-to-end, secure and simple private wireless network platform that’s simple to install with UCtel. Call us on 0333 344 4417 or email to find out more.

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