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What does private 5G mean for Industry 4.0?

What does private 5G mean for Industry 4.0?

Did you know it’s been predicted that private 5G connectivity will increase annual UK business revenues by up to £15.7bn by 2025? Well, you might not be surprised when you consider that this next-generation technology allows businesses to seamlessly leverage their digital transformation and adopt AI, IoT and big data – accelerating them into the digital age in the blink of an eye.

But that’s not all – because Education 4.0 will also need private 5G to fully align itself with the fourth industrial revolution. Here, we shine a spotlight on how private 5G is causing positive disruption in education and manufacturing and what we can expect to see in the future…

Rethinking the educational paradigm

Students now expect an education experience that reflects the way they live, communicate and learn – one that is driven and enhanced by digital tech. But with many students already immersing themselves in fully accessible and interactive digital content and teachers focusing their efforts on personalised adaptive learning via AI – blending digital and physical interactions – it’s clear that higher education has begun taking its first step into digitisation.

Transforming the future of higher education through advanced technology is no easy feat though, particularly with the limitations of current public networks and Wi-Fi. This is where private 5G comes into its own, providing a connected and collaborative way of working that allows universities to fully align their teaching and processes with technological advancements. And VR is an excellent example of this.

Gone are the days of a ‘chalk and talk’ method, where information was relayed by a teacher at the front of a classroom and students were expected to absorb and remember said facts, equations and quotes. Now, students are at the centre of the education process with advanced technology leading their learning, such as immersive VR, which is already proven to increase retention of facts by up to 70% higher than traditional methods of learning.

Not only that, but private 5G is also allowing R&D initiatives in universities. Yes, while we may think private 5G couldn’t get any better, students across the UK are working hard to take this technology to the next level, while simultaneously developing efficient IoT products that are fully equipped for the future. A future that the manufacturing industry is also taking full advantage of.

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Private 5G: driving the next manufacturing revolution

Digitalisation is crucial for the future of UK manufacturing – and by adopting the next generation of transformative digital technologies such as AI; data analytics; autonomous robots; VR; AR; self-monitoring machines and IoT security – innovation will only continue to expand and evolve within the industry. In fact, as this level of digital connectivity is only possible with a high performing private 5G network, 74% of manufacturing decision-makers are already working towards upgrading their communication networks by the end of 2022, with 84% considering deployment of a private 5G network.

Allowing for increased capacity to support thousands of wireless devices simultaneously, low latency, real-time monitoring and greater efficiency, private 5G will change the manufacturing industry as we know it. Resulting in lower costs and better margins, increased quality, reduced time to market and greatly improved delivery times.

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