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Why Using Ofcom-Compliant Repeaters is the Best Solution

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Poor signal quality is not only frustrating, but can also damage your business and finances. Working with an unstable connection in the office setting can lead to interrupted calls, unsatisfied clients, broken business deals, and more. With the modern customer-centric approach, jeopardizing client relationships can significantly affect your operations and lead to substantial reputational and monetary losses. However, you can remedy your business by installing a mobile signal repeater. Sounds easy enough, but how do you find a signal booster that offers excellent quality and operates within the legal requirements? In this article, we will discuss why acquiring illegal and non licence-exempt mobile repeaters might not be the best idea. 

4 Reasons to Avoid Installing Illegal Mobile Repeaters in the UK 

Ofcom-compliant mobile repeaters are approved by Ofcom — the UK's communications regulator, and provide a stable signal that adheres to standards. Choosing an illegal mobile signal repeater can get you into trouble with the law and worsen the connection in your area. In this section, we will take a look at the harm of using non ofcom compliant mobile repeaters and list a few reasons to opt out of installing an Ofcom licence-exempt signal booster. 

Poor Quality

Unapproved repeaters do not undergo official testing procedures, making them prone to errors and bugs. Without any standards imposed on them, non-licence-exempt repeaters are often unstable, ineffective, or even completely unusable. Investing money in repeaters, especially in the office setting, is not a cheap endeavour, which is why it is highly recommended to go for Ofcom-compliant, license-exempt systems.

Choice of Networks

One of the requirements to be approved by Ofcom is the ability to perform with all major mobile providers, Vodafone, O2, EE, and Three as well as mobile virtual network operators like GiffGaff, Sky Mobile, TalkTalk Mobile, and others. At any time, boosters can be reconfigured to support any large network, which allows for flexibility. Especially if you are looking for a booster to improve signal quality in your office, having the ability to choose between providers and switch to another one at any given time is an enormous advantage. 

Coverage and Usage

Ofcom-compliant mobile signal repeaters offer extended coverage and support 3G, 4G, LTE, and even 5G networks. Opt for an official provider to create the best possible signal for your business or private house. Repeaters can also be used in vehicles like SUVs, trucks, and RVs, as well as in buildings of any size or location. Even large sites that accommodate thousands of people, such as hospitals, shopping malls, and office buildings, can provide stable and smooth mobile connections.

No Interference

Another reason why using illegal mobile repeaters can be harmful is their interference with network services. However, Ofcom ensures that boosters approved by them operate within a certain range that does not impede other signals. Home or office repeaters have a limit of +65 dB, whereas vehicle boosters offer a maximum of +50 dB. These limitations ensure that there is no interruption to official network signals. 

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What Is Wrong with Using Non License-Exempt Mobile Signal Repeaters?

Illegal or non-licence-exempt repeaters use a signal spectrum that interferes with the connection in the area and causes the signal's deterioration for the entire population. Ofcom has a set of requirements to regulate the usage of boosters and make sure they do not harm the signal quality in the area. Ignoring the Ofcom regulations and installing such devices can lead to enormous fines of up to £5,000 and even a year of imprisonment. What tricks people the most is that it is not entirely illegal to sell non license-exempt repeaters, but it is against the law to use them. 

However, as long as the boosting devices do not interfere with the network signal and oblige by the licensing conditions of the mobile operator, they are compliant with Ofcom. The regulator issues the list of boosters that adhere to their standards to help customers navigate the market. 

How Can We Help?

We understand that the topic can be tricky and difficult to figure out on your own. Our experts know which devices are legally boosting the signals and how to utilise them most efficiently. We offer a full set of services, from finding the best legal product to installing and operating it on your premises. Get in touch with our team to learn more about different types of repeaters and find the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for you. 

Final Thoughts

In the abundance of mobile signal boosters online, it can be hard to identify the best product for your case. Although it can be tempting to simply purchase a solution without doing much research, it can be very damaging to you in the long run. The potential punishment for using an illegal device is extremely severe and can ruin your business and reputation. Whether you are looking for a simple device to amplify the signal at your home or for commercial mobile signal solutions for your office, we can help you. To avoid criminal charges and severe financial payouts, reach out to experts from UCtel. No matter how complex the connectivity problems at your location are, we will find the solution that works for you.


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Why can’t I use non license-exempt mobile repeaters?

Non ofcom compliant mobile repeaters are often of poor quality and do not perform efficiently. Additionally, they compromise the signal in the area by amplifying it by too many decibels. Finally, using them is illegal, which can lead to severe consequences.

What will happen if I keep using non licence-exempt mobile repeaters?

Since installing and using non-licence-exempt mobile repeaters is illegal, you can face severe punishments such as a year of imprisonment and £5,000 fines. It is recommended to opt for Ofcom-compliant boosters to avoid unnecessary risks.

What is a non-license-exempt mobile repeater?

Non-license-exempt repeaters are mobile signal boosters that do not comply with Ofcom regulations. The regulations address, for example, by how many decibels devices are allowed to amplify the signal to avoid jeopardising the signal quality in the area.

Are repeaters illegal in the UK?

Mobile repeaters that adhere to Ofcom regulations are legal to purchase and use by private and business parties. However, plenty of illegal boosters are on the market because selling them is not technically prohibited. If you would like to avoid legal troubles, make sure to purchase a device that is approved by Ofcom and complies with their regulations.

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