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Construction sites and the impact of poor mobile signal

Construction sites and the impact of poor mobile signal

All businesses need reliable mobile connectivity, and construction sites are no exception. As a requirement for health and safety, essential for successful operations and crucial for seamless communications, it can make or break the efficiency of a site.

The demand for better connectivity is steadily rising. Now, construction managers want cost-effective, reliable and robust mobile signal to enable efficient exchange of information at all times, and in all indoor locations. That being said, construction sites are notorious for poor indoor signal. There’s no doubt in fact, that every project team on every construction site will have experienced poor mobile coverage – and the frustrations that come with it – particularly when trying to use a phone in the steel walls of a cabin; underground; or even inside a temporary office or modular building.

So, why do constructions site experience poor signal? Reasons can include:

  • Equipment interference
  • Interference from electrical lines
  • Blockage caused by building materials
  • An overloaded local mobile tower

What does it result in?

  1. Frustrated customers and staff
  2. A potential drop in revenue
  3. Serious and dangerous operational deficiencies
  4. Ineffective communication between site teams
  5. Delayed build deadlines and reports
  6. Increased site hazards
  7. Irregular exchange of information on-site

These aren’t the only pain points for sites across the UK…

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Mobile signal: a common afterthought

Everything from office equipment to 3D mapping devices and mobile calls can be negatively impacted by poor signal. This is before we factor in portable or modular buildings, which many sites favor for their faster build process. Generally erected before construction managers consider indoor mobile connectivity, modular buildings are renowned to block out signal entirely – not ideal for sites whose entire operational efficiency pivots around reliable mobile coverage.

Made from construction materials that block mobile signal – such as metal and concrete, with foam-injected wall installation – often the only solution is to completely dismantle what was meant to be a clean, quick and logical construction project.

With Cel-Fi, an all-networks mobile phone signal booster, you can bring the outdoor signal in. Ofcom-approved and legal to use, Cel-Fi brings better voice quality and data speeds to premises large and small – including modular buildings. By assessing where your signal is strongest and weakest, UCtel helps to determine the optimal place for Cel-Fi, eliminating the need for a potentially complex build and installation retrofitting task.

To find out more on how we have delivered seamless mobile connectivity to businesses similar to yours across the UK, call us on 0333 344 4417or email to discover how easy it is to integrate and solve your communication pain points. Stop mobile signal becoming an afterthought on-site – make it part of the plan and keep connectivity high with UCtel.

Contact the team to discover how UCtel can improve your digital connectivity and communications.

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