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How to Boost the 3G Signal Effectively and Legally in the UK

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3G, the 3rd generation of wireless Internet, uses a frequency spectrum from 15 MHz to 20 MHz and is characterised by speeds up to 2 Mbps. An important feature of this standard is that as users move away from one base station, they are “picked up” by another station, which takes over part of the data stream. Due to this, the probability that a wireless connection will be interrupted becomes much less than in GSM, where abrupt switching between base stations is practised. Despite this fact, dead zones still occur in 3G coverage. We will talk about how to boost a 3G network in the UK below.

Main Problems of Bad 3G Signal in Buildings

Let's look at the most common causes of poor 3G signal.

Physical barriers

Perhaps the main reason for an interrupted or weak signal is the physical barriers that prevent the direct transmission of data streams through the radio signal. Note that these are not any physical barriers but mainly concrete walls and other super-dense structures.

Dead zones in coverage

Although, as we wrote above, switching between 3G base stations transmitting a radio signal occurs smoothly, their main location is densely populated areas. In turn, there may be fewer of these stations in the suburbs, and they may not provide continuous coverage like in large cities. Thus, dead zones can form.

Incorrect operation of user devices

Some Internet users may still have devices that are not compatible with the 3G standard—either in hardware or in software (in this case, they can simply change the settings). Then the solution to the problem should be radical—starting from reconfiguring the user device and ending with its complete replacement.

If the cause of a poor or missing 3G signal is one of the first two on the list above, we are ready to fix it! Our indoor 3G signal boosters will help you with this. Read more about how to boost the 3G signal below.

3G Signal Booster Will Effectively and Legally Solve Your Problem

If you want to solve your signal problems, install a legal 3G signal booster. If you wonder how to boost the 3G signal in the UK, read below: 

A 3G signal booster is a system including antennas and signal repeaters. They are used for boosting the 3G mobile network in the office and other areas with dense walls and ceilings. Here are the main advantages of installing such boosters.

  • It’s legal. 3G signal boosters supplied by UCtel are legal and can be used to optimise the coverage of 3G networks of any providers operating on the territory of the UK.
  • It’s predictable in its work. Our 3G boosters have been rigorously tested and are always installed only by professionals. This means you will get uniform coverage with a stable 3G signal throughout the area where you previously had no 3G signal.
  • You will be provided with maintenance. In case of technical problems with our 3G signal boosters, you can receive prompt technical support. Also, you can always contact us for any changes that might be needed to maintain an optimised 3G coverage.
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How Can We Help?

Since 2011, UCtel has been providing leading-edge mobile connectivity solutions for companies in the UK. Our activities are aimed at meeting the most stringent business requirements and we know exactly how to boost the 3G mobile signal.

We provide services to businesses ranging from healthcare to retail, delivering the best possible experience from project to project. Find out more about one of our 3G signal enhancement case studies below.

We were approached by one of the leading investment companies in the UK, which was moving to new offices in London, with a total area of ​​​​about 1,000 square meters. Due to the specifics of the design, the client faced a bad 3G signal at the office (moreover, there was practically no communication on the Vodafone and EE networks indoors). This was the main business requirement—to ensure the stability of the mobile signal for calls.

We analysed the floor plans and came up with two solutions, based on Cel-Fi Solo and based on Cel-Fi QUATRA 1000. After further analysis, we decided to install a system consisting of one Cel-Fi QUATRA Network Unit and four QUATRA Coverage Units per network. This allowed us to provide full coverage throughout the office and utilised structured cabling.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a legal way to boost the 3G network signal. First, we are talking about 3G signal boosters. If you want to solve your signal coverage problem in this way, please contact us!


Find answer below or contact us to ask more about UCtel

Can I boost the 3G signal by myself?

If you ask how to amplify your 3G signal by yourself, you should know that self-made signal boosting kits don’t work with wireless networks of popular providers. That’s why it’s much better to ask professionals.

Is there a legal way to boost the 3G phone signal?

There’s only one way to improve your 3G signal legally—install a 3G signal booster. If you want to buy a certified one, visit our website.

How do I boost the 3G signal?

The only way to improve your 3G mobile signal is to install a 3G signal booster from a trusted hardware vendor. In other cases, you risk spending money and not solving your problem.

Contact the team to discover how UCtel can improve your digital connectivity and communications.

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