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Securing indoor 3G/4G coverage is essential for supporting communication of management team and staff; operational efficiency and connected customers in your warehouse and distribution centre

How To Get Better Mobile Signal In A Warehouse Office or Distribution Centre

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Poor mobile signal can have a significant impact on warehouses and distribution centres, affecting productivity, field agents, sales, and operations. But it is possible to solve signal problems and improve mobile signal strength in your storage facility.

For most warehouses and distribution centres across the UK, Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, particularly for those in retail and eCommerce. In fact, with most offline shops still closed in November, Black Friday and Cyber Monday collectively boosted sales by £6.2bn, putting extra pressure on warehouse and distribution centre staff.

With industry revenue expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 1.8% over the next five years, it’s never been so important for storage centres to create more efficient operations throughout the business. One of the most obvious areas for improvement would be resolving any issues with connectivity to streamline your processes and establish consistent and reliable communication between units. 

Therefore, we invite you to learn about the reasons for poor connection and how to get a better mobile signal in a warehouse office to improve performance and make your job easier. 

Causes of Poor Mobile Signal in Warehouse Offices and Distribution Centres

A lack of mobile signal is a frustrating problem that negatively affects employee work and coordination. Some of the main reasons for the connectivity issues in distribution centres and warehouses include: 

Building materials 

One of the top reasons for the bad connection is the materials used in the construction of warehouses. The materials that disrupt the signal include brick, concrete, metal, plasterboard, fibreglass insulation, and others. 

Spaces located underground

If your warehouse has some underground space, it is only natural that you will experience poor mobile connection in such areas. Even being located in the highlands can cause this issue. 

Not enough towers in the area

It is common for warehouses to be located in remote areas, so there may not be enough towers close to your location to provide a better signal. 

Obstructions and Interference

Physical obstacles are another reason for the weak mobile signal. The most common are large machines, high storage racks, nearby buildings, or natural features such as hills or trees. Identifying and removing these obstacles is critical to improving your mobile signal. However, all you can do is move heavy equipment or rearrange your workspace to avoid dead zones and improve signal strength. In all other cases, you will need specialised equipment to overcome this issue.

Network Congestion

Finally, network congestion can contribute to a weak signal. When many people within your warehouse or storage simultaneously try to connect to the same cell tower, the network can become congested. This leads to a decrease in the data transfer rate and a deterioration in the quality of communication. With such a problem usually happening on big holidays, it can increase your workload in this critical time and be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

In most cases, it will be only possible to improve a bad mobile signal in a warehouse caused by these issues using specialised equipment. Our UCtel team can help you solve signal problems by finding the right booster solutions for your case. 

Contact the team to discover how UCtel can improve your digital connectivity and communications. Get started

Is It Important to Improve a Mobile Signal in a Warehouse or Distribution Centre?

Over 13.5 million sq. ft of warehouse space was leased in the UK during the third quarter of 2020, up by 73% in the same period in 2019. In the wake of COVID-19, many warehouses continue to witness the increase in their capacity. The sector faces many challenges, from higher inventory and demand to additional space for social distancing. And while this extra capacity may be spread over smaller or more decentralised warehouses, these spaces will still need excellent communications to function to the full extent. To achieve the best results in your field, you need to boost a mobile signal in a warehouse, and it is something you shouldn’t underestimate. 

Better productivity 

As of 2018, a yearly average of 188,000 individuals were employed by warehouse and storage facilities in the UK, which is only set to rise since the recent surge in eCommerce demand and omnichannel distribution. With many of these workers now relying on voice and data services, but spread out across large areas, reliable and stable mobile connectivity is crucial for seamless operations. In addition to preventing disruption, it can also minimise the impact of reduced productivity and poor communication.

Improved communication with customers 

An inefficient mobile signal can affect your bottom line too. How? By placing barriers in front of customer and sales communication, and field sale support, resulting in dropped calls, missed opportunities, or incomplete orders. Fixing this problem means increasing sales and providing the best customer support. 

Enhanced security in a warehouse 

While some warehouse operators still heavily rely on radios, these are not the solution — incredibly limited, staff can’t make calls outside the warehouse, causing frustrations and safety issues if an accident occurs. CEL-FI is the solution for improving security and safety, increasing productivity, and boosting business operations.

3 Ways to Improve the Mobile Signal in Your Warehouse or Distribution Centre 

If you are tired of having a bad signal in your storage facility, there are ways to improve the situation. Some of the solutions you can use include the following: 

Find zones close to the cell tower 

One of the methods you can use is to find where a cell tower is located and catch a signal closer to that location. You may want to consider having a window in your facility that faces the cell tower. 

Pay attention to network traffic

One temporary solution you can use is to determine when the network traffic is high and avoid making calls and sending large files during those periods. 

Install a signal booster 

The best and, what's more important, permanent way to improve the mobile signal in a distribution centre is to install a signal booster. At UCtel, we specialise in finding the most effective connectivity solutions that help you always have a great signal. 

How Do Mobile Signal Boosters Help Improve Mobile Signal?

A phone signal booster offers the perfect solution to enhance signal strength in warehouse offices. Before diving into these devices' work principles, let's find out what they are. Basically, phone signal boosters are gadgets that improve the strength of a signal by amplifying the connection of your cellular network. These gadgets have proven very useful in solving connectivity issues in many areas with poor reception.

A mobile signal includes three major elements: external and internal antennas and an amplifier connected by coaxial cables. An outside antenna catches the mobile network signal from the closest cell tower and sends it to a repeater (or amplifier). The amplifier improves the signal strength and transmits it to the internal antennas throughout the building. The internal antennas, in turn, spread a reliable signal in weak signal areas, thus providing users with uninterrupted voice and data quality on their mobile phones.

This operation principle remains unchanged across all network technologies, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and even 5G.

Mobile phone signal strength is affected by various interferences. These barriers include natural obstacles, construction materials inside buildings, hills, and distance from cell towers. In these situations, the mobile signal booster system proves its value. By boosting signal strength, you ensure high-quality audio and voice messaging and high-quality Internet data for users, thereby mitigating signal-related challenges.

Is It Legal to Use Mobile Signal Boosters in Warehouses?

Mobile boosters and all equipment designed for optimising the mobile signal fall within a broad category of radio devices. They are subject to strict regulations under UK law and can be deemed unlawful for personal usage if they contravene the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 2006. The oversight of these regulations is carried out by the Communications Authority, commonly known as Ofcom.

Here are some key points regarding the legal aspect of using mobile signal boosters in warehouses:

  • Approved Devices

Signal boosters must meet specific requirements and comply with technical standards to prevent network interference. Reputable retailers should be able to provide info on whether they provide licence-exempt boosters that fall under those regulations.

  • Professional Installation

Qualified professionals must install signal boosters to ensure compliance, prevent disruptions, and maintain proper operation.

  • Interference Prevention

Signal boosters should be designed and installed to avoid interfering with wireless services and neighbouring properties.

  • Technical Compliance

Adhere to Ofcom's specifications for power, frequency bands, and other technical conditions to maintain network integrity.

  • Buying Illegal Boosters

An important thing to remember is that a non-compliant mobile booster can be purchased anywhere, even on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, without any legal problem, but a buyer faces hefty fines when using them.

All this only highlights the importance of using certified gadgets and asking for professional services for their implementation. Devices installed by proficient companies like UCtel will not only perform as advertised by their manufacturers but also follow legal requirements. If you want to install them yourself, look for reputable manufacturers by checking their websites to see whether they offer only licenced or licence-exempt products.

UCtel Can Improve an In-Building Mobile Signal for Your Business

Want to give your distribution centres a signal boost? Look no further! A mobile phone signal booster is the ultimate solution, and UCtel is your go-to provider for improving connectivity. We specialise in transforming your warehouse or distribution centre into a hub with a seamless connection. 

With our team, you get:

  • Easy Set-Up

All we need is your floor plan. Our experts will survey your location to pinpoint the areas that require coverage. We can then conduct a site survey to understand  exactly what areas need to be covered and provide a no-obligation indication of cost.

  • Great Efficiency

Our cost-effective and legal-to-use solutions work by amplifying data speeds throughout your building. This means streamlined processes, reduced downtime, and enhanced productivity.

  • Optimal Coverage Strategy

We understand that the key to an effective signal boost lies in using your existing outdoor signal. We will find the perfect placement for CEL-FI boosters. Our solutions are designed to optimise in-building and mobile connectivity.

Contact UCtel today and solve your connectivity problems once and for all with our signal boosters in the shortest time possible.

Final Thoughts

Having a poor mobile signal in your warehouse office is extremely common because of their location and building materials. However, this problem can be solved. If you are serious about your business and want to improve a poor mobile signal in your distribution centre, there is no better option than installing a mobile signal booster for warehouses

Experience clear and reliable mobile connections in your offices, operations areas, and warehouses. Just give us a call at 0333-344-4417 or email us at to find out more. 


Find answer below or contact us to ask more about UCtel

Why do I need to improve the mobile signal in my warehouse?

Mobile signal helps you stay in touch with customers and improves coordination between employees. This, in turn, streamlines the whole operation and enhances the workflow.

How can I boost the mobile signal in my distribution centre?

Installing a booster in your facility is the best way to boost mobile signal. It catches the weak signal outside and amplifies it within your space, reaching every corner of your facility.

Is it difficult to boost my mobile signal in a warehouse?

No. The installation of signal repeaters is fast and usually takes a few days if you contact a reliable company like UCtel. Our team can pick the right products and their quantity and install them quickly without interfering with your work processes.

Contact the team to discover how UCtel can improve your digital connectivity and communications.

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