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How to Boost the Mobile Signal for Your Building

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With landlines no longer a go-to device, your business might rely on a mobile connection to generate leads. Perhaps you work at a hospital where relatives are trying to stay in touch with loved ones. Maybe you’re a retailer trying to deal with suppliers over the phone, or a hotel trying to offer the best browsing experience to paying guests. All of these examples require robust indoor mobile coverage.

However, a bad indoor mobile signal can lead to dropped calls, poor voice quality, slow browsing speed, or unreliable 3G/4G connections. As a result, every day you might be losing business opportunities, experiencing a communications breakdown, or even failing to ensure safety for the building’s inhabitants.

There are several reasons why now might be the right time to invest in a Cel-Fi booster for a phone signal in a building. Does it ring a bell? Your building may benefit from a mobile phone signal booster. But why is now the right time to take the plunge?

What Affects Mobile Phone Signal Strength?

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The Inability of Mobile Phone Signals to Penetrate Thick Walls

Mobile phone signals are unable to penetrate thick walls or sequences of walls in larger or taller buildings, making it impossible to access mobile connectivity inside.

As a matter of fact, the onset of modern building materials designed to improve efficiency can make them less mobile-friendly. Low-E glass windows and fiberglass insulation reflect radio waves as they hit the building, making it even harder for mobile signals to penetrate inside.

Other Crucial Factors That Can Vear a Negative Impact

Other factors that can impact indoor mobile signal connectivity include densely packed urban environments, obstructions such as hills, trees, and other buildings, wireless interference from power lines and electronic applications, and even poor weather conditions. You can have a keen eye on the factors that can have a negative impact on a signal here.

With so many factors affecting phone signals, it can be challenging to find an effective solution. However, a Cel-Fi booster for a phone signal in an office is designed to bypass these issues altogether.

Why Your Building Needs a Mobile Phone Signal Booster

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We are now embedded in a connected world. Smartphones aren’t just crucial means of communication, they are created for entertainment purposes. Overall, there are 5.22 billion users worldwide, with most internet users (92.6%) using mobile devices to go online at least some of the time.

The Number of Monthly Active Smartphone Users in the UK Will Increase Drastically by 2025

By 2025, the number of monthly active smartphone users in the UK is set to be 64.89 million —  a projected increase of nearly 10 million since 2018. The number will only continue to rise as people see smartphones as vital tools for work and play, which is why it’s more important than ever to provide extensive mobile coverage across your facility.

80% of Data Traffic is Consumed Indoors, And It Requires an Ultra-fast Connection

According to a report from Amdocs, 80% of data traffic is consumed indoors. In order for businesses/organizations to stay ahead and offer the best experience to those working on their premises, they need to ensure that they are matching this demand with in-building mobile connectivity that delivers high-quality calls and ultra-fast connection speeds.

Cel-Fi: A Proven Solution to Boost Indoor Mobile Phone Signals

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Cel-Fi mobile phone signal boosters bring outdoor signals into building interiors. By doing so, they can improve indoor mobile coverage, eliminate dead zones and ensure that voice calls are crystal clear. A single Cel-Fi QUATRA system can support between 10,000 and 50,000 square feet of coverage, making it perfect for larger spaces.

As part of the Cel-Fi package, a donor antenna is installed in a location that can obtain the best signal. This is connected to an internal amplifier (network unit) to boost a cell phone signal in the office, which is distributed throughout the building using an internal antenna – a simple, effective solution that provides enhanced coverage.

Contact the team to discover how UCtel can improve your digital connectivity and communications. Get started

Do you want to know how it works and discover all the benefits of using a Cel-Fi mobile phone signal booster? Contact our UCtel professionals to learn the ropes now.

Benefits of Cel-Fi for Mobile Signal Boosting 

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Many competing mobile signal boosters may claim to boost mobile coverage, but they may, in fact, fail to comply with OFCOM rules and could be illegally installed. Specifically, OFCOM requires mobile phone boosters to not interfere with other networks and remain within the license conditions of the mobile network they are boosting.

Full-fledged Compilation With OFCOM Requirements

A Cel-Fi booster for a mobile phone signal is not only cost-effective and easy to install but fully compliant with OFCOM requirements. It’s a scalable solution that can be delivered in a matter of weeks, and provide widespread coverage across your business, improving voice quality and data speeds. Authorized by 200 carriers globally, it supports all networks covering UK buildings.

Network Safety

A Cel-Fi booster for a mobile phone signal in the office is network-safe, meaning it doesn’t interfere with other mobile networks or subscriber signals.

Why is UCtel the Right Choice for Boosting In-Building Mobile Phone Signal?

UCtel delivers the top-of-the-line booster for a mobile phone signal in the building, ensuring you get the best coverage possible.

We’ll survey your site, advise on the best solution for your requirements, and install and test the system to ensure the required coverage is provided. We can also provide a managed service to ensure the system continues to operate optimally. And even if you have no mobile signal on-site at all, just contact us, and we’ll find an alternative solution.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever been in a brown study? Wondering how to boost mobile signal for your building without any hassle? Well, this problem won’t bother you anymore as UCtel got your back. All you need to do is let professionals with years of experience do their job and provide you with long-expected results.

UCtel can provide the right solution to effectively boost the mobile phone signal for your office and speed up browsing speeds. Reach out to us at 0333 344 4417 or email and start your journey to better mobile coverage today.


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Why is a booster for mobile phone signals in a building so crucial?

A booster for mobile phone signals in a building is extremely important these days. It’s annoying to have poor voice quality, dropped calls, and snail-paced browsing speed. Boosting a mobile phone signal in your office or apartment will be a panacea.

What is a Cel-Fi booster for a mobile phone signal?

A Cel-Fi booster for mobile phone signal is a specific device designed for providing enhanced coverage for your business. It will drastically improve your data speed and voice quality. You will also forget about breakdowns in your communication.

How do I install a Cel-Fi booster?

Installing a Cel-Fi booster isn’t an easy task, and it requires professional assistance. UCtel is a perfect example of a company that can solve this puzzling problem. You will get extensive coverage, top-notch customer service, and quick as a flash connection.

Contact the team to discover how UCtel can improve your digital connectivity and communications.

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